Monitor your children's hangouts messages and conversations, mSpy Monitoring App

Google Hangout is an online messaging service that lets you share photos, maps, emojis and more. The service is also the hunting ground of tyrants and other predators who are looking for new victims, your children. Avoid unwanted communication with mSpy.

View the contents of each text message on your child’s mobile phone. Even if the text has been deleted, you can still access it from the mSpy control panel.

Take a close look at hangout messages your child has sent and received on his or her phone, including all contacts, cards, photos, etc. Prevent your child from communicating with dangerous people with mSpy.

Get access to contacts and all online activities including content, date and time stamps.

  • IOS – Not Available
  • Android OS 4.0+ Rooting requires

Get all your most valuable features in the advanced monitoring option. Learn more about

Gmail Hangouts is installed by default on all Android phones, making the software a popular communication platform. Like any other messaging platform, this online predator gives you the opportunity to get access to your child. Prevent your children from communicating with people who could harm them. Get any chat, photo, card or emoji sticker your child sends or receives on hangouts, and sleep a little better at night.

of all the teenagers received unwanted sexual calls!

Select the application that suits your needs and fill out the order form. Upon receipt of payment, you will receive an email from us containing a comprehensive installation guide and user information.

Once you receive the email, log in to the mSpy control panel and follow the instructions. Please note: iPhones must have Jailbreak for optimal usability.

Go to your control panel to see all activities on your child’s phone. In addition to Hangouts Instant Messaging, you can also browse all exchanged photos, cards, emoji, stickers, and GIFs.

Everything you need to know about the mSpy Hangouts Spy

Why do you need our reliable monitoring software that our Hangouts Spy App can provide? There are actually two main reasons for this! As a parent, the more your child engages with instant messaging and social media, the more you worry about it. As an entrepreneur, you have the full right to know whether or not your employees are chatting with their friends. In addition, it is only half of your problem because it is not only important to see that you are online, but what they are talking about online. After all, no parent wants their children to be involved in sharing offensive content or sexting. An employer does not want his employees to sell company information to a competitor. Both are exactly the reasons why you need our Google hangout spy. Once our software is installed, our intelligent app will collect all hangout activity on the target device and forward it to your online control panel so you can access the information remotely.

What does our Google Hangouts spy offer?

In particular, you can:

  • See the content of each sent/received message: With Hangouts you can read instant messages as well as text messages (SMS and MMS). The mSpy Spy App gives you instant full access to all messages, including those deleted by the user.
  • Access to group chats and conversations: With our multifunctional Google Hangouts spy, you’ll immediately know what your child is talking to his or her friends. Practice shows that mSpy is the most effective way to prevent your kids from sharing inappropriate content, as well as preventing your employees from sharing confidential information with others.
  • View all conversation-related data: In addition to content, the Smart Spion Hangouts Spy also allows you to view all related data, including the user’s contact list, names, and photos, as well as the exact time and date of each conversation. You can see which people your children and co-workers are friends with and whether you are chatting with unwanted people.

With the extended version of mSpy you have the possibility:

  • See all sent and received stickers;
  • Emojis;
  • GIFS to monitor;
  • Search all maps.

We can safely say that with our Hangouts Spy, you really get a comprehensive collection of information about what’s going on on your child’s smartphone. In addition, in stealth mode you can also find out what your children and/or staff are doing online.

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