Longing for a new conclave?

Longing for a new conclave?

Prepare critics of Pope Francis the transition? In any case, the abuse scandal in the Catholic Church is being misused for a discussion about the person of Francis, according to German Cardinal Walter Kasper.

"There are already people who simply don't like this pontificate, and they want to end it as soon as possible and want to have a new conclave, so to speak," Kasper said in a segment of the ARD political magazine "report Munchen" (Tuesday). They then wanted to prepare this papal election so that it would turn out in their favor, said Kasper.

Ie of abuse instrumentalized

Irishwoman Marie Collins, who was a consultant on the papal commission for child protection, also accuses opponents of Francis in the television report of instrumentalizing the ie of abuse.

Victims like them and the commission were seen as a convenient opportunity to torpedo the pope's initiatives, they said. "So it was a kind of politics of division. 'The safety of children did not play a role,' said Collins, who stepped down from her post nearly two years ago.

Pope as founder of confusion

At the same time, she accused the pope of doing too little to combat abuse. The commission has made suggestions to him. He had authorized it, but did not control its implementation.

U.S. Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, on the other hand, accuses Francis of creating confusion. Burke does not want to demand a resignation of the pope in the contribution. It is true, however, that from the point of view of earlier theologians, a pope who deviates from his office, especially in dogmatic terms, "i.e., is guilty of heresy, automatically ceases to be pope.".

Brandmuller confirms recent interview statement

Meanwhile, German Cardinal Emeritus Walter Brandmuller reiterated his recent interview statements on abuse and homosexuality. The "real scandal" is that clergy and church personnel "do not distinguish themselves clearly enough from society as a whole on this point either," the 90-year-old said in an interview with the CNA German press service (Tuesday evening).

Brandmuller literally: "The decades-long sexualization of society – think of Oswald Kolle and Beate Uhse – has not left Catholics and their church personnel unscathed."Furthermore, one should neither forget nor conceal the fact that 80 percent of the cases of abuse in the church environment concern male youths. This connection between abuse and homosexuality has been "statistically proven". This has "nothing to do with homophobia". The former Vatican chief historian urged better selection and training of priests and religious education teachers.

Brandmuller accused the current church leadership of lack of direction. It is "obvious that – at least in Western Central Europe – church statements are more or less in line with the social mainstream. Not infrequently, "purely secular points of view determined the speeches and actions of ecclesiastical authorities".

"It is all the more embarrassing" when "a financially potent but spiritually dwindling church in Germany thinks it should school its poorer brothers and sisters," although the church there is experiencing spiritual vitality and growth. Brandmuller cited eastern and northeastern Europe as well as Africa and Asia as examples.

Cardinal Muller against "collective guilt fantasies"

The German Curia Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Muller meanwhile rejected "collective guilt fantasies" and "clan liability" for the Catholic Church and its priests on the subject of abuse.

Nor should one blame "Islam" for Islamist terrorist acts by an individual or "the foreigners" for criminal behavior by a lone perpetrator, Muller wrote in the U.S. portal "lifesitenews".

Sexual abuse has its reason in an "immoral acting out of the sexual instinct," Muller affirmed. Like Brandmuller, he pointed out that 80 percent of the cases of abuse in the church environment involved male adolescents. Muller literally: "The will of the perpetrator for sexual satisfaction is the cause of the violation of the bodily-psychological intimacy of a person entrusted to his care. To talk about clericalism or church structures as the cause is an insult to the many other victims of sexual abuse by people who have nothing to do with the church and clergy." (CBA)

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