Holidays on the farm on the baltic sea

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Vacation on the farm is one for many families great experience. They offer more than just city kids numerous animals and beautiful nature a very welcome change from the everyday life, every little explorer is fascinated by horses, cows and the like. And if the vacation on the farm is still with that vacations at the beach there is something for everyone.

Holidays on a farm on the Baltic Sea – what can I expect??

In the past, farm life was reserved for the families of the farmers, in recent years holiday apartments have been set up on many a farm to give interested families authentic insights and to show children rural life on farm holidays. Especially the old ones Thatched and half-timbered houses exude a very special charm.

Peculiarities of country life

    Numerous activities

The family vacation can be varied, since many holiday farms already offer many activities. Due to the mostly quiet location in the middle of nature, there is usually an arrival Car needed, so that due to the associated flexibility also more regional attractions can be visited, such as adventure playgrounds, animal parks or water parks. In addition, the courtyards are of course a great starting point for bike tours and hikes.

Animals to touch

Most of the farms still exist numerous animals and especially on the children’s farms that are specifically designed for families to stay and touch. In this way, rabbits, sheep and chickens are kept that are interesting for the little ones. In addition, small children can already help care for the animals, watch the milking of the cows and sometimes even Take riding lessons or go horse riding along the Baltic Sea beaches.

farm shops

While the kids are busy on the farm, many farms offer theirs Home-made products in the farm shop or even in your own café. They are not only a gastronomic highlight for the adults during their stay, also for authentic souvenirs from the Baltic Sea holiday on the farm you can browse here.

Proximity to the host

On the country house, the hosts usually live in the immediate vicinity or directly on the farm, so always a local contact is. The North German warmth is still lived here and offers the chance for an individual and unforgettable family holiday on the farm.

Overview of farms on the Baltic Sea

The map gives you an overview of farms on the Baltic Sea. Simply click on the symbol and you will receive the contact details of the selected farm. You can also zoom in on the map with "+". (Map will not be shown? Just click here.

Book holiday accommodation on the farm

Here you will find a selection of holiday accommodations on farms that you can book online at Ostsee24.

Farm holidays in Ahrenshagen in Mecklenburg

Rabbits, dogs, cats, sheep, chickens, ducks and pigeons live on our child-friendly farm, and they love to be petted. In spring and summer our animals have offspring, which mainly …

Farm in Kenz-Küstrow in Western Pomerania

Your vacation in a little paradise on our farm with horses "in the garden" and your own huge swimming pond! Our apartment is located on our modern arable farm on the outskirts of Rubitz in…

Organic farm in Schwerin in Mecklenburg

In the heart of the organic farm near Schwerin is the former horse stable with 4 apartments and 5 guest rooms, which can also be combined. The establishment …

Small farm Mellenthin on Usedom

Country vacation for up to 5 people on a small farm on the island of Usedom. An exciting and relaxing holiday spot awaits you and your children. Are you looking for a …

Peenestromhof on Usedom

Farm on the Peenestrom with natural shore, secluded location, child-friendly with petting animals and playground. Fishing, boating, horse riding and …

Holidays on the farm in Samtens on Rügen

Spend the most beautiful days once a year on our organic and organic farm with petting animals such as ponnies, goats, pot-bellied pigs, ducks, geese, chickens, cats and dogs. Here…

Holiday apartments in Parchtitz on Rügen

Guests of our holiday apartments can use a beautiful swimming pool, a playground and a small petting zoo. In front of the rooms there is very much in ours beautiful landscaped grounds …

Truelsen farm in Wagersrott in Schleswig-Holstein

Get to know our farm (quiet location, fully occupied, many animals, pony) up close, b. Barn u. Harvesting (milking, feeding, driving straw, fetching cows from the meadow and petting animals). Relax …

Bastorf manor in Bastorf in Mecklenburg

Not a classic farm, but a great destination for families with children thanks to the games room, rabbit enclosure and playground near Kühlungsborn. Great starting point for activities with the whole family.

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The most popular holiday resorts on the Baltic Sea:

On Ostsee24 you will not only find lots of information about individual holiday resorts on the Baltic Sea coast, but also the most beautiful holiday apartments. Now select your desired location:


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