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During the Spielmarkt in Remscheid 2014, Heike Schwarz et al. conducted a workshop on large group games without material. 42 participants played enthusiastically. But the games also work with 100 players. Come on!

For better readability, we have only used the male form

pirates ritual
Anyone who comes from the coast knows how pirates get in the mood before every big boat ride: they stand in a large circle. The game master begins to walk across the circle to another pirate, always using the same term from the pirate world. e.g .: "Captain, captain, captain. " Until he arrives at the other’s and takes his place. Then the corresponding new pirate starts and goes across the circle again to another, whereby he is also constantly loud "captain!" says. This ritual is repeated over and over again so that others are constantly trudging through the circle. After a short while, the game master starts with a second term, e.g.. "treasure chest", a third, etc., so that little by little there is a huge babble of voices. Important: The new terms are only started by the game master!

Rush hour
This fast-paced game is the most fun the more participants play. You can do it indoors and outdoors and it works best when space is as tight as during rush hour.
Everyone is looking for a partner that they want to challenge. Each pair then determines who starts first. The starter tries to catch (tick) his own partner. Neither of the two may run, walking is a fixed rule! It starts already: The starter turns three times on its own axis, the other disappears in the crowd. If the starter has ticked off his partner, a role change takes place immediately: The one who has been touched now turns three times around his own axis and the other squeezes out. Of course, the hunted is always allowed to flee. Usually three minutes is enough for the game to give the group an accelerated cycle.

Paulchen Panther
Everyone is confused and shakes hands constantly like a greeting. They present themselves with their first name and an animal name, the with the same letter begins before. After a while, the game master gives a loud signal and everyone goes silent for a while in the room. On another loud signal, everyone receives the request to visit a participant whose two names they have noted!

gossip partner
The Gossip Partners game is more suitable for large groups (14 or more participants), there is actually no upper limit. Find a very rhythmic song for walking (eg "What is Love" by Headaway fits well) and you will also get the "dance muffle" in motion.
All of them go around criss-cross to music in the room. Whenever you go to another one Pair meet, stand up to each other and do the following:
1. Turn around to your own partner and clap your hands twice
2. smack twice against them hands your partner. (Clapping should be done in the
Rhythm of the music happen)
3. makes a ¼ turn so everyone in front of a teammate of the other pair
4. repeats the clapping as in 1. and 2.
5. Immediately hook up the new partner and continue your path with them
. until you meet a couple again. see above.

You will always meet new people within a very short period of time, which is why this game is also ideal as an introductory game.
The more you play, the louder the clapping gets and of course a "rhythm that everyone has to play with".

Paper – rock – scissors
Quick to play for in between: the well-known game "paper, stone scissors". Who has 3 points first?

  • Paper covers the stone – but is cut by scissors
  • Stone makes the scissors blunt – but is covered by the paper
  • Scissors cut the paper – but are dulled by the stone

This game was considered "training" for the "career ladder"

The remaining games can be found in the player repertoire under Moving Games in the Classroom

  • All different
  • command
  • Grab him!
  • career ladder


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