Lago maggiore family vacation

Escape the dreary, stressful everyday life: what could be more obvious than a trip to Lake Maggiore? The region around the northern Italian lake has a heart for children. Young and old will get their money’s worth at this dream destination. Because not only numerous Lago Maggiore sights conjure a smile on the face of their youngest visitors. In the meantime, many restaurants, operators of hotels and lessors of other holiday accommodations have adapted to the needs of the smallest guests.

Family vacation on Lake Maggiore

Family-friendly accommodations for every need

Numerous accommodations for a Lago Maggiore family vacation

There are now numerous accommodations in the entire holiday region that are adapted to all needs for a family holiday by the lake. Child-friendly apartments and holiday homes lure with details such as cots, high chairs or secured sockets (Lago Maggiore apartment booking). The standards are even higher in hotels for a family holiday by the lake. For most child-friendly hotels, it’s a matter of honor that the youngest hotel guests can splash around in the on-site pool. Loving childcare services and play areas promise the smallest vacationers carefree days. A kids’ club or playgrounds on the outdoor complex are amenities that you do not have to do without on your Lago Maggiore family holiday in the hotel. But with these special features, the family vacation adventure on Lake Maggiore only begins.

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The most beautiful attractions on Lake Maggiore family vacation

adventure with the whole family

Those looking for a special adventure on a trip with the whole family will get their money’s worth in the Aquadventure Park in Baveno. This amusement park is an El Dorado for adventurers. Because bridges suspended in the park, which will open your way to lofty heights, are just one highlight of this attraction. Steep and less steep slides lead directly into the pleasantly warm water in the Aquadventure Park. The amusement park also has various playgrounds. These playgrounds also tie in with the unusual concept of the amusement park and present themselves in various facets. While some of the climbing courses are set up several meters above the ground, other play areas are perfect "native". Playgrounds and football fields in Cannero Riviera and Oggebbio offer the youngest visitors on Lake Maggiore family vacations enough space to let their urge to move freely. The playground in Cannero Riviera in particular is a perfect destination for little explorers. Boys and girls splash around to their hearts’ content in the mini-river and stream basin. Small pools are attached to the adventure playground, through which the children can encounter the wet element even closer. Splashing, diving and bathing is not only allowed on the playground, but expressly desired. After all, no child should leave the play oasis without a smiling face. Animal encounters round off the flying visit to this playground. Because on Lake Maggiore family holidays in this children’s oasis, the youngest can get to know fire salamanders, fireflies or goats.

Animal encounters between the lake and the mountains

Excursions like these turn a Lago Maggiore family vacation into an unforgettable journey. Vacation paradises like the 16,000 square meters size Park of Villa Pallavicino promise insights into an animal world that most visitors probably only know from books. Zebras, flamingos or chamois – all of these animals have found a home in the park of Villa Pallavicino. Not only birds live in the Parco Lagoni di Mercurago. This zoo is home to thoroughbred horses that can even be petted by children. Lions or Siberian tigers circle in the zoo. In addition, cheetahs and giraffes have found a new home in the animal facility – what a sight on your family vacation at the lake.

Granite Museum in Mergozzo

A destination for tomorrow’s artists

You shouldn’t spend a Lago Maggiore family vacation without a detour to the Granite Museum in Mergozzo. This museum offers its young visitors the opportunity to test their creativity and skill. Workshops regularly inspire the youngest guests. Even game events leave idleness no chance.

Fantastic beaches and trips on the lake

Bathing trips to the most child-friendly beaches in the lake end in Locarno or Ascona. Defined seaside resorts on these banks not only offer the necessary security. There are inviting beaches on site that make children’s dreams come true. Your children will certainly remember swimming attractions such as playgrounds or water slides long after the Lago Maggiore family vacation. On a boat tour to Isola Bella, you and your children come into contact with the moist element in a completely different way on Lake Maggiore family vacation. On this boat trip it is not just the travel destination that leaves a lasting impression on young and old. The little steamers are a special experience for boys and girls. The goal of this excursion is a feast for the eyes. Here you have arrived in a delightful park that even houses a castle.

Imposing natural landscapes

Family adventures at lofty heights

But a family vacation on Lake Maggiore offers even more – a picture-perfect nature. Admire the imposing natural landscapes from a bird’s eye view by cruising over the Poggio Santa Elsa via cable car. This spectacular ride on the cable car takes in Laveno. Once you have reached the top of the mountain, you will see the Borromean Gulf from a perspective that will take your breath away. Just as impressive is a ride on the Centovalli Railway, which runs slowly and comfortably through the region of 100 valleys. Only when you have arrived in Domodossola is the end station. At this point you continue your journey by train towards Stresa. Afterwards, you will return to Locarno by boat from this location on your family vacation.


Memories for life

A family holiday at the lake offers impressions that you will surely remember for a very long time. After all, not only hotels and landlords of vacation rentals have long since adjusted to the needs of families with children. The sights of this travel region also give the Lago Maggiore family vacation the necessary flavor. Let yourself be carried away – into a world in which young and old feel like in paradise. Experience the lake exactly as it is – up close and extremely diverse.

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