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through the Jazz scene spread. Today "Big Apple" has become an international nickname that New Yorkers themselves like to use.

on the Screen was barely visible, it was soon discarded.

The designer Rob Janoff came up with the logo in 1979 that is still in use today: the bitten apple.

The bite from the apple (English: bite) was an allusion to the unit of measurement of computer technology "byte" and should symbolize knowledge growth: a bite from the tree of knowledge. Until 1997 the logo was rainbow-colored, today it is single-colored.

from the Fruit of knowledge made an apple. Adam is said to have got a bite of the forbidden fruit in his throat: hence the Adam’s apple.

From a medical point of view, the Adam’s apple is a thyroid cartilage, the largest protruding cartilage of the larynx. It is only visible in men, because during puberty the larynx enlarges and produces a deeper voice.

Fortune and death apples

The apple occurs in many German fairy tales, most prominently in Snow White, whose evil stepmother poisoned the red side of an apple and wants to kill the beautiful girl with it.

The story of St. Nicholas is also closely linked to the apple. It is often depicted with three golden apples because, according to legend, it passed through Myra every year at Christmas time, covered in gold, and placed golden apples and nuts in front of the huts of the poor.

In many German regions, it used to be common to eat an apple on Christmas Eve. This should bring good luck in the coming year. It was customary in Westphalia to give away apples that had to be consumed immediately: this was how wealth was achieved for the next year.



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