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  • ICYE (18-35)
  • ESK (18-30)

middle period

  • Experience (18-49)
  • 50 Plus Experience


  • Workcamps (2-3 weeks)
  • Discover (18-49)
  • 50 Plus Discover

Special programs

  • Eco-/Social Costa Rica
  • internships abroad

Volunteering included

Volunteering in Austria

  • ICYE Austria
  • blend

South Korea

The East Asian state of South Korea has around 51.7 million inhabitants, making it one of the 30 most populous states in the world. The capital is Seoul with a population of 10 million. The official language is Korean and we recommend that you learn a little Korean before your stay. IWO (Longterm Volunteer Experience) is an NGO founded in South Korea in 1999. The partner organization is a member of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations network.

    mind. 2-3 Monate vor Abreise Grenzenlos Sektorprofil Südkorea (Bildung)

Participate in projects in the field:

    Education and social activities with children/young people: Unterrichten, Betreuung und Freizeitgestaltung für Kinder und Jugendliche.

    Environment and agriculture: Die Schwerpunkthemen von Discover Südkorea sind Landwirtschaft und Umweltschutz, sehr oft verbunden mit Freizeitinitiativen für Kinder und ältere Menschen.

Here you can find some project descriptions:

Experience South Korea – Farming: Big Tree in Yeongwol

Big Tree Yeongwol: 19 MARCH-05 JUNE; Education/Agriculture (2 Volunteers) Big Tree Yeongwol: 17 SEPTEMBER-13 DECEMBER; Education/Agriculture (2 Volunteers)

For later arrival, consult Grenzenlos.

Local Children Center in Korea is the facility for the children welfare services. The center provides children not only a shelter after the regular school, but also educational cultural opportunities. Most of the children in rural area have fewer opportunities to meet foreigners and get a high-quality English education compared to the urban area. Also, although international marriage is quite a common phenomenon in rural areas, local residents have a lack of understanding of multi-culture. So, the children are facing discrimination at school, cultural and linguistic difficulties. International volunteers can give them chances to interact with foreigners and to understand multi-culture. English can be a tool to understand Korean local children and interact with them. Big Tree Local Children Center welcomes you to check your own class with your talents and ideas. There are 7 to 15 years old and around 30 children at the center plus 3 Teachers.

Location: Yeongwol, Gangwon-do province.

Work:• Teaching English to primary school students and middle school students • Helping farming and manual works • Having outdoor and physical activities with children in the center • Preparing and leading activities regarding on human rights, communication, democracy, and critical thinking

Extra activities: Field trips on Saturday can be held by the host organization. Volunteers are able to participate weekend workcamp with local volunteers if being held.

Requirements: Those who have teaching experience or are interested in teaching (especially with non-formal methods), those who are interested in kids and socialized with them. Those who are interested in human rights, group discussion, democracy or critical thinking. It is welcomed if you have any prior experience regarding human rights, group discussion, democracy or critical thinking

Working Hours: Monday to Friday (5-7 hours).

Free time: Weekends and national holidays

Accommodation and food: A shared room with other volunteers in the Local Children Center. Food provided: ingredients for breakfast and lunch, and meals for dinner. Free time: Weekends and national holidays

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