Party invitation cards – 5 golden rules to create

A party invitation is part of every good celebration and provides the potential guests with important information about the type and scope, time and venue. It also makes sense to include information about the party theme here.

Without an invitation there is no celebration. And so that you are not quite at your own party alone it says, it is always better to stir the advertising drum as well as possible beforehand and send an invitation to all guests on the guest list.

There are many ways to invite a party. These would be:

  • By invitation card
  • By texting
  • By email
  • By phone or orally
  • Via website / Facebook

A spontaneous party among friends, where you know that everyone can read their electronic messages within a very short time, can be sent via SMS and co. Be called up.

Content of the invitation card – 5 golden rules

Invitation by invitation card should include at least the minimum information required with the 5 golden rules can be described. These would be:

  1. Name of the recipient with salutation
  2. Name of the sender
  3. Party location
  4. Date and Time
  5. Occasion and motto (Drescode)

This dry information should still be well packaged. This requires textual content that is printed on the card in a suitable font and possibly also a background image, photo or the like in order to drill out the design. Additional information that also belongs to an invitation:

  • Directions
  • feedback
  • Gifts list
  • Information about public transport

Perfectly match the invitation card

But since not everyone has a cell phone or PC for other celebrations, the classic invitation card has proven to be the best option. It is more personal and can hold much more information than a short message. Great invitations by card are the best choice, especially for special theme parties.

By means of a graphics program, invitation cards can now also be tailored and created online very professionally to your own needs. Usually it can help to use ready-made templates, because the wheel does not have to be reinvented every time. With a little skill, very attractive and themed cards are created in a jiffy that really make you want to celebrate. Of course, the invitation cards have to be supplemented with suitable and innovative invitation texts. There are also templates for this, which you only have to add with your own data.
Depending on the occasion of the party, invitation cards can be perfectly coordinated. There are no limits to the design, from colorful and intensely colored to happy and animated to eerie or stylish.

A well-designed invitation card immediately shows the guests how much effort is involved in the celebration and makes them want more. The likelihood of acceptance is significantly increased if you choose this form of invitation.

Tip: Invitation cards can also be sent by email. Older guests can receive the cards by post and younger ones can receive an e-card by email.

Have invitation cards designed professionally


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