Welcome to our great child car seat test 2022. Here we present you all child seats tested by us in more detail. We have provided you with detailed background information and also added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

With this, we want to make your buying decision easier and help you find the best child car seat for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, on this page you will also find some important information that you should definitely pay attention to when buying a child car seat.

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car insurance comparison 2021 when is it worth switching??

Car driving becomes ever more expensive by the rising energy costs. If you want to save money, you can take out a car policy with a cheaper provider. The rate comparison shows, however, that the price alone should not be the only factor when making a choice.

Once in the year make the autoversicherer cash fall. Then the industry wants to know what they have spent. It lists in detail how often accidents occurred, which models were affected, where the pile-ups took place, whether natural events played a role in the damage, and how often thieves helped themselves to the vehicles. In the end, these and other features are included in the premium calculations.

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When the next family vacation or a long car trip is approaching, the question regularly arises, how should the children be kept busy?. Ideally, they sleep while driving and do not distract the driver from the traffic. But in practice, this often proves more difficult than initially thought. Parents often think too complicated or can’t put themselves in the shoes of their little ones. So that the next trip does not become a torture, you should also include the children in the planning and not only the best route to the destination. Because that way parents are armed against all individualities.

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Children up to a certain age must be seated in a child seat in the car in order to be allowed to ride in the vehicle. Legislators have issued clear guidelines on this issue to increase the safety of young passengers. The range of different child car seats available from specialist retailers is correspondingly large. However, it is precisely this choice and the scope of the requirements that often confuse parents. Here you can read about what to look out for when buying a child seat for the car and how to place your child safely in the vehicle.

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If you drive a vintage car from the 70s, you should also choose a correspondingly old car radio, a modern car radio in a vintage car is an absolute no-go! Cars around 1970 were often equipped with blaupunkt car radios from that time, these fit visually well into the overall look of the vehicle. With a few modifications to the car radio, it is possible to adapt it to today’s technical requirements without changing its external appearance. Using the example of a blaupunkt frankfurt rallye stereo from 1970, some changes are described here step by step. This model is typical for this time and is representative for a whole model series with similar technical construction. Here, the DIN socket for the AF input/output as well as the mechanical key set for the different wavebands are common to all these devices. the following measures are therefore not limited to the frankfurt model, but can also be applied to corresponding other models. The typical structure of such models is described below Fig. 1 shown.

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Only those who have the right child seat can adequately protect their children.

What is the compulsory use of child seats in cars according to § 21 stvo??

From when are children allowed to ride in a car without a child seat?? This question is asked by many parents or other people who want to transport children in the car.

At paragraph 21 of the road traffic regulations the regulations on passenger transport, including the rules on the compulsory use of child seats, can be found here.

Children up to the age of 12. age, the smaller than 150 cm are allowed to ride in the car only on suitable restraint devices.

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under an order value of 40 EUR the shipping costs are 4,95 EUR; above this value there are no shipping costs (shipping with DPD).

As far as shipping with DHL is possible and chosen, the shipping costs under an order value of 40 EUR are 6,90 EUR; above that the shipping costs are 1,95 EUR.

the applicable sales tax is always included in the shipping costs.

Price incl. Legal vat.

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On 30. November is the deadline: drivers have until then to change their car insurance. So you can save hundreds of euros again this year.

Comparing can save money: It's worth it for a good quarter of policyholders. Anyone who wants to change their car insurance must have given notice by November 30

The 30. November is an important deadline for car drivers. Because until then, most customers can cancel their car insurance for the coming year and switch to a new provider. Because nearly three million of the approximately 60 million people with car insurance change providers every year, insurers are wooing drivers with discounts, price comparisons and bargains these days. According to stiftung warentest, it is not uncommon to save a few hundred euros per year by switching insurers. In one particularly drastic case, the consumer protectors found a price difference of around 1,000 euros between the cheapest and the most expensive provider for comprehensive and liability insurance. But how do you find the right rate in the jungle of rates, conditions and insurers??

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Safety for the offspring – child seat until when? When transporting their children in the car, all parents focus on safety. After all, it’s their best interests at stake. The legislator also has a say in the transportation of the offspring. German road traffic regulations state that children may only be transported in suitable restraint systems. …

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safety for the next generation – child seat until when?

When transporting their children in the car, all parents focus on safety. After all, it is about your highest good. The legislator also has a say in the transport of the offspring. The German road traffic regulations state that children may only be restrained in suitable car seats restraints may be transported.

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Child seats on vacation are one of the most annoying problems when traveling with kids. No more. with these 13 options you stay flexible and transport your child safely. Whether on a city trip or on a round trip.

It is 2 o’clock at night. At sydney airport.

But where is the driver of the shuttle service with our name tag?

The shuttle service with the child seats?

this is what happened to my friend anna last week. You have been on the road for 24 hours. With 2 small children. You just want to go to the hotel. showers. rest.

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