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Monday 19 May, 2014

Dentist Hannover List

Dentist at Lister Platz in HannoverThe dental practice Otten Schumann in Podbielskistraße at Lister Platz was founded in 1992 by dentist Thomas Otten. Today, a total of three dentists offer their patients a very wide range of dental services. The team was strengthened two years ago by Nicola Burow, who is also working on her dissertation at the Research and Teaching Unit for Medical Psychology at the MHH in Hanover. Thus the dental practice Otten Schuhmann offers a proven mixture from experience and innovation know-how fresh from the university. In addition, two practice managers and around ten dental assistants ensure that the practice runs professionally and smoothly. In addition to professional competence, we also pay particular attention to a good atmosphere. The practice, located in a beautiful old building, is tastefully furnished. An optimised procedure ensures short waiting times in order to make the patient’s stay as pleasant as possible.

Wide range of servicesThe team of three dentists offers a very wide range of dental services. The focus is on implantology, prophylaxis and craniomandibular dysfunction. The diagnosis and therapy of craniomandibular dysfunction can often result in chronic secondary diseases such as tinnitus or neck pain. Dentist Otten has many years of experience in this field and works together with orthopaedists, ENT doctors, physiotherapists and physiotherapists, among others, in order to treat patients as holistically as possible. Another focus is on periodontology, which includes the treatment of the dental apparatus. Dentist Schumann is a specialist in this discipline and the right contact for periodontitis or other gum diseases. Thanks to compliance with the strictest quality requirements of the TruDent concept, Schumann is also one of the few dental practices in Germany where patients are subsidized by the Techniker Krankenkasse for dental prophylaxis.

Presentation of the dental practice at Lister Platz For over 20 years, the practice around dentist Thomas Otten has stood for quality and competence. The reliable and committed team of employees achieves an optimal result for the patients. The services of the three dentists are diverse and cover all areas of modern dentistry. Furthermore, the practice has the TruDent award for the highest quality standard.

Interview with Mrs. Burow from dentists at Lister PlatzWUP: How did you come to become a dentist?Mrs. u Burow: Medicine has always interested me. Since I can remember, I have always felt the need to help people. That’s a natural thing to do. In dentistry, there is also a certain aspect of craftsmanship that I enjoy. That’s how I ended up studying dentistry.

WUP: How did you get to the dental practice Otten-Schumann?Mrs. Burow: After my studies I was looking for a job as an assistant dentist. The position for this practice was hanging out in the university at that time and so I introduced myself here. We quickly realized that we were on the same wavelength and the decision was easy from both sides. I haven’t regretted that to this day!

WUP: What can a fresh university graduate contribute to an experienced team of dentists?Ms. Burow: During her studies, one is taught the latest state of the art in science. This of course benefits experienced dentists. At the same time, of course, I also benefit from the immense experience of my colleagues. The mutual exchange ensures a high quality of treatment.

Ms. Burow: The focus is clearly on implantology, the diagnosis and treatment of so-called craniomandibular dysfunction, endodontology, periodontology and, of course, prophylaxis. In short, we cover all dental treatments except orthodontic treatments.

WUP: What future developments do you see for dentistry?Ms. Burow: Health policy will probably not change much in the next four years as a result of the legal framework conditions and the grand coalition. The situation is different with the technologies used in dentistry. There are constant developments and innovations here. Especially with the materials used, for example for dental fillings. In dentistry, this is a constant flow and it is important to always be informed and educated. This is also the claim we have in this practice.

WUP: Thanks a lot!

Contact dentists at Lister PlatzPodbielskistraße 8 30163 Hannover

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