Jura fully automatic coffee machine comparison 2022

Relaxing with a good book and a latte or waking up with a strong espresso is possible with the jura coffee machines. Additional functions such as a special milk frother make coffee enjoyment complete.

Make sure that the fully automatic machine has a has water filter so that not too much lime remains in the water and damages the machine. Take a look at our test or comparison chart and find a jura coffee maker for you that is equipped with a disc grinder.

Facts for comparison

Updated: 25.01.2022

Jura 15058 E6

Jura 15058 E6

Jura WE8

Jura WE8

Jura 15082 E60

Jura 15082 E60

Jura 15306 E8 Pia­now­hi­te SC

Jura 15306 E8 pianowhite SC

Jura 15058 E6

Jura WE8

Jura 15082 E60

Jura 15306 E8 Pia­now­hi­te SC

Jura 15058 E6

Jura WE8

Jura 15082 E60

Jura 15306 E8 pianowhite SC

  • – coffee
  • – cappuccino
  • – espresso
  • – latte
  • – espresso macchiato
  • – cafe barista
  • – lungo barista
  • – ristretto
  • – espresso
  • – coffee
  • – cappuchino
  • – latte machiato
  • – coffee
  • – cappuccino
  • – espresso
  • – coffee
  • – cappuccino
  • – espresso
  • – ristretto
  • – milk coffee
  • – latte macchiato
  • – espresso macchiato
  • Coffee spout height adjustable
  • With touchscreen
  • Adjustable coffee, hot water and milk foam spout
  • With hot water function
  • Coffee, hot water and milk foam spout adjustable
  • With hot water function
  • Adjustable coffee, hot water and milk foam spout
  • With touchscreen
  • White design

Jura 15058 E6

Jura fully automatic coffee machine buying guide:
how to choose the right product from the above jura fully automatic coffee machine test or comparison

  • Jura coffee machines are available with disc and cone grinders. The advantage of the disc grinder is the uniform pulverization of the coffee beans. This gives the coffee exactly the desired strength. With the cone grinder, on the other hand, the bean does not burn.
  • The manufacturer jura also specifies the power consumption of its coffee machines. If this is higher (for example 2.300 watts), the water boils faster than in machines with fewer watts. This way the coffee keeps a pleasant taste.
  • The production of a fully automatic machine often consumes many resources. The machines are therefore often more expensive to purchase. Repairs are therefore usually cheaper than buying a new machine.


Some people like it with a lot of milk, others unsweetened and black. But no matter how we drink our coffee, most Germans agree on one thing: nowhere does coffee taste as good as at home. Good 92 % of all germans stated in 2017 that they prefer to drink coffee within their own four walls (source: statista survey).

The fully automatic coffee maker has the advantage that integrated coffee grinder grind the coffee beans as fine as you want them to be. The jura fully automatic coffee machines offer you the additional option of choosing between fully automatic machines for one or two cups to decide.

In our jura fully automatic coffee maker comparison 2021 / 2022, we explain to you which grinder is best suited for your fully automatic coffee maker from jura, which data are important for your selection and show you when the repair of a fully automatic coffee maker is really worthwhile.


the right grinder makes coffee powder aromatic. For a powder with a uniform grain size, disc grinders are suitable.

1. Buying advice: what is the advantage of a cone grinder??

Jura E8 coffee machine is the test winner


In its 11/2017 test, stiftung warentest tested a total of 38 fully automatic coffee machines and portafilter machines for their functionality, among other things. According to stiftung warentest, families and people who drink a lot of coffee a day should go for fully automatic coffee machines.

The jura fully automatic coffee machines performed best in the test of fully automatic coffee machines. This is how a jura fully automatic coffee maker test winner. While the jura E8 coffee machine took first place, the jura J6 fully automatic coffee machine came second in the test.

Started from espresso to ristretto, virtually any type of coffee can be prepared in the fully automatic machine. This This is mainly due to the integrated grinder, which grinds a wide variety of coffee beans. So apart from which jura fully automatic coffee machine line and design you choose, you also have to think about how well you want the beans to be ground. Before you buy a jura fully automatic coffee maker, you should therefore find out exactly about the grinder used.

So you can find both grinders made of steel as well as ceramics, while grinder types can be divided into two different categories: in disc grinders and cone grinders. The advantages and disadvantages of these grinder types mainly affect the taste of the coffee.

To help you find the best jura automatic coffee maker with an optimal grinder, we’ve put together a list of the best coffee makers for you a closer look at both types of grinder.

1.1. You get evenly ground powder with a coffee machine with disc grinder

The disc grinder is composed of two grinding discs that rotate in different directions. The coffee beans, which are grated into powder by the rotating movements, are placed between them. Just as with the cone grinder, it is possible for you to have, adjusting the grinding degree with the disc grinder. This means you determine how finely the beans you use for your coffee are ground. In the disc grinder, the discs are brought closer together or further apart for this purpose.


