Hana – shida at shenzhen fashion week: shooting star in the chinese market for children’s fashion

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Mar 17, 2019, 17:10 ET

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SHENZHEN, China, March 17, 2019 / PRNewswire / – The Chinese Children’s Club >At the end of the show enthusiastic applause.

The co-founder and creative director of HANA drew inspiration for the collection of the same name&SH >Mary Poppins – and so the collection is full of magical elements. Several everyday scenes were integrated into the show, such as: B. a picnic, a garden tour, a tea tasting and a dance program. This created a cheerful atmosphere, the the Bliss of childhood innocence shared by everyone who keeps a piece of it into adulthood as the brand’s essential message.

Vibrant colors and subtle retro clothing and accessories that reflect the theme were brought to life on the catwalk. The silhouettes of small animals and plants as well as charming naive penguins were adorned with a variety of daisies, parrots and umbrellas and other cute elements and emphasized the lively expression on the faces of the children who presented the clothing collection.

HANA has been exciting in China since it was founded in 2015&SHIDA great attention. In the meantime, the brand has established itself on the high-end children’s clothing market. In addition to the launch of the limited collection Parent-Child-Outfit, her collaboration with several artists and art organizations also aroused media interest. The brand’s debut at Shanghai Fashion Week 2018 caused a sensation.

The profession of co-founder of HANA&SHIDA Hana is an interior designer; her sister and co-founder Shida is Le Cordon Bleu certified baker. Both love the Life and cultivate their passion for travel and innovation. They have their own views on the beauty of life and, with their conviction that everyone can enjoy life, do not keep behind the mountain. During a long stay in the south of France, they decided that their mission was to convey this beauty through a brand and decided to create a lifestyle brand. They are committed to ensuring that every child has the right to have a happy childhood and encourage children to develop their skills in appreciating beauty through self-exploration.

Once again was HANA&SH >Theme of the show. The brand demonstrated its potential to become one of the new cult names in children’s fashion in China – at a time when Chinese brands are gaining more and more attention worldwide.


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