Interesting cardboard handicrafts for children and their parents

Interesting cardboard handicrafts for children and their parents

It is fairly simple and easy to make an interesting handmade cardboard box if you are first familiarized with the basic nuances of this process. The world of cardboard crafting is very big. It contained a place for coffins, ships, rockets, cars, animals, houses and many other fascinating things. The production of cardboard is very easy and pleasant because it is a universal material that can be easily cut and colored. At the same time, it’s pretty cheap and you can get old boxes for free. Children and adults will be happy to delve into an exciting business, gradually improve their skills and do a more complex and interesting craft each time.

Creative ideas: what you can do with your own hands from cardboard

You can create both flat and three-dimensional figures from normal or corrugated cardboard. This not only creates toys, but also useful things for the house and the interior.

To familiarize yourself with the original and creative handmade cardboard articles, you can find out more on the Internet

Interesting cardboard handicrafts:

  • Aquarium with fish;
  • Wall clocks;
  • Doll furniture;
  • Old fortress;
  • High-speed missile;
  • Fire engine;
  • A big ship;
  • Toy kitchen;
  • Strollers for dolls;
  • Acoustic guitar, however
  • Modern television;
  • Shadow theater puppets;
  • Passenger aircraft;
  • A large fridge with food;
  • Comfortable boat;
  • Doll with clothes;
  • A huge truck.

To enumerate all creative ideas, there won’t be a whole day because the flow of human imagination is inexhaustible. Craftsmen make and implement hundreds of new crafts every day. It remains only to find the most interesting of them and do it with your child.

Cardboard for craft is dense, so it lasts longer and pleases the eyes of the artisans who made it.

Interesting ideas: How to make an original gift out of cardboard

I want to please my relatives and friends with something original. Of course, you can buy a gift in the store, but you have to pack it yourself. Almost any decoration can be put in a homemade box, which is glued with pearls and lace. Mirror, clock or even a room thermometer in a beautifully decorated frame. A homemade card made of cardboard creates joy and emotions.

In order to wrap a gift nicely, you need to prepare all the necessary materials for the work in advance

To make gifts you need:

  • Multi-colored plain or corrugated cardboard;
  • Brushes and paints;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue;
  • Ornamental decorations (feathers, sequins, pieces of fabric, colored paper, pearls, etc.).

All of the above materials and tools can be found in any house, and after showing a fantasy you can create real magic.

Scissors can be replaced with a stationery knife, but it should be borne in mind that it is very sharp. Therefore, they should only work for adults.

Simple cardboard craft with their own hands: the main stages of manufacturing

In the case of absolutely different trades, the same algorithm for producing them is based. Usually it all starts with the search for a suitable drawing that you can draw yourself or find on the pages for beginners.

Before you start crafting, you must first prepare templates for all parts

Then follow these steps:

  1. Create templates for all parts.
  2. Cut out parts of the vehicle.
  3. Manufacture of elements.
  4. connecting parts.
  5. Coloring and decoration.

And animals and locks and furnishings are made according to the same principle.

Ornaments for every type of handicraft are mainly made from improvised materials found in the house, for example plasticine, salted dough, pebbles, shells.

Fascinating cardboard items for small children

For kids, except for a variety of toys, you can make lots of fascinating bright crafts that they absolutely love. The main thing is that they are safe, they had no small parts and protruding parts.

Cut and make beautiful handmade cardboard especially like children at a young age

What can be done for young children:

  • Colorful Hanging Mobile;
  • Houses for games;
  • Puppet theater or shadow theater;
  • Airplane, car, ship, or other transportation;
  • Develop games.

In a large box, you can build an entire city that will drive a bus or cars.

The child must necessarily be connected to the creative process in the phase of decorating the craft. Let him decide which paper to stick to the walls or which drawings to draw.

Large cardboard airplane: step by step instructions

For boys of all ages, you won’t find a better toy than a giant cardboard airplane. If he plays with it, the child can feel like a real pilot ace and fearlessly plow the heavenly expanses.

Cardboard can also be used to build a large airplane

To make the aircraft you need:

  • Several boxes;
  • Colored adhesive tape;
  • Acrylics;
  • Brushes of various sizes;
  • Stationery knife.

The simplest schemes take over 30 minutes to produce an airplane, and more complex ones will require tinkering all day.

Exemplary procedure:

  1. In a flat, rectangular box, we cut out large holes from above and below that a child can climb into.
  2. Cut out and bend the rectangular wings on the sides.
  3. We make a large screw out of the cardboard and fasten it to the front of the aircraft.
  4. Together with the baby we paint the plane in bright colors.