Disc grinders grind the coffee beans evenly, so that the coffee has exactly the strength that you have set.

Unlike cone grinders, the disc grinders have a discs of the disc grinder a particularly high rotational speed. This is about between 1.300 and 1.600 revolutions per minute. If you decide to buy a jura coffee machine with disc grinder, you should keep in mind that the grinder can become warm due to the high number of revolutions. This heat is transferred to the beans, which can burn as a result. In some cases, you will have to be prepared for a somewhat bitter taste.

As far as the uniformity of the grinding is concerned, the disc grinder has the lead. So the beans here do not have the possibility to fall before or during the grinding process further down. The beans are ground into powder simultaneously and with constant force. Since the powder is ground in a uniform way, there is no difference in this grinder type no deviations from the set grinding degree and you get exactly the coffee strength that you have set.


If the beans are burnt, the coffee tastes less aromatic. Cone grinders generate little heat during grinding. The aroma is therefore preserved.

1.2. Coffee machines with cone grinders are ideal for a particularly good taste

In the conical grinder, the coffee beans are ground between the wall of the coffee machine and the cone of the grinder. Here you can also adjust the grind. This happens with this type of grinder by the fact that the distance between the wall and the cone is reduced, respectively increased.

Depending on the brand and coffee machine model, the cone grinder a rotational speed that is approximately between 300 and 600 revolutions per minute. In contrast to the disc grinder, here the the interior of the coffee machine does not heat up much, so that the beans do not burn.

In contrast to the disk grinder, however, it can happen here that some beans are not completely ground, before falling into the collection sieve. This is where the coffee powder unevenly and the coffee itself can be stronger in some cases.


The grinders are made of different materials. Please note that your coffee machine only grinds particularly quietly if it has a ceramic grinder.

1.3. Cheaper or quieter operation: it depends on the material

In many cases, grinders made of steel are installed in fully automatic coffee machines. These have the advantage that they are often cheaper than ceramic grinders. So you can spend far more than a thousand euros on a jura fully automatic machine with ceramic grinding mechanism. coffee machines with steel grinders, however, you can get from this manufacturer already for about seven hundred euros. In terms of price, steel grinders are superior to ceramic grinders.

Here you can see the advantages and disadvantages of the steel grinder at a glance:

  • Usually cheaper than ceramic grinders
  • Is loud when grinding
  • wear occurs faster than with ceramic grinders

The main reason why more and more machines are equipped with a ceramic grinder is due to its positive features. This is how a ceramic grinder is not only quieter than a steel grinder, but also much more robust. Your jura coffee machine does not need to be repaired as often as a machine with a steel grinder.

Here you can see the advantages and disadvantages of the ceramic grinder at a glance:

  • Particularly quiet when grinding
  • More durable than a steel grinder
  • Particularly robust
  • More expensive to buy than ceramic grinders


To get the coffee you want, pay attention to the energy consumption and the milk frother.

2. What are the features of a jura fully automatic coffee maker??

Even if the grinder is the most important element of the coffee machine, you should not only pay attention to it. First the additional functions (for example, a milk frother) make the coffee maker a good household appliance.

As a small overview we have three of the most important features explained in more detail in the following list.

Search for a jura coffee machine that has a particularly high performance? Then we recommend that you jura coffee machine GIGA 5. The power consumption is 2.300 watt.

What you still need for the perfect milk foam:

  • The right milk: suitable are cow’s milk (UHT milk), almond milk and soy milk. When it comes to milk types, you should high protein content (3.3 %) and a average fat content of 1.5% or 3.5 pay attention.

If you don’t want to use milk foam for your coffee and want to save the money for a milk frother? The ENA micro 5 model is a jura coffee machine without a milk frother.


Due to their manufacture, fully automatic coffee machines are usually very expensive. If your jura fully automatic coffee machine is broken, you will save money in most cases if you take it in for repair.

3. Is there a fully automatic coffee machine test at the foundation warentest??

You don’t need a special jura fully automatic coffee maker test to know that even the best machine will eventually reach the end of its useful life. open cables, a broken grinder unit or a milk system that no longer dispenses milk are then just some of the problems that come your way. Once the damage is there, the question arises whether you should repair your jura coffee machine, for example, or not.

In its 04/2017 test, the stiftung warentest investigated this question and clarified when it is worthwhile to have broken appliances repaired. Specifically for fully automatic coffee machines, she stated that repairing them not only saves the environment, but also saves money.

Since the manufacture of the vending machines costly is (also because of the amount of resources), they cost accordingly. In comparison repairs are often cheaper.

