Light, good sized children’s bikes, children’s bike finder

41 special brands and 335 children- & Youngster bikes
– from the impeller to the first road bike or mountain bike –

1. Children’s bike finder?

Light children’s bikes – fit to the centimeter

Offers a market overview of light and high-quality children’s and youth bikes – even (still) less well-known brands.

Finds lightweight children’s bicycles in the right size to the centimeter.

Only lists bicycles that meet transparent quality criteria. From the impeller to the first bike to real mountain bikes and racing bikes.

2. Measure

Height and inside leg length or stride length

In order to search for suitable bikes with the children’s bike finder, you should know the current size of your child.

The children’s bike finder can determine the right wheels even more precisely if you measure the inside leg length. It is often referred to as stride length and can be easily determined in two minutes:

Leave your child upright in stockings and underwear with the Stand back against a wall.

Now push a firm book upright between the legs with light pressure as far as possible towards the step.

Measure the distance from the top edge of the book to the floor in centimeters.

The result is the inside leg length – sometimes called the inseam.

3. Let’s go

Find suitable children’s and youth bikes

Do you now know your child’s current size and / or inside leg length? Then enter your height or inner leg length or both in the form fields below and click on "Find suitable bikes".

. don’t you have your child’s measurements ready? Then take a look at a few bicycles in the manufacturer area. Or read the guide articles on the children’s bike finder blog

Children’s bike overview by bike size in inches:

The search for a suitable children’s bike based on body size is better than going by size. Nevertheless, the children’s bike finder also offers a quick market overview of lighter, higher quality, more sophisticated & Child-friendly bicycles according to the size of the wheels:

(For children- & Youth bicycles from 28 inches / 700c please use the Children’s bike search by size of the rider)

Currently in the children’s bike finder blog

The good children’s bike – the best tips. For real.

12 tips for children’s bikes

  • Which size is correct for children’s bikes? And why neither the age of the child, nor the wheel size – 16, 20, 24 inches etc. help to answer this question.
  • Why light weight is particularly useful for children’s bikes. And why this when asked "Hub or derailleur gears?" matters.
  • How long the crank on the children’s bike should be. And what needs to be considered with the geometry (bottom bracket height).
  • Which brakes are suitable for children and which are not.
  • When to buy a children’s bike a year or when – if possible – not.
  • Why a suspension fork on children’s bikes should usually be avoided.
  • Why you shouldn’t let smaller children choose their bikes themselves.

. and other topics:

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woom OFF children’s MTB presented & a short woom interview

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The brakes on the children’s bike:
Please no resignation

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