Marrying with a child – this keeps the bride and groom relaxed

… when mom and dad dare

Previously frowned upon, not so unusual today. Illegitimate children are quite normal today and so many children experience the wedding and, in addition to the birth of the children, the most beautiful day in life together with their parents. For some couples, getting married with a child is a wonderful idea, while others are more frightened about how things go and how they spend their day with a baby or toddler. More and more coming: wedding and baptism in one. The so-called eaves unite both sacraments of the church in a celebration, both for the child and their parents.

Getting married with a child – well organized

  • Wedding dress for nursing brides
    Maternity wedding dresses are actually abundant to buy these days. A large selection for all expectant mothers. Nursing-friendly clothes, on the other hand, are difficult to get. Therefore, when choosing a dress, the following applies: it should be as easy as possible to take off. A two-piece suit or a light white cocktail dress, the straps of which (when the side zip is open) can be pushed aside if necessary, are best. A jacket or silk scarf help so that the bride does not feel completely naked while breastfeeding. A retreat should also be created on the premises of the celebration to breastfeed in peace.
  • helper
    In order to spend a really relaxing wedding day, it should be clarified in advance who can look after the child at the celebration in addition to the parents. Grandparents, godparents or other people familiar to the child are ideal so that the bride and groom do not have to worry, but enjoy their happiness fully. Of course, the child does not have to be deported over the entire celebration, but some help is certainly useful in some situations.
  • Emergency Bag for the child
    Unexpected diaper accidents or clothing heavily soiled by eating? Now change clothes should be on hand quickly. An emergency bag for the child, filled with all kinds of change clothes, toys, diapers, bottles or jars, avoids big riots or unnecessary trips home.
  • Procedure for a wedding with a child
    If you are planning to get married with a child, there are a few things to consider in the process. Certainly it is not an advantage to plan the wedding yourself, for example, exactly in the day phase in which the toddler is about to take an afternoon nap. Quengeln is preprogrammed especially then. Better: the wedding ceremony itself exactly during the afternoon nap. In the case of small children, who understandably find it difficult to sit still for a long time, it is good to entrust a trusted person, who does not belong to the closest family (who of course wants to experience the course of events within the church) with the care outside the church.
  • Flower children and ring bearers
    If children can already walk and are not too shy, it is especially nice to be entrusted with a task in the church. Wearing the rings or sprinkling flowers, dressed up in festive children’s clothing, when leaving the church, the bride and groom, family and relatives will certainly move to tears.
  • Wedding cake and cake figure
    A common figure is a shame at a wedding with a child. There are numerous providers of great characters on the Internet who also take existing children into account. Finally, a family comes closer together. When choosing the wedding cake, it also applies to your own child and Children of Guests to consider. A small extractor cake or an alcohol-free cake can devour even the smallest in bulk.
  • Wedding location
    Of course, the location is also responsible for whether the bride and groom can relax with a child. Close to a street without boundaries is certainly not the best choice here. Well fenced and equipped for children, the big day can be enjoyed evenly and safely with a child.
  • Sleeping place for the child
    Understandably, couples who choose to marry are often fearful of having a child. They are particularly concerned about bedtime and rest for the children. In fact, it mostly turns out that children behave completely differently at a wedding than At home. The large number of people, the variety of fun provided by numerous guests and the unusual situation either result in the little ones holding out for an unusually long time or, despite the noise and restlessness, they simply find sleep with their parents or in a corner. If, on the other hand, you want to treat the child to its usual daily routine and rest, it certainly makes sense to have the child picked up by a familiar person in the evening.
  • The decision for or against an evening with the little ones is mostly a gut decision of the parents and completely dependent on the child.


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