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Haberkorn is a family business from Austria, which has existed since 1919. For many generations, the company has been able to produce child-resistant buggies and prams in a modern and functional design. You can rely on the test winner for quality at a very fair price. Because today’s company owners, who also belong to the Haberkorn family, feel committed to tradition and want to continue to rightly claim the trust of customers. True to the motto "Good things prove themselves", Haberkorn does not shy away from quite complex production processes that can secure valuable jobs.

Haberkorn stroller test 2019/2020

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Proven prams from the Haberkorn buggy test

A mixture of a first-class design and high quality standards ensures that the Haberkorn strollers are real classics that many families like to trust. Of course, every Haberkorn buggy is tested and manufactured according to the currently applicable standards, so that nothing is left to chance when it comes to child safety. The light aluminum frame is very comfortable in practice. Because of their low weight, the Haberkorn can be easily folded and pushed with one hand. Children’s comfort is also taken care of. Because in comparison, the Haberkorn strollers score thanks to their eight steel springs with very good shock absorption.

For the safety of baby and child, the test winner also has two brakes. The seat height of 51 centimeters is the same comfortable like the extra high backrest, which ensures a significantly higher level of seating comfort than can be expected from many other providers. The height of the swivel slide can of course also be adjusted so that the parents can also move the Haberkorn buggy very comfortably. With Haberkorn’s wide range, you only have to choose one of the following models, which you can also buy cheap when needed:

  • Comfort XL
  • Comfort SH6
  • Variosport
  • Style
  • Beady top

A comparison of the Haberkorn buggies

The brand manufacturer was also crowned test winner in the Haberkorn pram test. Because the branded couches are compliant with all current standards and regulations from an extremely sturdy tubular steel. Of course, a 5-point seat belt was integrated for the safety of the children about has sufficient padding. The front wheels can either be swiveled or fixed so that the Haberkorn buggy can always show the perfect driving characteristics depending on the surface. The backrest is also 5-way adjustable, so that the children can take a nice nap while driving.

The large variety of colors was also noticed positively in the Haberkorn buggy test and appeals to all fashion-conscious parents. The backrest of the brand’s seat buggies has even been reinforced. In addition, all Haberkorn buggies have been tested by TÜV. The Haberkorn buggy is also offered in the form of a comfortable sibling and beautiful > show that you can buy such a buggy for your baby or child with a clear conscience. The matching accessories and the corresponding spare parts are also practically available as a set on request.

The advantages of Haberkorn strollers in the test report

As the experience reports show, many parents also buy Haberkorn strollers because they have useful additional features. This includes, for example, a large shopping network, in which you can store a lot of food or accessories for the baby. In addition, the roof of the Haberkorn stroller has been equipped with a practical viewing window and both a sunshade and a spacious bag are also available. The tested multi-soft carrier bag was also noticed positively in our detailed Haberkorn pram test. Of course, this can be easily attached to the stroller and you have all the necessary utensils for your own baby at hand. With many strollers from the brand, the seat can even be mounted pointing in both directions, so that you can always keep a close eye on your offspring. Some of the strollers of the quality brand have a Maxi Cosi-Adapter even included.

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