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The quality of your work depends not only on your professional competence, the personnel and factual equipment of the facility or its structural condition, but above all on the quality of teamwork.

Wherever people work together, everyone has to help ensure that the cooperation works. It is completely normal that there are also problems and conflicts in the cooperation. If you see these difficulties as an opportunity for further development, they can certainly enrich the cooperation.

What can you do for successful team collaboration?

What collaboration is about

In terms of content, it is about cooperation

  • the discussion about the goals and content of the work,
  • the exchange about educational work,
  • the reflection of your own kindergarten teacher behavior,
  • mutual support and assistance,
  • the organization of the work as well
  • discussing new ideas and projects.

This is how cooperation works

You can do a lot to make teamwork work by showing the following behaviors:

1. Show openness, trust and mutual acceptance

Meet your colleagues with openness, trust and accept the others. In return, your employees will show you these behaviors. Do not talk to a colleague, but to her. This creates a relaxed atmosphere with open warmth. Both the children and the parents who work in your facility go out, feel this atmosphere.

2. Look for solutions to problems

The point is that you look together for solutions to problems that have arisen. Sit down e.g. B. apart on the design of the summer festival instead of blocking clarifications. Actively work on a solution instead of withdrawing and staying completely out of the discussion. Even complaining about the existing problem does not help the team.

3. Avoid power struggles in the team

Cooperation is not about who is the better educator or who has the best idea. Rather, each employee contributes with her special skills so that the best ideas can be created and implemented together. The planning of the summer festival is most successful when the best ideas are selected together from the multitude of ideas that all employees bring.

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4. Make an active contribution to collaboration

Show interest and willingness to work together. Don’t just pull back and whisper e.g. B. with the neighbor, leaf through a book or watch what is happening outside the window when important topics are being discussed (the next project that you are working on with the children) that you should also comment on.

5. Put team interest in the foreground

A team has an interest in making something whole, with everyone contributing, according to their skills and capabilities. This doesn’t work if you focus on yourself because you have the best ideas anyway, or if cliques form that want to assert their interests.

6. Distinguish the insignificant from the essential

In your educational work, the interests of the children and the institution are in the foreground, and it is not about what you or individual employees would like at the moment. So it is completely superfluous to argue about whether the invitation cards for the day of open Door should be designed in blue or purple, but it is about how you design this day in terms of content to your facility to the public optimal showcase.

Effects of good teamwork

The quality of your collaboration affects the overall atmosphere in your facility. Good teamwork

  • motivates you in your zeal for work and in becoming active yourself,
  • encourages you to try new things,
  • promotes your creativity and imagination,
  • facilitates the process of problem solving because all team members are interested in the solution and actively work on it,
  • makes the children and their parents feel comfortable in the facility.

If you work with your colleagues to implement the same principles that are important to you when working with children, such as For example, listening to the other person, getting involved in new experiences and looking for solutions together will also make your teamwork a success. Because only what you live and realize yourself can you expect from your colleagues and make your work with the children a reality.


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