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The little ones should feel in good hands in our children’s clinic.

Children who started their lives in our clinic will be happy to come back later if problems arise. Families appreciate that we treat their children with love and commitment in a very familiar atmosphere.

Security and understanding for the difficult circumstances that an illness always brings with it – that’s what our doctors and our childcare staff want to convey to the children and their families. Our young patients are included in the discussions in an age-appropriate manner. We also explain to children exactly what next steps we need to take.

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24-hour rooming in
School for the sick

Increased stress on emergency centers in the flu season

The beginning of the flu season leads to an increased burden on the emergency centers. It can therefore be too long for outpatients waiting times come.

For normal disease courses and outpatient cases, the general practitioner is the right contact for patients during the day. Medical on-call practices are available outside of regular opening hours. In this way, the emergency centers can be relieved and long waiting times for minor illnesses can be avoided.

Call 116117 to find out which resident doctor is currently on duty.

The children’s clinics in Schwabing and Harlaching work closely together

Our dedicated team handles in the Munich Clinic Harlaching a wide range diseases in childhood and adolescence, but not each Focus and each specialty.

For rare diseases However, we can always consult our Schwabinger sister clinic and clarify the causes carefully. The highly specializedExpertise from Schwabing, a common one City of Munich Clinic and the Technical University of Munich (MRI) is also available to our patients.

Patient day care center – employment and support also in the clinic

The illness of a child and an adolescent and a resulting hospital stay are for each Family a stressful situation.

A educator supports families in dealing with the disease and its consequences. We are committed to providing affected families and patients with hospitalization as pleasant as possible to design.

Our work focuses on:

  • Age-appropriate employment and advancement of children and adolescents in the day care center and on the wards
  • Also the healthy siblings are happy to be taken care of during your visit to our day care center

Our children’s clinic: focus, employees, contact & hours

We develop well-coordinated therapy concepts in pediatrics and adolescent medicine from a wide range of diagnostics.

Learn that team know the clinic under the medical direction of Prof. Burdach: specialists, therapists, ward management, .

Do you have any questions for us? Do you need help? We are there for you and your children! You can find out how to get in touch with us quickly and easily here.

Heart-sick child’s day

Every year 7,000 children are born in Germany with a heart defect. A difficult time for Parents and for the kids.

Vaccinate or not vaccinate?

Vaccination yes or no is an emotionally led topic in our society today. Our doctors have a clear opinion and explain why.

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For my health. At any time.

Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine Harlaching

In our clinic for pediatric and adolescent medicine, we take care of premature or sick infants immediately after birth. Our state-of-the-art equipment and the experience of our pediatricians also benefit all children who come to us because of lung diseases or allergies, heart problems, diabetes or neurological diseases such as epilepsy or headaches. We can carry out initial examinations in special consultation hours.

Children’s medicine in the Munich Clinic

Our pediatricians throughout Munich combine – together with our dedicated nursing staff – loving care with first-class medicine. We are equipped with modern diagnostics and treat according to the latest scientific knowledge. We run our Schwabinger Clinic together with the Technical University of Munich. So we can find solutions even for very rare diseases.


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