Motor vehicle: replacing license plates

If you instruct a third party to register the change, this third party needs a written power of attorney from you. in addition, she/he must present her/his identity card (copy) and her/his own identity card to the registration authority.

Notes for kiel:

If a commercial vehicle is involved, the commercial registration must also be submitted.

costs& fees

Fees are charged according to the fee regulations for road traffic measures. For more detailed information, please contact the following office.

additional costs for the new license plate(s).

Information for kiel:

If it is only a re-sealing, there are fees of at least. 5,10 EUR to. In the event of a change of registration, a fee of at least. 27,40 EUR to be calculated (in case of loss as well as in case of theft of the previous license plate(s)). The specific amount of the fee can only be determined on site after all documents have been checked.

Who can i contact?

To the county or city (licensing authority). The responsibility depends on the place of residence of the vehicle owner (main residence according to the identity card).

In the case of legal entities, it is the registered office of the principal place of business or the registered office of the branch office; this also applies to a general partnership, limited partnership or to tradesmen and self-employed persons with a fixed place of business.

Information for kiel:

you can contact the kieler burger- und ordnungsamt (registration office) or the registration office altenholz (tel. +49 431 320979-23 to -26, -30, -31, sh. Contact the following link under Zulassungsbehorde altenholz).

Competent authorities in kiel

Legal basis

  • § 8 ordinance on the registration of vehicles for road traffic (vehicle registration ordinance – FZV),
  • Fee schedule for road traffic measures (gebost).

What is it about?

If your vehicle’s license plates are damaged, illegible or stolen, you must ensure that they are replaced with new license plates. The required inspection stickers are applied by the licensing authority.

In case of theft or loss of the license plates, a change of license plates is necessary. Be sure to report the theft to the police.

The 3G rule and the mask requirement apply in all municipal administration buildings.

Only if you are vaccinated, recovered or have a negative test (not older than 24 hours) you are allowed to enter and use the services. This is checked randomly on site.

This excludes children up to school age and underage students* who are tested regularly during school hours, as well as people who cannot be vaccinated and tested due to serious physical, mental, or psychological impairments (the certificate must be presented).

Questions about the administration and the regulations on corona in kiel can be answered by the city at [email protected] .

Competent authorities
This service belongs to the category
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bank details& postal address

Forde savings bank
DE03 2105 0170 0000 1000 16

Please do not forget to state the purpose of your transfer as well as the cash reference number (e.g. 01000900. -001-1) or indicate the invoice number (for example 5904001000). Thank you.

Postal address of the city administration:

state capital of kiel
P.O. Box 1152
24099 kiel

The number that knows everything

Logo 115 - your authority number

Monday to friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

you have moved to kiel and have not yet re-registered the car? You have questions about marriage, parental benefits or building a house? Where can I get my passport?

For this there is a telephone number that knows everything: 115 – the single authority number.

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