Electric induction milk frother for creamy milk foam that always succeeds.

Induction milk frother

Stainless steel water boiler with keep-warm function and temperature control

stainless steel water boiler with 360 degree base, STRIX®-controller, central contact. Easy to clean, removable lime strainer, temperature control and bisphenol A free.

ABC lifestyle electric stainless steel water boiler in three different colors

Punch and mulled wine maker

Stainless steel mulled wine maker/boiler to make your own mulled wine or punch.

Mulled wine and punch machine/boiler

Extension set for induction milk frother

Extension set / spare parts set for induction milk frother from ABC lifestyle.

Extension set induction milk frother

Induction milk frother for automatic production of milk foam

Induction milk frother for automatic production of creamy milk froth

Why choose an induction milk frother?

There are many ways to make milk foam.
Usually special skill and expensive high quality equipment is required. The inexpensive solutions usually do not provide satisfactory results or are poor to clean and unhygienic.

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Here are all current electric vehicles listed by car brand. Both vehicles with a fuel cell and those with only a battery are listed here. Please note that this list contains both prototypes (i.e. only test vehicles for automotive development that cannot be purchased) and production vehicles.


two electric motors with a combined output of 280 kw (380 hp), mounted on the rear axle, provide the necessary propulsion. Each motor independently drives one of the two rear wheels.Test the vehicle in america with the ESTA USA.The artega SE sprints from zero to 100 in 4.3 seconds. Unlike an internal combustion engine, electric motors develop power linearly and without deceleration. Classification: electric car, prototype

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What to consider when booking with europcar

At Europcar car rental you have a wide choice of vehicles to rent

With europcar car rental, you have a wide choice of vehicles to rent.

In certain situations vehicle simply practical, maybe even indispensablewhether it is for a camping vacation with the family, a winter sports weekend trip with your partner or the move to your first own apartment.

But if you only need a car in certain situations, you won’t buy your own right away. Therefore, car seekers can choose car rental like europcar rent a car of your choice at any time for the required period of time.

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Maybe you know my airplane wonder bag. If not, be sure to check them out. My daughters get this special goodie bag on plane trips. So children are well occupied and that WITHOUT multimedia. Last year we drove with the car to our summer vacation in southern france. This meant a total of four days of long car trips. There it needs of course more in occupation. This year we’re going to croatia, the drive time is similar.

Why without multimedia?

An excerpt from my contribution to the airplane wonder bag:

For me, a trip includes the arrival and departure and not just the actual stay. My children should see where the journey goes, where we pass and so they learn something besides. It is not always easy to keep them happy. Boredom comes at some point or quarrel between siblings. Most of the time, you unpack your classics, which vary from family to family.

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PURE CHANTS – limited edition collector’s box

This box includes:
audio CD
T-shirt XL
calendar 2022& 2023
double-sided poster
3 post cards
face mask

1. My little welsh home
2. Kyrie victoria
3. Waiting for life
4. Pie jesu ft. Narcis
5. Miserere mei, deus
6. Ode to joy
7. In trutina
8. Ameno
9. She moved through the fair
10. Kyrie XI, A
11. Bailero ft. Narcis
12. Adoramus te christe
13. Gamenni kardia (there are stars)
14. Beata viscera
15. The sound of silence (pure version)
16. Non nobis domine



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Kaiser-Max-Strasse Kaufbeuren

Kaufbeuren – less traffic and more life for kaufbeuren’s city center. This is the declared goal of the city of kaufbeuren. This is to be achieved, among other things, by a change in traffic routing. the focus is particularly on a closure of the kaiser-max road. After the possible four scenarios for future traffic routing in kaufbeuren’s city center became known, a debate has now been sparked about them. A process that the city’s leaders expressly wanted: there is controversial discussion about it both in the social networks and among retailers and restaurateurs. The kreisbote has collected reactions and votes on the matter.

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A study by a major insurer shows that 43 percent of drivers under 25 still use their parents’ cars. But what do you need to know about car insurance when you let your children take the wheel?? versicherungsbote has compiled some important facts.


According to a representative yougov survey commissioned by axa, almost half of 18-24 year-old drivers use their parents’ cars. For the study, 1.723 driver’s license holders surveyed. But what do you have to bear in mind with regard to insurance cover??

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car tax

If you have purchased a vehicle in 2021 and receive a tax assessment from customs regarding the vehicle tax, the question arises as to whether customs has calculated the vehicle tax correctly. Here you will find the most important information on how to calculate the car tax yourself or how to calculate it yourself. check and which basic rules you can use to save taxes when buying a car.

With a tax software create your tax return faster, safer and easier. Which is the right one for you? Taxes.De-user have evaluated five programs.

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In view of the steadily increasing incidence of infection and the limited PCR testing capacities, the ministry for school and education NRW has announced that the resolution of positive.

Announcement of the monitoring locations in the 5. KW (31.01. – 04.02.) 2022

Rhein-erft district switches to digital notifications

announcement of the monitoring locations in the 4. KW 2022


  • district administration rhein-erft-kreis
    willy-brandt-platz 1, 50126 bergheim
  • Telephone: 02271/83-0 (mo-fr. 7:30-18:00)
  • E-mail: info at rhein-erft-kreis.De

Vehicle re-registration with BM license plate

Concerning the change of ownership of vehicles already registered in the rhein-erft district with BM license plates.

  • Identification documents
    (personal identification card or passport in connection with a current registration certificate)
  • Power of attorney in case of representation + identification documents of the principal
  • Registration certificate part I (vehicle registration certificate)
  • Registration certificate part II (vehicle title) / operating license
  • Valid inspection report
  • If applicable. safety inspection report (§ 29 stvzo)
  • SEPA direct debit mandate for the collection of vehicle tax signed by the owner (see downloads, only this form is accepted on site)
  • Insurance certificate in the form of an electronic insurance confirmation number (evb number)
  • If necessary. License plate(s)
  • Commercial register excerpt and business registration if the vehicle is used as a company vehicle + identification documents of the managing director
  • registration of minors only possible after prior consultation with the registration office!

Can I also get a license plate for a vehicle that is already registered??

Yes. in this case, please present the previous license plates at the time of registration.

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With fleet customers, global automotive service gmbh (G.A.S.) a high level of acceptance. With "dat autohus the essen-based company has now won one of europe’s largest internet used car dealers as a new customer.

"Dat autohus", which operates a total of three locations in bremen, berlin and bockel on the A1, is expected to have more than 16.000 vehicles sold. The task of G.A.S. Will be to ensure nationwide support for vehicle buyers in all types of warranty cases via the nationwide network of partner workshops. "as an internet used car dealer, we have customers in every region of the country. To be able to offer them a qualified warranty service, you need a high-performance partner," explains thomas araman, chairman of dat autohus AG. The area coverage and the resulting proximity to the customer were the deciding factors in the decision to cooperate with G.A.S. To close.

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