The manufacturer jura for example, offers spare parts for its jura coffee machines for ten years. Does it go here only around small defects that you can fix yourself, it is cheaper to replace your how to repair a jura coffee machine yourself. If you are dealing with areas that require special expertise, you should not subject your knowledge of the equipment to a jura fully automatic coffee machine test. Here we advise you to spend some money and take your jura coffee maker for repairs.


4. Questions and answers about the jura coffee machine

4.1. How often should I clean my jura coffee maker?

Properly clean


If you want to clean your jura coffee machine thoroughly, you should use a tablet. the manufacturer jura offers special cleaning tablets for the care of the fully automatic coffee machine. This should completely remove the coffee fat residues in your fully automatic coffee machine.

To ensure that the water tank also remains limescale-free, the manufacturer offers special filter cartridges (claris blue).

Since it is fully automatic coffee machine is a closed system, where the push of a button is enough to make different types of coffee, residues of milk or coffee are quickly left behind. If the machine does not receive proper care, mold will form.

An important unit is the water tank. Even with a good water filter, limescale will settle in it. A water change should therefore be done at least every three days (better every day) be carried out as a maintenance measure. Most jura coffee machines have a cleaning function. The jura coffee machines are also decalcified by means of these. Of course you can use jura coffee machine also descale without receiving a prompt (i.e. manually) from the machine. The cleaning should be done every day.

Residues such as milk or lime not only affect the hygiene of your coffee machine, but also the taste of the coffee. We therefore recommend that you clean your jura coffee machine daily or at the latest after each use to subject it to a thorough care.

Not every brew group can be cleaned: if the coffee is boiled, it can happen that something of the coffee grounds fall out of the brewing group. The resulting residues collect in the machine and mold there. To prevent this, the brew group should be cleaned regularly.

The brew group is inaccessible on many models, which is why they have their jura coffee machines should be serviced regularly. Both the brew group and the surrounding components should be thoroughly cleaned.

If the brewing group on your machine is accessible, you can save time and money by doing it yourself on a regular basis.

4.2. What kind of coffee should you use with a jura fully automatic coffee maker??


Coffee beans with light or torrefacto roasting are not suitable for the fully automatic coffee maker.

In many cases, the fully automatic coffee machine only one bean hopper. When selecting the right coffee bean, you should therefore make sure they taste good in different types of coffee.

On special coffee or coffee beans with a light roast should be avoided. These quickly acquire a fruity or even sour taste when used in a fully automatic machine. By the way, the situation is similar with dark and greasy roasts. Here the coffee quickly seems bitter.

Attention: do not test the grinder of your jura automatic coffee maker with the wrong beans. Coffee blends with a Spanish or torrefacto roast are completely unsuitable. these types of beans are caramelized and veasily stick the grinder of the coffee machine. Coffee beans that have been artificially flavored or are particularly oily should not be used at all.

Does the jura fully automatic coffee maker comparison give on comparison.Org an overview of the entire spectrum of manufacturers in the field of jura fully automatic coffee machines?

Our jura fully automatic coffee machine comparison presents 4 jura fully automatic coffee machines from 1 different manufacturers. the list includes products from the following manufacturers: jura . More information"

Which jura fully automatic coffee machines from the comparison.Org comparison wait with the best price on?

The cheapest jura fully automatic coffee machine in our comparison costs only 1.265,00 euro and is ideal for price-conscious customers. If you are willing to spend a little more for better quality, our price-performance winner jura 15058 E6 is a good choice. More information"

Which jura fully automatic coffee machine from the comparison.Org-vergleich was awarded the best rating by other customers?

The best rating was given to the JURA gastro X8 platinum , which convinced buyers with excellent product features – this is reflected in a rating of 5 out of 5 stars for the jura fully automatic coffee machine. More information"

Which jura coffee machine from the comparison has the team of the VGL publishing company with the best mark "VERY GOOD" excellent?

The VGL team was particularly enthusiastic about a jura fully automatic coffee machine from the comparison and therefore awarded the JURA gastro X8 platinum with the top rating "VERY GOOD" excellent. More information"

Which jura fully automatic coffee machines did the VGL editors select and evaluate for the jura fully automatic coffee machine comparison??

The comparison.Org team has selected a total of 4 jura fully automatic coffee machines for comparison. We present a wide range of different manufacturers and models, e.g. B.: JURA gastro X8 platinum , jura 15058 E6 , jura WE8 and jura 15306 E8 pianowhite SC . More information"

Which other search terms are relevant for customers interested in jura fully automatic coffee machines?

If you are looking for a jura fully automatic coffee machine model, search terms such as "jura fully automatic coffee machines", "jura E8" and "jura E6" may also be relevant to you. More information"

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