To make the propeller turn, it can be screwed on with a small bolt.

Cardboard boat or ship with their own hands for a short time

A small cardboard boat or boat can be made very quickly, provided that the child helps the parents with all their might. The work itself is not difficult, but it requires care and attention. It is best to make such an article from thick corrugated cardboard from which the packaging containers are made.

The original cardboard ship will please both boys and girls

What you have to work:

  • Scissors or clerical knives;
  • Felt-tip pens, markers.
  • Glue and tape;
  • Ruler;
  • Bamboo sticks;
  • A series of colored paper.

First a drawing is drawn for all parts of the ship, then they are cut out and glued together. A mast is made from a bamboo cane or a cocktail tube. It is glued to the sail and flag. You can make oars for a boat made of chopsticks. The entire design is colored with markers or felt-tip pens.

If the necessary materials are not at hand, the mast can be made from a sheet of paper folded with a tube.

Cardboard training sessions with your own hands for kindergarten

Understand the children of the older kindergarten age by the hour. And to make teaching easier and more fun, it’s a good idea to make cardboard clocks that are practically no different from the real ones.

With cardboard and paint you can make a training watch for children

Work order:

  1. A large circle is drawn on the cardboard.
  2. Large arrows are drawn on a separate sheet.
  3. All details have been cut out.
  4. A sharp object penetrates the center of the clock and the arrows of the base.
  5. Arrows are attached to the watch with a screw and nut that should not be over tightened.
  6. The clock is colored, large numbers and subdivisions are drawn around the circumference.

In addition to the numbers, you can insert pictures in the form of clues as to what the children are doing.

3D figures made of cardboard with their own hands

Three-dimensional figures made of corrugated cardboard are very beautiful. Animated characters and Christmas decorations are particularly good. You can also make three-dimensional geometric shapes from the usual colored and white cardboard, but this can be a bit difficult for small children. Fine voluminous handicraft is obtained from sleeves made of towels, toilet paper, foil, parchment, roll wax cloth.

The voluminous cardboard figure is not only an interesting handicraft item, but also teaching material for studying geometry

For a school or kindergarten, you can create three-dimensional figures to study geometry. This can be a cube, a tetrahedron, an octahedron and other polygons.

Manufacturing engineering:

  1. On a cardboard box it is necessary to draw the stencil immediately, which have marked the lines of the fold.
  2. Then the figure has to be cut and glued.

It is important to note proportions and sizes so that the figure is perfectly level.

We share the secrets: how to make a cardboard machine with your own hands

In every house there are small boxes of small household appliances, milk, corn flakes, cookies. From this you can make a small machine that the child will carry away for a long time. He will also take an active part in the work.

To build a machine, you can take a cardboard box of a suitable size


  1. Break a square box or cut a rectangular one to make a cube.
  2. Then, after pulling back about 10 cm from the edge, we cut an incision in half of the box and bend it inwards.
  3. Make holes for the wheels on the bottom.
  4. We make the wheels out of the wooden sticks and cardboard and insert them into the holes.
  5. We glue the car with paper or colored tape.
  6. A flat piece of cardboard is bent to form a bridge that the car will drive past.

If you fix the wheels with invisible hair, they won’t fall out.

The aquarium with your own hands made of paper and cardboard: a master class

If a child doesn’t have their pets, you can try making an interesting and beautiful cardboard aquarium to keep them entertained.

Aquarium looks very interesting and unusual with beautiful fish that are made by hand from cardboard and paper

For crafting you need:

  • Large cardboard box with lid;
  • Line or thread;
  • Blue fabric;
  • Shades of blue;
  • Colored paper;
  • Glue PVA;
  • Fish of all materials and other marine life;
  • Shells, stones and sand for decoration.

Master class for the execution of works:

  1. The box is cut from three sides so that the back wall stays up and down.
  2. The surface of the back wall is painted in shades of blue and decorated under the water column.
  3. The glue is applied to the floor and gravel and sand adhere to it.
  4. Several parallel incisions are made at the top. The fish is attached to them with threads. At the top of the line or thread must be tied to buttons or toothpicks. Now the inhabitants of the aquarium can be moved.

The bottom of the aquarium can be covered with large sea salt crystals. They will be very effective and inhaling their vapors will be beneficial to your health.

Master class: cardboard crafts (video)

Cardboard is an ideal material for creativity in any of its forms. Because of its low price, you can use it daily to make original handicrafts and gifts for relatives and friends. Parents should support the child’s creative impulses in every possible way. Even if he wanted to do something complicated, such as a big dog, you should try to think through the step-by-step instructions for making it.

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