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Our day-care center in Dresden / Johannstadt – in the spirit of Sebastian Kneipp – makes healthy living its task. In the day care center, 150 children between the ages of 1 and 6 are cared for in 8 different group units. A sauna, a water treading pool, a children’s restaurant, a games library, a creative room, an experiment room and a movement room provide enough variety in our house. We also rent a large school gymnasium where our older children go to sports once a week.
Healthy children like to move. Our spacious garden offers a variety of opportunities to play in the fresh air. Our children especially love the mud facilities, the soccer field and our swings. Our herb garden is planted and cared for together with the children. So our children experience nature with all their senses and get a feel for the care of plants and the careful handling of our environment. There are a number of institutions that cooperate with us to enable the children in our care facility to offer so many support programs. There is a close cooperation between us, the 113th primary school, the library and the "Domizil am Zoo".

"Fit from the start"

We are a day care center recognized by the Kneipp Association and are characterized by a high level of commitment to health promotion. Cooperation with the Kneipp-Landes- u. The federal association, the health department and the youth tooth clinic are exemplary of this. Furthermore we regularly take part in network meetings with other Kneipp facilities. The regular qualification of our team and our facility ensures sound pedagogical support. Our sauna, Kneipp water treatments and ours ensure well-being and a healthy lifestyle healthy eating. Above all on our “grain healthy breakfast“This becomes clear, but also due to the lively exchange with our nutritionist.

Enough space for self-education processes

We implement the holistic health concept according to Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897) in our day-to-day nursery and follow the Saxon education plan. In keeping with the motto “Education from the start …”, children should find an attractive and stimulating environment that invites them to discover, explore and experiment. It is important to us to maintain respectful and respectful dealings and to involve children in the design process in accordance with their age. The day care center The Kneipp day care center is intended to offer a place of security and education as well as a practical learning and experience field through continuity and reliability. Children should be given the space to go through self-education processes. Children learn from and with children. For us, children’s play involves a social and communicative process that gives children the opportunity to process and map their real world. During the game, children can try out and establish their own methods for negotiation and conflict management processes.

Parents get involved

Working in partnership with the parents of the children entrusted to us is very important to our team. Parents should always be informed about what is going on in the daycare center and take part in day-to-day care. We therefore organize parent afternoons and thematic parent meetings. Active participation in or support from the Parents’ Council is also very welcome. We are also happy about the support and co-determination of the parents with conceptual questions and decisions and we would like to be actively involved in the "Friends of the Kneipp day care center".


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