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Cooperation with parents

"The extra-family care can have a stimulating influence on its development and support parents in the care and upbringing sensibly."

Therefore, intensive and close work with parents is very important to us and the basic building block and focus of our work

The information intake interview usually takes place with the management of the facility. During this conversation, the conceptual framework conditions of the facility, questions about the care contract and information about the child can be discussed.

After the contract has been handed over, a trial appointment is arranged with the parents. During this trial session, the parents and the child have the opportunity to get to know the staff and the course of the group. On this day a list will be given with the materials needed for the crib start. In addition, the parents receive tips for settling in. The trial lesson usually lasts 1.5 hours.

Door and door conversations & information booklet

Door and fishing talks are talks that take place every day during the delivery and pick-up times. They are used for a brief exchange of information about current events.

There the children often picked up by other people or changed staff in the afternoon, the information booklet was introduced. This serves for better consultation and the exchange of information between the parents and the staff. For example, daily events, required materials and pick-up rights are noted in the booklet. However, important development-related aspects about the child are not exchanged in the booklet; only personal conversations are used for this. The booklet should be brought to the facility every day and taken back when you pick it up. The information booklet is prepared and prepared by the facility.

The parents’ evenings take place regularly.

Our parents’ evening with the parents’ advisory board election takes place in September, followed by the group parents’ evening. Here new parents have the opportunity to introduce themselves and make contacts.

Development talks take place once a year. They are based on observations that serve to give an overall picture or an overall development picture of the child. This means that observations are essential when working with children. In order to create a differentiated overall picture, all specialists who work with the child observe the child independently of one another. The information and observations are then brought together in a conversation with everyone involved. However, the development talk should also serve as feedback for the parental home. It is very interesting for the specialists to get feedback whether yourself Observed with the parents cover or deviate.

A parent’s letter is a written disclosure of information. This is often used to pass on important, mostly organizational framework conditions to the parents. The parents ‘letters can be found in the parents’ mail at the respective groups. That is why it is important to check your parental post regularly and empty it if necessary.

The weekly overview is on the bulletin board of the respective group. There you can see which actions and activities took place during the day. Due to the situation-oriented approach, offers cannot be defined exactly. Therefore, care should always be taken to store weather-appropriate clothing in the cloakroom.

There are pin boards in the entire cloakroom area. The group-related pin boards are located in front of the respective group rooms. In the middle are the pin boards with the information that affect the entire Villa Kunterbunt house. It is very important to read the bulletin boards regularly to get enough information about the activities.

Wishes, ideas, criticism box

In the cloakroom area, on the dressing aid, there is a box. Requests, ideas, suggestions and criticism can be submitted anonymously there. Parent surveys can also be submitted anonymously there. It is very important to us to maintain close exchange and reflection from the parents so that our work can be constantly reflected and adapted.

The monthly sheet is an overview of actions, activities and vacations of the specialists for the parents. No weekly activities can be found there. It going exclusively for an overview of the fixed dates. Each child designs its own monthly sheet at the end of the month for the following month. This can be taken with you after completion. The holder for the monthly sheets is handed out at the beginning of the acclimatization. This gives the parents an overview of the entire nursery period.

The parents’ advisory board is elected at the beginning of the new year in the nursery.

A parent advisory board acts as a link between parents and the institution. He serves as a contact for parents who do not want to go directly through the facility. He also has a support function. The parents’ advisory board supports the institution e.g. B. at parties and celebrations.

Parents’ involvement

Like the staff, our parents also have important tasks. These are essential for a good and close cooperation:

  • Support mutual information sharing
  • Refill the child’s hygiene items (diapers etc.)
  • Pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet
  • Update phone numbers if necessary
  • Adhere to booked times
  • In the event of illness, report the child sick until 8.30 a.m. and indicate diseases that are subject to reporting
  • Comply with 48 hours of sickness regulations
  • Make common arrangements
  • Support festivities and celebrations of the facility
  • Developing and striving for solutions together with the facility – pulling together

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