Learn chemistry with duden learnattack, learnattack

Learn chemistry with duden learnattack, learnattack

Learn chemistry with Duden Learnattack

You do not remember what the valence shell is? And how was that again with the blast furnace process? Acid, base, long nose?

Learning chemistry is not always easy! No matter if it is current school material or much needed but unfortunately forgotten foundation: sometimes help is necessary.

There is Duden Learnattack for that. Here you can find in videos and instructions texts Answers to all sorts of questions on the subject of chemistry and can also be found on the basis of Online exercises and Original classwork Practice and test your knowledge.

Chemistry – Learning Pathways

Isomerism in general


Galvanic cells

Learning chemistry online – with the learning paths of Duden Learnattack

You should give a presentation on the topic “greenhouse effect”. Although you will find much on the Internet everywhere. Even too much! So much that you can not see through it anymore.

No problem: With the learning path of Duden Learnattack you can quickly learn chemistry online. You simply enter your desired term in the search mask. Duden Learnattack now proposes a suitable learning path. In it you will find explanatory videos, online exercises and instruction texts matching your topic and coordinated. So you not only find explanations and answers to your question, but you can also practice this knowledge.

Each learning path also contains recommendations for other related learning pathways. With their help, you will also be able to work on the basics or tackle further topics, without losing sight of your questions. Learn chemistry online with the learning paths of Duden Learnattack is more than just breakdown assistance. It enables the systematic development of the required knowledge.

Chemistry tutoring: Materials for self-learning – the download area

Chemistry tutoring online with Learnattack offers many possibilities. Also offline.

Tomorrow there will be a retreat. This should be about redox reactions. Most of you have understood well. But you are not really sure. Some practice would be necessary and a lot of time will not be left!

For example, you no longer know how to formulate a redox equation? Somehow you find it difficult to get started and then get entangled every time?

Learnattack provides step-by-step instructions that clearly and concisely describe how to solve complex tasks. You can print them out and have them at hand as useful assistants.

Now you understand – it was not that hard! Now just practice, so that the class work tomorrow is also really good!

In the download section of Learnattack you will find original classwork. You can print it, edit it offline and then rate it yourself using the existing sample solutions. Betting that tomorrow’s exam contains similar questions? You will be ready!

Learn chemistry – at home and on the road – with guaranteed learning success

Learning chemistry online helps you make better use of your time. On the bus, on the way home: Now quickly look again at Learnattack, what are these valence electrons, of which the teacher just told. Later you would have forgotten it.

In the afternoon with your best friend: You try to set up the reaction equation to the experiment from the chemistry class, but it does not work out somehow. Quick look at Learnattack, how to set up reaction equations.

Friday evening! The substance quantity calculation is somehow more complicated than expected. And on Monday is the class work! Stupid as well, that the books and records are all at home and you are with the family at the lake. Never mind: Duden Learnattack is always online for you.

Need help in chemistry? Fast via photo or message

The homework has to be finished today, but unfortunately you did not understand the task correctly? Now you need a starting point where you can ask your question!

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