Hamburger buns – the perfect brioche burger buns

hamburger buns – for the perfect burger you need perfect burger buns! For me the bun is just as important as good beef on the burger. For a long time I was looking for the perfect bun. I have already tried numerous recipes, re-baked, changed and discarded again. But in the end I found it: the perfect hamburger bun!

Who knows me, knows that burgers are one of my greatest passions. For a good burger, I’ll leave almost anything else behind! So I am always looking for the perfect burger. A search that will probably never end. But at least for the perfect hamburger bun I have reached the goal. At least until I find a better one. &

The requirements for the perfect hamburger roll are high!

The perfect hamburger roll must have consumer qualities. It must withstand at least 200 grams of juicy grilled beef and some toppings. Have you ever bitten into a really good and juicy burger that wasn’t grilled to death? The meat juice and fat leaks out and together with the sauces soaks the bun. What happens? The normal hamburger bun literally disintegrates in your hands.

The perfect bun must be fluffy. It must be neither too firm nor too soft. It must yield to light pressure. It must be possible to grill it over the flame to a light crisp without crumbling. Have you ever toasted a bought hamburger roll or tried to toast it on the grill?? It becomes firm and you can literally crumble it in your hand.

And last but not least, a perfect hamburger bun must also taste good. What does a store-bought hamburger bun taste like?? Right, after nothing!
The perfect bun should have a fine, slightly buttery taste that does not dominate the taste of the burger. And exactly this recipe I have for you here. Easy to make, without having to knead the dough for hours. It is a light brioche dough, but is not as sweet as a yeast plait.

We need the following ingredients for 10 perfect hamburger buns:

  • 200 ml warm water
  • 4 tablespoons milk
  • 1 cube fresh yeast
  • 35 g sugar
  • 8 g salt
  • 80 g soft butter (z.B. Kerrygold butter)
  • 500 g flour type 550 (in austria W700)
  • 1 egg

In addition:

  • 1 egg
  • 2 tablespoons milk
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • Sesame

Preparation of the hamburger roll

First, put the warm water and the milk in a bowl, mix in the sugar and crumble in the yeast cube. Here it is important that you really take fresh yeast. Dry yeast does not rise so well and the buns are not so fluffy afterwards. The whole thing is now left to stand for 5 minutes.

All ingredients for the dough in the mixing bowl of the kenwood cooking chef

Then add the rest of the ingredients of the dough: flour, salt, an egg and the soft (or liquid) butter and knead until you have a smooth dough. Of course, you can also do this with your hands, but it works better with a food processor (tip: gastroback design food processor advanced digital). After about 5 minutes on the highest setting, you have a silky, shiny and smooth dough for the perfect hamburger buns.

  • 5. 0 liter stainless steel mixing bowl
  • Including additional 5. 0 liter ceramic mixing bowl.
  • double dough hook

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The dough is kneaded for 5 minutes with the food processor

The dough is now covered and left to rise in a warm place for about 1 hour. After this hour you form the buns from the dough. Take 80-90 grams of dough per bun. The amount of dough is enough for about 11-12 hamburger buns, which then have the perfect size for patties with 11 cm diameter. The right patties can be made, for example, with the westmark hamburger press. If you want to make several patties at once or freeze them, you should take a closer look at the moesta-BBQ 4-way press.

  • hamburger maker for easy and quick preparation and.
  • Homemade, fresh and juicy: perfect, equally sized and.
  • Special feature: easy removal of the patties from the mold.
  • Convenient – the 30 x 30 x 2.8 cm form makes this possible.
  • Flexible – even with different sized ground meat steaks.
  • Robust – the mold is temperature resistant from -40 to 230°C.

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Take 80-90 grams of dough and roll the dough in the palms of your hands to a uniform round ball and then press it on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper to a flat disc with approx. 8-9cm diameter. The dough is usually very sticky after rising, so you should always put a little flour on the countertop so that it does not stick so much. When shaping the flat slices you should take a little effort, because the more evenly you shape the dough slices, the better the finished bun will be. And since we’re making the perfect hamburger buns here, I expect you to make perfectly shaped doughs as well! &
Tip: if you want to be on the safe side regarding the shape, bake your perfect buns in burger rings with a diameter of 10 cm. So then one bun looks like the other and they look like painted. However, you should grease the inside of the burger ring with butter (or baking spray), otherwise you will not be able to get the buns completely out of the ring after baking.

  • Burger patties
  • Perfect for every super bowl party
  • Burger ring L : diameter 10 cm, height 4 cm

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The dough pieces must now rise for another hour. This is especially important, otherwise you will not get fluffy buns. In the meantime, whisk an egg with 2 tablespoons of water and 2 tablespoons of milk. After the buns have been left to rise for an hour, they are coated with the beaten egg. This ensures a nice shine on the rolls later on. Important: egg and milk should be at room temperature. If they are too cold, the buns will collapse.

And what is still missing for the perfect hamburger roll?? Sesame, of course! You simply sprinkle some sesame seeds on the buns. The beaten egg also serves here as a glue. Otherwise the sesame seeds would fall off again after baking.

dumpling with sesame seeds

Now you put the buns in the oven preheated to 200 degrees (top/bottom heat) and let them bake for about 16-20 minutes until the surface is golden brown. Now let them cool down on a cake rack and you have the perfect hamburger buns!

The perfect hamburger buns are ready

Here in the cut you can see wonderfully how fine-pored and soft the buns are.

Cutting the perfect burger bun – it must be fine-pored and soft!

The perfect hamburger bun. Slightly buttery and sweetish taste. And yet different from what you are used to. It’s fine-pored, fluffy, yet firm. somewhere between white bread and a brioche yeast plait. Just right, just perfect!
Don’t you believe? Make it and give me your feedback! &

By the way: these buns are also an absolute dream as breakfast rolls with jam, honey or nutella!

Update from 29.03.2015: I am really speechless how well my buns arrive with you. Thank you for your great feedback! & there are a few questions that keep coming up that I like to answer again:

  • Yes, you can freeze the buns. Very good even! I always pack 1-2 buns in small 1l freezer bags and then freeze them. You can defrost the buns in the oven or on the toaster oven. I simply put the frozen buns in the oven (not preheated) and set it to 150 degrees top/bottom heat. After about 12 minutes you have fresh and fragrant buns. &
  • You can also prepare the dough the night before. To do this, let the dough rise overnight in the refrigerator, covered, and then proceed exactly as described (form the buns, let them rise, put them in the oven).
  • Toast/grill the buns. Many of you toast the buns before use, or grill the cut surfaces briefly. You can do that, but it’s better to toast the cut surfaces of the cut buns briefly with a little butter in a pan and then roast them until golden brown. Tastes great and the buns stay even more stable.
  • The buns collapse when you brush them with the brush. This problem is due to the fact that eggs and milk can be used in the same way. Coming straight from the fridge. if the liquid is too cold, the buns tend to collapse.

No desire to bake yourself?

You don’t always have the time and/or the desire to make hamburger buns yourself? I recently tested the burger buns from burger buns bakery and was pleasantly surprised. The buns are a real alternative if you do not want to bake yourself. the handmade burger buns from the master baker can be ordered here: burger buns bakery

More hamburger bun recipes

In the meantime I have published a few more hamburger bun recipes. If you love the perfect buns, then you should definitely give the following variations a try:

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