Insuring an electric car: what you need to know

You are interested in purchasing an electric car and are now looking for the right insurance? Admiraldirekt explains what is important in electric car insurance. Read about the insurance you need for an electric car, what benefits should be included and how the insurance for an electric car is calculated.

With AdmiralDirekt, the battery is included in all comprehensive tariffs!

Insuring an electric car: what protection do I need??

owners of electric cars – just like other car owners – must at least pay the legally required liability insurance conclude. If you cause an accident, liability covers damage to the other party’s vehicle and personal injury to third parties.

Comprehensive insurance is voluntary, but advisable especially for electric cars. The reason: electric cars are more expensive to buy than comparable models with an internal combustion engine because of their batteries and lightweight construction.

With a partial coverage insurance insure your electric vehicle against forces of nature, such as hail or storms, animal damage, robbery and theft, and glass damage.

With the conclusion of a comprehensive insurance get all the benefits of partial coverage insurance. In addition, self-inflicted damage and damage caused by vandalism are also compensated for. Due to the high acquisition costs, it is advisable to take out fully comprehensive insurance.

By the way: the purchase or leasing of an electric or hybrid car is subsidized in germany. Read our guide "extra bonus for e-cars".

insurance for your electric car: top benefits with admiraldirekt

The all-risk coverage in the premium tariff provides comprehensive coverage in the event of damage: all risks that can destroy the battery are insured!

If the battery is defective, we will pay for the damage. In the comfort and premium tariffs, we even waive the new-for-old deduction.

Damage to charging stations is covered by all basic, comfort and premium comprehensive tariffs.

Cables are included in all comprehensive tariffs, z. B. Protected against theft.

New price compensation makes sense for new cars and young used vehicles

New price compensation for electric vehicles

A vehicle loses a lot of its value, especially in the first few years. In the event of damage, insured persons often only receive the replacement value back. For new e-cars, it is advisable to have car insurance with new price compensation. Many insurers offer this benefit as additional protection in combination with comprehensive insurance.

With admiraldirekt, it is included in all comprehensive insurance tariffs. Depending on the tariff, in the event of total loss or theft, you will be reimbursed the new price between 6 and up to 36 months after purchase.

Purchase price compensation for used electric cars

From the comfort tariff, you receive the proven purchase price of your used e-car or hybrid vehicle back for up to 18 months in the event of a claim. In the premium tariff it is even up to 36 months.

What must be insured with the electric car??

If you want to insure an electric car or hybrid vehicle, you should make sure that your car insurance covers the following points:

Battery must be insured for the e-car

Since we cover the entire car, including the engine, in the case of gasoline-powered vehicles, we do not make any exceptions for electric vehicles. Without the battery, the electric car is useless, and if it is defective, it can quickly become expensive. Make sure that your electric car insurance covers damage to the lithium-ion battery.

With admiraldirekt, the battery is included in all comprehensive insurance tariffs. This makes it z. B. Covered against fire, lightning, explosion in partial coverage insurance. The fully comprehensive insurance also covers accidents as well as wilful and malicious acts. In the premium tariff, the all-risk cover also applies and covers operating errors, charging errors (overvoltage and deep discharge), short-circuits or operational damage.

  • Short-circuit damage to the wiring is insured.
  • We insure marten bite and animal bite damage to hoses, lines and cables in all comprehensive tariffs.
  • In the comfort tariff, consequential damage is covered up to 5.000 euros and unlimited coverage in the premium tariff.

E-car is charged with cable at the pillar

Insure the charging station against self-damage

Admiraldirekt’s own-damage coverage settles claims for damage to other vehicles and property. This coverage makes sense if you have more than one car. It covers you if you cause damage to your charging station with another car of your own – for example, when you enter the shared garage. Our vehicle liability insurance with comfort tariff, insures own damage up to 100.000 euro. Up to 150 % in the premium tariff.000 euros.

Wall charging station, charging cable and charging card

A defective battery can cause damage to the charging station. In the worst case, this can even lead to a vehicle fire. This is why it is important to take out comprehensive insurance. By the way, this also includes damage to the charging station, provided it was kept under lock and key.

With admiraldirekt, in addition to the charging station belonging to the insured vehicle, the associated cables are also insured free of charge in the comprehensive insurance – for example, against theft. Important: this provision applies insofar as you cannot claim compensation from an insurance policy, such as household contents insurance. Our sustainable car insurance also covers the unauthorized use of your charging card up to 100 euros and the theft of the charging cable during the charging process.

We insure charging cards against theft from the car from the comfort tariff of the partial cover insurance policy onwards. In contrast, the theft of the charging cable is also covered outside the vehicle, provided that it was kept under lock and key.

By the way: everything you need to know about charging can be found in our article "Charging an e-car".

With emergency cover, you get fast help in the event of a breakdown or accident

Towing with a cover letter

It is also important that the electric car can be towed away if necessary. However, the failure of the battery is not an insured loss event under your comprehensive insurance policy.

our tip: if you insure your electric car, you are on the safe side with our cover letter insurance. If the battery fails, the roadside assistance service will take you to the nearest charging station.

How much is electric car insurance??

Some car insurance companies have a special rate for electric vehicles. With admiraldirekt, you receive the same car insurance as all other car owners.

Just as with "normal" cars, the decisive factor for an electric car is which type class or class of insurance it belongs to. regional class your stromer has. The two classes have a significant impact on the premium of your car insurance policy. These tariff characteristics are used, for example, to determine how often the insured model is stolen or how often elemental damage such as hail and lightning occurs in the insured’s region. Will damage or. If more thefts are reported for a model, the class is graded accordingly and the insurance premium is ultimately either expensive or favorable. Another feature that has a significant influence on the amount of the premium is the no-claims bonus class.

Due to the low number of electric cars in germany at present, it will be some time before insurance companies can make a concrete assessment of possible risks. Actually, the federal government had planned to have one million e-cars on germany’s roads by 2020. This goal is now dated 2022. By 2030, there are expected to be as many as seven to ten million electric vehicles. However, current figures show that drivers of electric vehicles are not responsible for conspicuous loss ratios. That is why we can offer you good and fair prices.

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