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Your holiday in Morsum

Morsum is the most eastern place of the island and convinces by its originality. The east of Sylt stands for agriculture, peace and tradition. Most of the people who live here are locals and some still speak the Frisian language Sölring. Between yellow shining rape and golden cornfields rise their farms and Frisian houses. Those who are here should definitely plan a visit to Morsum Cliff. The geological structure of the cliff is unique in Europe. Black mica clay, red limonite sandstone and white kaolin sand give an insight into millions of years of geological history.

Accommodation and Restaurants

Who wants to enjoy the idyll of Morsum longer or needs a refreshment in between, should not miss the following houses. If you prefer Morsum as your holiday destination, there are fabulous hotels, holiday homes and apartments in the Inselosten.

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The Morsum bathing area

Directly behind the dike, with a view of Hörnum and Rantum, lies the small bathing area of Morsum. As the bathing area is on the tidal flat side, you can only swim when the water is high. But the people of Morsum took a lot of trouble and put up some beach chairs. Also a picnic bench invites to stay. A fence was built to protect you from the free-range sheep, so that you don’t have to worry about your bags while you enjoy yourself in the water.

History of Morsum

Morsum was the largest island town in centuries past. The name Morsum (on Söl Muasem) derives from the Frisian “Hur muar sen” and means “where more people are”.

Agriculture shaped the townscape and so the saying applied: “If there is already great need in Keitum, there is still bacon and bread in Morsum”. The former settlements and terps were built as scattered villages, with the church of St. Martin as the centre. The arrangement of the villages of Morsum played an important role in the burial. If a Morsum man died, he found a place in the cemetery exactly opposite his house, so that the graves around the church corresponded in former times to the arrangement of the house inhabitants in the villages.

Before the dam was built in 1927, there was no connection to the mainland. During the summer months, ships regularly landed to bring essential items such as medicine and food. The winter, however, posed a challenge, as the steamers could not call at Sylt due to the layer of ice.

During these days, the people of Sylt had to rely on the ice boat drivers, who were exposed to the dangers of the ice floes, the cold and the fog to get to the mainland with a wooden rowing boat. In memory of the courageous people of Sylt, an ice boat was erected at the entrance to Morsum.

Visit the idyllic forest in Morsum to avoid the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here you will find peace and seclusion.

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Activities in Morsum

Tradition and cultural events

The Muasem Hüs | Morsum has a place of encounter and cultural exchange: the Muasem Hüs. It is the heart of the village and was built according to the wishes of the local congregation and inaugurated in 1989. Despite the peripheral location of Morsum at the eastern tip of the island, Muasem Hüs has developed into a popular venue for events. Here locals and guests meet regularly for traditional festivals and events, such as ring riding.

Morsumer Kulturfreunde | The Morsumer Kulturfreunde have become an indispensable part of the town. The association, which now has over 300 members, is dedicated to preserving Sylt’s traditions and organises numerous events to enrich village life. The regular events are very popular throughout the island and so many Sylters always come together here to celebrate together. Among the annual highlights are the Morsumer Landpartie, the “Golden October” or the Christmas market on the first Advent weekend.

Useful Info

Further helpful tips and addresses for your holiday in Morsum can be found here.

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