Natural gas vehicles: rhenag natural gas mobility

Natural gas vehicles are the most environmentally friendly vehicles in the field of fossil propulsion technology; pollutant emissions are up to 80% lower than with conventionally powered vehicles.

And with an increasing share of bio natural gas, the climate balance will improve further in the future. As an environmentally friendly fuel, natural gas is therefore eligible for tax breaks. And you also save on vehicle tax.

In addition, natural gas vehicles use mature technology that is absolutely suitable for everyday use. The network of filling stations – for a long time the Achilles heel of natural gas mobility – is also becoming increasingly dense.

With around 900 natural gas filling stations, Germany now has the densest network in europe. Rhenag itself operates three natural gas filling stations. The majority of our own fleet has long been on the road with environmentally friendly natural gas vehicles.

Natural gas vehicles: no more boring – more horsepower, less CO2

Your original "boring-" and "eco-crate image" the natural gas vehicles of the latest generation have long since been disposed of. today they stand for high-tech, driving fun and a lot of emotion.

Cars must not only serve the ratio, they must also fascinate. Manufacturers are aware of this and are gradually expanding their range of vehicles with natural gas in the tank. The major brands have long offered natural gas vehicles as standard – to suit all needs. From the economical small car to the family van or the spacious sedan to commercial vehicles: in the model ranges of mercedes-benz, volkswagen, opel, seat, škoda, audi and fiat, there are more and more cars that fill up on natural gas. But it doesn’t always have to be a new car. There is now a wide range of used vehicles powered by natural gas.

The rhenag incentive program for natural gas vehicles

Your switch to environmentally friendly natural gas mobility is worth something to us! therefore we will add 500 € if you decide to buy a natural gas car.

We have summarized the key points of our incentive program for you here:

We promote all new vehicles equipped with natural gas drive as standard or demonstration models that are registered for the first time in the rhenag supply area. no more than 3 months may elapse between your purchase and your application for the subsidy. The date on the invoice applies.

You can apply if you are a rhenag natural gas customer and live in the rhenag supply area.

Our subsidy is intended for genuine rhenag private customers and not for subsidy hunters who collect the subsidy and then leave again. In this sense, you undertake to purchase the natural gas energy offered by rhenag for the next 5 years, starting from the date of the subsidy grant. Only one natural gas vehicle per private customer is subsidized per calendar year.

In the event of termination of the contract within this period, you must repay the subsidy paid to rhenag. In addition, we would like to ask you for a small favor: as the vehicle owner, you agree to display an advertising sticker for the duration of one year (approx. DIN A5) to be affixed to the rear of the vehicle.

We promote 100 new natural gas vehicles per year. First come, first served. The date of receipt of the applications is decisive. The prerequisite is the submission of a copy of the vehicle registration certificate and the purchase contract. Unfortunately, cash payment is not possible.

All new vehicles equipped with natural gas drive as standard or demonstration models that are registered for the first time in the rhenag supply area are eligible for funding. leased vehicles are exempt from the subsidy. The time between purchase and subsidy must not exceed 3 months. The date on the invoice applies.

the vehicle owner agrees to display a promotional sticker (approx. DIN A5) at the rear of the vehicle.
The application can only be submitted by customers with a natural gas supply contract with rhenag from its basic supply area.

The customer undertakes to use the natural gas energy offered by rhenag for the next 5 years,
starting with the day of the subsidy payment. In case of contract termination
within this period, the customer is obliged to repay the subsidy paid to rhenag.
The claim for subsidy is only within the limits of the available subsidies,
the receipt of applications is decisive. Cash payment is not possible.

Cost check for natural gas mobility

Drive with natural gas and save

Just talk to a natural gas driver at the gas pump and ask him how much it costs to drive a natural gas vehicle. You will reap the satisfied smile of someone who knows how to be economically smart on the road as well. because his natural gas car is economical in terms of fuel costs and consumption.

However, the natural gas price advantage cannot be seen at first glance on the large price boards at the gas stations. Here, natural gas initially appears more expensive than it is. Because unlike liquid fuels, NATURAL GAS is calculated in kilograms instead of liters.

Distorted prices at the gas station displays

Distorted prices on gas station displays

  • Super: 1.35 euro
  • Diesel: 1.11 euro
  • LPG: 0,55 euro
  • NATURAL GAS: 1,05 euro (H-gas)

average prices at gas stations (as of july 2016)

Actual prices converted to energy content

The actual prices converted to the energy content:

  • Super: 1.35 euro
  • Diesel: 0.96 euro (converted to 1 l super)
  • LPG: 0.70 euros (converted to 1 liter of premium)
  • NATURAL GAS: 0,68 euro (converted to 1 l super)

One kilogram of the predominantly sold H-gas has an energy content of about 13.3 kwh, one liter of diesel about 9.9 kwh, one liter of super gasoline about 8.6 kwh and one liter of autogas about 6.8 kwh.

Thus, the energy content of one kilogram of NATURAL GAS is equivalent to about 1.5 liters of gasoline, ca. 1.3 liters diesel resp. Ca. 1.9 liters of autogas.

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