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Welcome to birthday

A Kinderlachen is priceless and with the most wonderful in the world, if it comes from the heart. Exactly to this laugh, happy faces, bright children’s eyes, an unforgettable day, love and so much more on

Welcome to birthday

What to make a child’s birthday?

Because this one day a year is probably the most important thing in the life of a child. You do not just get one year older, but the birthday party is something very special. An event worth celebrating. Whether you’re planning a motto party, celebrating a classic birthday party at home or taking a trip, the important thing is that the birthday child is the centerpiece of your special day.

What is better here then, as well as one To celebrate children‘s birthday? Here all friends can be invited. It is played together, laughed and of course celebrated really nice.

Kids birthday ideas

On our site you will find ideas and suggestions for the upcoming children’s birthday. Starting with the planning of the birthday party, the preparation of the games and the design of the invitation cards, the proper children’s birthday decoration to the matching gift gifts. Of course, ultimately we can not answer the questions: where to celebrate and what to do? This is your decision, but can show you some suggestions on how to make the birthday party a success.

Celebrate your birthday properly

Many kids want a great XXL birthday. When planning and preparing, you should definitely include the birthday child and, of course, respond to his wishes. Boys often have a very different idea of ​​their birthday as a girl. The most beautiful birthday party with a magician, dressing up and everything that goes with it does not help if the child does not like these things. There is more frustration than pleasure on birthday preprogrammed. Maybe, instead, you’d rather go on a trip to the movies, celebrate at McDonalds or on the farm? Certainly that is sometimes a question of money, but there are always ways and means to put the wishes into action. Just then the farm is brought home and conjured up a great motto party out of it. There are many topics, things to do and places to celebrate. Here you will find some suggestions and helpful tips.

Frame kids birthday

Of course, the invitations, various games, great crafting instructions, child-friendly recipes, delicious food, congratulations, sayings, verses and greetings to the children’s birthday should not be missed. You can find all that on our site. Have fun planning, preparing and celebrating your next birthday!

Three things have remained out of paradise:
The stars of the night, the flowers of the day and the eyes of the children.


Halloween classics: carving pumpkins with children

The Irish and Americans have always driven evil spirits out to All Saints‘ Day night by setting up ghoulish pumpkin faces. That’s the story of Jack O ‘Lantern. Even in Germany, the carving of scary grimaces for Halloween is becoming increasingly popular. Appropriate pumpkins and tools are quickly found, the work of the actual carving is easier than expected with the right tricks. The right preparation First, choose the right pumpkin. There are plenty of varieties in the trade, soft pumpkins are generally easier to carve. The pumpkin should have no cracks in the shell and a diameter of at least …

Children’s birthday themed Christmas baking

If the child has a birthday for Christmas, it often feels neglected. Include it in the birthday planning. How about a theme party under the theme Christmas baking? *) plan When and where should the celebration take place? How many guests are there? Is joint baking planned? What needs to be organized? Invite the invitations with the child. Cut rectangular gingerbread shapes from brown and small almond shapes from light brown construction paper. Glue them on the gingerbread molds. Write the invitation (address, date, time, place, what to bring, change clothes, …) on white paper and paste it …

Children’s birthday in Munich

Children’s birthday party in Munich and the surrounding area celebrate Whether toddler or schoolchild – the city of Munich has plenty of locations to offer in terms of children‘s birthday. In or outdoor, the kids can spend an exciting and unforgettable day and celebrate together with the birthday child into the new year. Munich – Children’s birthday party with toddlers For children over the age of two, the adventurous indoor playground Coco Loco in Munich Grünwald is ideal for celebrating, romping or exploring. Nothing can happen to the birthday child and the guests present, after all, all play equipment and playing surfaces are sufficiently padded. In Munich Dasing Jimmy’s Funpark invites small and large children …

Celebrate children’s birthday in Hamburg – opportunities

For big and small children there are many opportunities in Hamburg to celebrate a successful children’s birthday. Many great locations are often unknown to most kids and parents. On Inline Skates by the Birthday The Hamburg Inline Skating School offers a special birthday program, which is accompanied by two experienced instructors. The usual birthday games can bring to the celebration of the day on eight roles fun and variety in the group. It is also possible in this location to play inline hockey or take the exciting ramps in the indoor and outdoor area under the wheels. Celebrating on the beach Around …

Pippi Longstocking theme party

Many know her, many like her – Pippi Longstocking. The strongest girl in the world is not only cheeky, but also very self-determined and lovely, acting on behalf of others. It is no wonder that many children have the heroine from the books of Astrid Lindgren as a role model and love the stories about Pippi, Mr. Nilsson and Co. So what about a Pippi Longstocking theme party? Preliminary Considerations First, you should consider how many guests are invited. Also an essential role plays the season or the weather to which the celebration is planned. At best, there are both …

Outdoor fun in the woods

For some games your own garden is simply too limited as they require a lot of space. The forest is ideal for playing and discovering. There is a whole range of gaming possibilities here that promise plenty of fun and lots of fun for the little ones. Treasure Hunt A treasure hunt promises fun and excitement. If you want to integrate the treasure hunt into a theme party, you have plenty of opportunities to come up with stories about the treasure hunt and to design the treasure and the route accordingly. First of all, it takes a real treasure map, which can be painted or digitally designed. Especially fitting is the …

Pumpkins carve for Halloween as in America

In Ireland and America, it is a long tradition – carving of pumpkin faces set up for All Saints Day. According to legends, the scary grimaces should drive away evil spirits. Meanwhile, pumpkin faces are also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. With a few hints, carving is much easier than you might expect. Preparation First off, of course, is a pumpkin. It should have a diameter of at least 20 centimeters and have no cracks in the shell. In addition, the softer the pumpkin, the easier it is to carve. When choosing the pumpkin, the little ones can already provide initial support and with …

A journey as an experience gift

Gifts and surprises – for many children it is exactly those who make their own birthday so special and beautiful. Especially for a birthday is a trip as an exciting and exciting gift, because the memory of a great day with the family remain with security. Where do you want to travel? Of course, the destination should be selected according to the preferences of the birthday child. Popular destinations include the Filmpark Babelsberg, the LEGO country or other recreational and theme parks. From Tropical Island to Dino Park are already within Germany a lot of destinations to choose from. If the birthday girl Dinos loves everything, there is a theme party in Dino-Park …

Birthday surprise in the distance

Kids love surprises and gifts, that’s no big secret. At Christmas or Easter, they also appreciate the local atmosphere and the trappings. For a birthday, parents can be a bit more creative and surprise their children with a trip, making the children’s birthday an unforgettable experience.

Birthday newspaper as a creative gift

So far, one knows newspapers for events only from weddings. The bridal couple is introduced, the story of getting acquainted rolled out. But more and more friends and relatives are getting together to design a newspaper for a birthday boy. The great thing about it: a lot of information can be bundled with humor and make a heartfelt present.

Celebrating children’s birthday in the Christmas time

Many children, who have their birthday at Christmas time or even on holidays, often feel that their feast day is not celebrated enough. To avoid these thoughts, there are ideas how the offspring can still celebrate a birthday party with guests.

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