My baby teeth – first aid and tips so that getting teeth is not a problem

One topic that young parents often have to deal with is getting teeth. Especially from parents of older children you get horror stories. But it doesn’t have to be that bad if you are well prepared.


But what does young parents expect when the offspring get their first bite? Many parents only notice their teeth when they are already there. Especially breastfeeding mommies may be surprised when the sharp tips prick.

But teething varies from child to child. Many things can, nothing must. While many teeth remain unnoticed until they are there, there are just as many children who torture themselves a little more.

    Many parents report whining, unle >creating relief

But how do I help my child? Here the possibilities are manifold and dependent on the child. If the child complains a lot and repeatedly puts his finger or the whole hand in his mouth, this is usually a sign that teething is not completely painless.

The well-known teething rings are helpful here. Which is the right one for your child, however, must be tested. Therefore it is recommended to have 2 or three models ready to hand. Most common are those made of plastic (BPA-free).

But even there the choice is large, because they come in numerous shapes. Many are also nubbed to relieve the pressure on the teeth by massaging the gums. In recent years, gel teething rings have also gained acceptance. The advantage here is that the good pieces can be pre-cooled in the refrigerator, which relieves additional pain and keeps the gel pleasantly cool for a long time.

Some children still prefer harder models. More and more models with handrims or cuddly toys can be found. The aim here is to distract at the same time, because the more you concentrate on the pain, the more intense it becomes.

Various teething ring models

If you shoot your teeth earlier than planned, you can also use household remedies. A hard piece of bread edge helps to counteract the pressure similarly well and tastes also good, if first strongly slobbered.

You don’t need to be afraid of swallowing here, because if the bread is nice and hard, the little ones can’t bite off any pieces, but rather soften them. In any case, it is advisable to provide a little more change of clothes, because who wants to lie in wet clothes?

What if they get diarrhea and fever, too?

You should definitely be prepared for fever or diarrhoea. If your child has a tendency to diarrhoea while teething, it is particularly important to ensure sufficient fluid. Always offer water or tea to prevent dehydration, as this is particularly fast with the youngest children. If you are worried about sunken skin or because the child appears increasingly flabby, you should definitely consult your paediatrician.

It is also advisable to have a good diaper ointment at home as a preventive measure, as the soft bowel movement attacks the sensitive baby skin quickly and even in small quantities. And a sore bottom doesn’t make the torment with the teeth any more pleasant. You can also counteract diarrhoea with stuffing foods such as bananas.

It’s the same with fever. If the temperature is slightly higher, you can quickly control the temperature with calf or wrist wraps. However, if the temperature rises more strongly, you should have fever suppositories or fever juice at home, depending on your age, and make sure that you have enough fluid here as well. Due to the increased temperature, your child sweats heavily and loses fluid, so always offer water or tea.

If the fever lasts longer or does not go down, always consult your doctor and check whether there is something else behind it.

Do I have alternatives?

Who has the feeling that bite-rings and bread don’t really help or thinks that the child is still too tormenting, can reach for further tricks. Special tooth gels with chamomile, which you can get in any well-stocked pharmacy, have proved their worth for years.

The product of choice is rubbed with the finger on the affected area. The massage already provides relief, the chamomile additionally numbs and counteracts inflammations and swellings. Globules are also becoming increasingly popular. In contrast to ointments, these do not contain alcohol and are easy to carry in your handbag without having to be cooled. The contained chamomile works similar to the gel only without the cooling effect.

Amber necklaces have also been popular for years. They are not intended to be chewed. Rather, the released oils are supposed to alleviate the pain. However, caution is advised here. Please do not leave your child alone. Even if they look pretty, the danger of strangulation is immense.

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