Pay travel on account (installment payment without deposit)

You like to book a trip and pay on account? It was the same for me. After a lot of googling and rumbling around, I found out: It’s not that easy! Conversely, this also means: it works!

Even if many travel agencies claim otherwise: Of course you can book your trip online (and take advantage of the good internet prices) and pay in the traditional way by paper invoice (or in installments).
You just have to know where! And of course I’ll tell you here.

Pay travel on account / in installments

I picked out all the travel portals for you here, where you can pay on account. I differentiate between 2 categories:

  • A: Book trip and even before the vacation pay the invoice amount [here]
  • B: Book trip and only after the vacation or pay in small installments [along this]

Payment by invoice makes sense for many vacationers who simply do not like to enter their bank details on the Internet or want to decide for themselves when the transfer will go out.

The installment payment, however is always useful if you are currently not so fluent that you could pay for the trip straight away. Many will now clearly say: "Then you mustn’t travel!". I see it a little differently. If you budget sensibly with your money and are aware that the installments for the trip are due sooner or later, you can consider paying in installments. With a car, installment or loan financing is not unusual, so why not on a vacation trip?

Pay travel on account (payable immediately)

Here you will find all portals where you can conveniently pay for your trip by invoice can. The invoice amount is always due before the trip. Usually a deposit is due immediately after booking (within 2 weeks) (e.g. 10%), the remaining amount must then be transferred shortly before the holiday.

HolidayCheck – payment on account for all package tours (not for "hotel only" or "flight only")
Check24 – payment on account for almost all holiday trips
LIDL-Reisen – payment on account for almost all trips
Expedia – payment on account for all hotels, flights and flights + hotel

A deposit of 20% is due on LIDL trips for long-term bookings, the remaining amount 4 weeks before departure. See also article about LIDL travel.

Pay travel in installments (pay after the trip, even without a deposit)

Here you will find the travel providers that allow payment in installments (and of course also payment by invoice). The first installment may only be due after the holiday, depending on the time of booking. For example, the total amount is divided into 12 monthly installments and regularly debited or transferred from the account. The duration can be chosen freely (3, 6 or 12 months).

Expedia – installment payments for all flights, hotels and flight + hotel combinations (not package tours)

Since 2019 all hotels, flights and also on Expedia Flight + hotel be paid via Klarna. That means: uncomplicated purchase on account or in installments. You can choose up to 24 monthly rates, variable rates are also possible. Even Klarna buyer protection apparently applies to travel.

Warning: for Package tours from classic tour operators no Installment payment offered more. You have to Flight and hotel so put together individually (if you need both). This is not necessarily a disadvantage, as booking is often even cheaper. Transfer, half board or all inclusive can also be selected and also paid in installments. There is no minimum amount, even small trips (e.g. only a hotel stay or a weekend trip) can be financed in this way.

Hotels (worldwide and in Germany) can also be booked with installment payments. By the way, the hotel does not see any of the financing at check-in, the booking is simply “paid for on Expedia”. So far I have only had positive experiences with Expedia installment payments.

Other portals: JT tourism and mountains & Sea (was Consors Finanz) unfortunately no longer offer installment payments. Even with Otto-Reisen one could supposedly pay by installments, also over. Neckermann / Thomas Cook have been away from the window since bankruptcy.

The portals Ab-in-den-Urlaub and generally offer no Installment payment on! With Opodo, too, the installment payment is in vain.

Negative Schufa? If you have already attracted negative attention due to non-payment and therefore no positive Schufa information is given, the financing may burst. However, you do not incur any cancellation costs if the installment payment was selected directly in the booking process!

Attention: Even if the travel portals mentioned generally allow payment by installments or by invoice, this payment method may still be hidden in some offers. This is simply because the providers have many different tour operators in their program. If the desired payment method is missing on your desired trip, simply try another tour operator. Most of the time, the same hotel is offered by many different tour operators on all of the travel portals mentioned (e.g. TUI, 1-2-Fly, ETI, Neckermann, Bucher etc.).

Where you are going and what type of trip you want to book does not matter for the payment method. So you can both the city trip as well as the honeymoon or the family holiday pay on account. Favorable destinations such as Mallorca, Turkey, Egypt or Greece can also be paid by invoice or later in installments.

I wish you happy holidays, no matter where the journey goes!

Background: There are many good reasons to pay for a trip on account: Some people are reluctant to provide their bank details on the Internet or generally do not issue direct debit mandates. Credit cards carry an even higher risk. In addition, it is sometimes easy to decide for yourself when exactly the payment will go out.

However, reality shows that many travel portals do not even offer payment on account. The customer is therefore forced to choose another payment option. Fortunately, there are positive exceptions: Here in this article I give an overview of all travel providers that allow payment by installments or by invoice.

A cheap booking is for me always an inner triumph. Ha, better traveled than the others!
My good resolution for 2020: Travel even more and experience the world! Do you like the offer "Pay travel on account or in installments"? I look forward to your feedback!


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