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As a sponsor The second SANA LIFE health fair in Regensburg supports your company in strengthening the regional health sector and clears the way for an annually recurring sustainable and future-oriented fair!

• You benefit from the event’s extensive cross media promotion

• Promote the social relevance of sustainable and organic products

• Profile yourself as a supporter of a resource-saving, sustainable event (

• Are part of extensive public reporting and benefit from
high media relevance and the high level of attention of the event.


You are interested in becoming a partner of SANA LIFE?
We offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities. You have a small budget, but still want to increase your reach?

They are more interested in being creative, such as To show photo booth branding with social media reach, food branding or in the form of a competition? Or would you prefer to be one of three exclusive diamond sponsors with a high level of presence before, during and after the fair?

Are you interested in becoming a partner? Just write an email to [email protected] We are happy to hear from them!


Everything you need to know to become a partner of our unique event can be found to the right of this text!

>>Updated information will follow soon!


Food branding or juice bag
When leaving the fair, visitors receive healthy apples with the sponsor’s logo lasered into the apple.

Photo booth overlay branding or photo wall branding
Photo box with branded photo wall, overlay branding (watermark) of the sponsor’s logo on the photos, which is immediately printed and distributed to visitors and, if desired, on social media platforms of the Visitors can be shared.

Competition sponsorship
Before the fair, a competition will be promoted on Facebook, where the winners will receive the prize selected by the sponsor.

Official fair bag sponsorship
One with the logo of the fair and the logo of the sponsor will be given to visitors upon receipt, the number and procurement can be selected by the sponsor.

Sponsorship of the children’s play area
The extra area for Children on the fair is provided and branded by the sponsor.

Chill-out lounge (optional: no WiFi zone for 100% relaxation)
a lounge area to relax at the fair, optionally with WiFi blocker, branded or equipped by the sponsor, depending on your choice.

Activity-Based Prize: Various sports challenges, moderated, winners receive prizes
Competition campaign at the fair, in which the winners of various sports challenges are rewarded with prizes from the sponsor.

>> Prices of creative sponsorship models are negotiable,
depending on effort, duration and quantity


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