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Children’s anaesthesia ⠀ ⠀ I am so enthusiastic: ⠀ Anaesthesia in paediatrics has so far been the application I like best. ⠀ It is so exciting and the children are so incredibly sweet. I must honestly admit that I was no particularly child-fixed humans before the employment, but now I am totally in love with the completely small ones. ⠀ The good thing is: in anaesthesia the children usually get a good premedication and are completely relaxed. ⠀ When I see some parents who give their children to us and are totally exhausted with their nerves and then cry, I always have to empathize. It is certainly a terrible feeling to have your own child operated on.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #ata #anaesthesia technical assistant #anaesthesia #anesthesia #medicine #medical #hospital #hospital #op #operation #emergency #medicine #ekg #narkose #anaesthesia care #study #studynowlovelater #education #azubi #kinderanästhesie #pädiatrie

Anaesthesia at Kindern ⠀ ⠀ In pediatric anaesthesia you have to convert and dilute all the time to have the exact doses for the child. ⠀ For very small children, 1 ml of syringes is often used (depending on the medication). ⠀ ⠀ For me it is totally unusual to use such small syringes and small doses.⠀ It is all so small, every action every step must be taken very carefully. ⠀ ⠀ General anaesthesia is mostly done here as TIVA (Total Intravenous Anaesthesia) with Ultiva (Opioid) and Propofolperfusor. #ata #anaesthesia technical assistant #anaesthesia #anesthesia #medical #hospital #op #operation #emergency #medicine #ekg #narkose #anaesthetic care #opioid #kinderanästhesie #tiva #incubator

I’m on my way home right now, because tomorrow my field work in children’s anaesthesia starts. ⠀ I am already insanely excited and am pleased mega, completely much new to see and learn. ⠀ This morning my friend suggested to me that I could listen to a podcast during the long drive and that’s exactly what I did: I started listening to the first #EHFAR podcast of @luisalion and I’m totally thrilled. Time went by really fast and I was thinking about a few things in life #ata #anaesthetic care #anaesthetic technical assistant #anaesthesia #medicine #kinderanästhesie #kinderanästhesie #kinderanästhesie #ehfar

Guest article @susannebrech When it comes to emergency situations with children, everyone has probably respect, most are even afraid to do something wrong. During my time in #neonatology and #pediatric anaesthesia, I have developed a high respect for my specialized colleagues. Thank you very much #dr_till that you take away some fear of the worst case “lifeless child” with your #kinderotfallbox and the accompanying carrier bag and give us help in the truest sense of the word.

New month, new rotation. And finally in the children’s hospital! And what is the first thing you notice? It’s all sooo small! Small masks, small Guedel tubes, small laryngoscopes, small tubes, small laryngeal masks, small needles and of course small patients. It’s already a big change and will certainly be very instructive, but I’m already begeistert #anaesthesia #kinderanästhesie #anästhesist #notfallmedizin #notarzt #allessoklein #neueherausforderung #workworkwork #ilovemyjob #krankenhausleben #alltaginblau #arzt #doctor #scrubs

When the alarm goes off in the morning and I haven’t slept well, I sometimes think to myself: isn’t it better for me to choose the easy way and call in sick and go back to sleep? Then I get up, take a shower, get ready and go to the clinic. Smoke one last cigarette before the service starts, go to the changing room, take off my private clothes and put on the surgical clothes. Then I slurp into the office to see the operating schedule for the day, and I often wonder: is it clear how you’re going to manage that? Then I go into the operating room annoyed and prepare everything for the first patient. And then suddenly something happens: the patients often arrive full of fear, are afraid of the operation and the anaesthesia, don’t know what to expect because they have to hand over the complete reins and don’t decide anything for themselves anymore. In this moment I forget my tiredness, my displeasure that it should be super weather and I have 24 hours service, my incomprehensibility about the much too full OP plan, but take care of everything I can give to my patients, it delights me always when I can smile at the patients, and thereby something can take away their fear, if I can make a few jokes with them, and something like that to take away his fear. The feeling becomes much bigger even with small patients. Children are our future and our greatest gift, and especially in situations where the little ones are alone and their parents are not around them, I love my job even more so. It saddens me that my job remains so unnoticed that many people don’t care that we often have to go beyond our own limits until we almost can’t, but we’re still expected to do more. But we are there for each of you, don’t forget that. I’m fighting to make my job more attractive #anesthesia #saving lives #being a human being #hospital #op #living for a profession #loving profession #fun #clinic #klinikenderstadtköln #cologne #kinderanästhesie @klinikenkoeln

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