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14 great giveaways for children’s birthday guests

Would you like to thank the little birthday guests? These surprises are suitable as party favors for the next children’s birthday party.

The next children’s birthday is coming up, there is a lot to organize. What you should definitely think about is a giveaway for the party guests to stand up for them Come to thank. It is best to prepare small gifts that do not end up in the trash a short time later. Here are 14 clever ideas for party favors that amaze little party guests and perfectly round off the children’s birthday party:

1. Practical gifts

A children’s toothbrush, a colorful bubble bath or a cream with a funny motif are useful and certainly won’t fly around carelessly in the children’s room. In many drugstores you will find a large selection of miniature products that are ideal for this.

2. Joke gifts

It can also be a bit silly here. The timeless classic: a whoopee cushion. The kids will be thrilled to prank each other (and you)! Joke gifts make the children laugh and are fun long after the party.

3. Books

Pack a nice children’s book in mini format as a gift. So much the better if the book even fits the motto of the party! You can find cheap books, for example, in the discounter or at a children’s flea market.

4. Candy

From small bags with crispy popcorn to individually wrapped sweets or chewing gum: sweets in size should not be missing in any small bags. However, watch out for allergies and ask the parents of the birthday guests if any of them have allergies or food intolerance.

5. Fairings

Are you celebrating a costume party? Then surprise the little guests with a few fun accessories, such as a pirate eye patch, a glittering tiara, mustaches to stick on or peel-off tattoos.

6. Drinks

Simply stick one or more colorful stickers on a small water bottle or fill in a self-mixed children’s drink. You already have a nice party gift without any unhealthy additives.

7. Flower seeds

Let the children discover their green thumb and pack a pack of flower or vegetable seeds with instructions on how to plant them in the giveaway bag. Guests can plant the flowers at home and watch them grow. A nice and lasting memory!

8. Colorful beads

Collect different pearls and a piece of ribbon in a small bag and include a brief guide, how one made colorful bracelets from it. At home, the children can let their creativity run free let and become a designer yourself.

9. Coupons

Every child will be happy with gift vouchers for a scoop of ice cream or for a little something from the toy store. Put the vouchers in small colorful envelopes and you have an excellent giveaway.

10. Painting supplies

Small coloring books, crayons, chalk, stickers and colorful erasers can never be too much! Such things do not take up much space, should the little ones no longer want to play with them.

11. Accessories

Small accessories such as colorful hair clips for the girls, headbands, brooches and cheap children’s sunglasses are both beautiful and useful and will definitely be used immediately.

12. CDs

Let your child put together a CD with their favorite songs. Each guest receives a copy including a self-designed cover and playlist. This very individual gift is a nice way to thank the guests.

13. Seasonal

Decide on party favors that suit the season. Colorful diving goggles or an inflatable water ball are perfect for a children’s birthday party in summer. On the other hand, a bag of cocoa and mini marshmallows is ideal for a party in winter.

14. Cookies to bake yourself

Send your guests home with a gift that the little ones can prepare themselves with the help of their parents. For example, you can put all of the dry ingredients for chocolate cookies in a small glass. Remember to include the recipe!

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