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    Pupils who need individual support to attend school can be accompanied by a so-called integration assistant.


    Accompanying the student when they go to school and, if necessary, also on the way to school to provide assistance or to compensate for disability-related restrictions.


    The need for support from an integration assistant is usually determined by an official medical or school medical report.

    Integration helpers and integration helpers can be people who do the federal voluntary service or do voluntary social work year serve.

    Who shall I talk to?
    Expenses for integration helpers for the individual care of a pupil, which make participation in classes in the general school, the special school or the school for the sick possible, do not count towards the costs of the state of NRW or of the school authorities School costs, because it is not a compulsory task for assistants to make school attendance possible (see § 92 Para. 1 Sentence 2 SchulG NRW).

    In the case of children and adolescents with (physical or mental) disabilities, it must therefore be checked in individual cases whether a cost assumption for the necessary deployment of an integration helper as part of the integration assistance in accordance with the provisions of the Social Code XII (§ 54 Paragraph 1 Sentence 1 SGB XII in conjunction with Section 12 No. 1 of the Integration Assistance Ordinance "Aid to adequate school education") is possible. The cost of integration support at school wearing the locally responsible social welfare institution, to which a corresponding application must be submitted. Integration assistance is provided in the general school and in the special school. Pursuant to section 92 (2) sentence 1 no.2 and sentence 2 SGB XII, neither the income nor the assets of the pupils or their legal guardians are taken into account when granting integration assistance at school.

    • In the case of children and adolescents with mental disabilities (e.g. autism, ADHD), it must be checked whether it is possible to assume the costs of integration assistance in accordance with the provisions of Social Code VIII (§ 35a (1) in conjunction with (3) SGB VIII) , For this group of people, a corresponding application must be submitted to the local youth welfare office.
    • If pupils are entitled to treatment care in accordance with Section 37 (2) of the Social Code V compared to their (statutory) Health insurance have this entitlement also during the duration of the school attendance.
      (Judgment of the Federal Social Court of November 21, 2002,
      Ref .: B3 KR 6/02 R)
    • (Decision of the Hessian State Social Court of June 29, 2011, file number: L 6 SO 57/11 B ER (Source: Legal Service of Life Aid, No. 2/12; June 2012, pp. 61/62)

    Contact person in the LWL State Youth Office department, schools, addiction coordination office:


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