Healthy nutrition children – achieve a balanced diet!

Healthy nutrition for children – the most important rules

How and when do the children’s tastes develop? Why do they prefer to eat sweet instead of sour? These are the most important questions we have answered in the first part of this article.

Today we continue with some other important questions and tips for the healthy nutrition of children.

Healthy nutrition children – Everything is delicious when you are hungry

Surely you know from your own experience that the same things taste different depending on whether you are hungry or not. A simple sandwich tastes great after walking in the mountains all the time. The tastiest cake is not so tempting if the three courses before were just too much for you…

It’s not much different with the kids.

If your baby or toddler doesn’t want to eat, don’t force anything on him. Do not immediately give your offspring any sweets, even though they would prefer to eat them. Wait for something instead and give the child something healthier! If he is really hungry, he will eat them. Don’t doubt it!

Give the child time to get used to new foods

Sometimes children avoid certain foods, not because they are not tasty. They do not want to touch them because they are unknown to them. This is connected with their natural instinct. They do not eat anything unknown. They intuitively feel that this could be dangerous.

If you want to integrate a new product into the children’s menu, be patient a little. There is always a good tactic. Add some of the new product to the familiar food. This is the best way for the child to get used to the new taste. You can slowly increase the dose from this point on.

Healthy nutrition for children – the method of preparation counts

The freshly prepared food tastes best. If you do not want to cook several times a day, warm up the food a little. However, it must be relatively fresh – e.g. from the same day.

The best way to feel the taste is at a temperature between 37 and 50 degrees.

Give the child a choice!

The taste of the child is a part of its individuality. That is why you must always respect it. You can try to change your child’s attitude to certain foods. But it must not feel imposed. Let it choose between two or three healthy foods.

Be responsible with the pregnancy!

Do not forget that you model the child’s taste during pregnancy. Eat with the thought that your baby prefers the same taste after birth.

Healthy eating can also be fun for children

Eating fish is not only very healthy for children, but also for adults.

Children need time to get used to certain foods

Healthy nutrition for children – the eye eats too!

The freshly prepared food tastes best

Healthy nutrition children – Preparing a tasty and healthy food for school

Children prefer the sweet taste

Healthy nutrition children – the taste of the child represents a part of its individuality

Make your children drink milk or eat milk products in the morning

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