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Which is the right play house for the child?

It is important that you feel the child’s wishes unnoticed, so try to find out which playhouse your child likes the most. That is the case if you have your child with one playhouse want to make a surprise, which is usually the case. Whether for a birthday or for Christmas, a play house as a gift idea is always worthwhile and will surely make your child very happy.

It is also important that you have a clear idea of ​​where you are playhouse want to build. Should it be in the garden, on the balcony, on the terrace or in the apartment??

What size stands for that playhouse to disposal? Is the children’s room or the garden large enough for the wish playhouse?

This should be cleared up before you present your child with examples so as not to disappoint the child later by giving the child one playhouse show that you will not buy anyway.

Important: safety is always a priority and should be the top priority when choosing a children’s playhouse.

The children’s play house, especially the stilt houses, should correspond to the age of the child. A children’s playhouse made of wood is very robust and durable, therefore very popular with most parents. The nature-loving experience also comes to the fore with a wooden playhouse. Who hasn’t always had an S?wooden piel house I wanted and wanted to build it myself. The construction of a children’s playhouse made of wood takes a little longer to build, but considering how long you can use the playhouse then the long work that you do for the construction pays off again. In addition, detailed instructions on how to set up the children’s playhouse are always included, so that the set-up can be set up with little effort if you follow the instructions and use the right tools Invite your friends and your children to a barbecue, so that you can turn the set-up into a small party, which will make the children happy. The little ones will watch the construction of the children’s playhouse with big eyes and maybe you can involve the child in the work with light tasks, for example the child could give you simple tools such as a wrench. Thus, the little ones are proud to have built their own playhouse at the same time and will continue to tell it proudly in kindergarten or school.


… or scroll down and see our recommendations.

Should it be a simple playhouse model??

With a simpler playhouse model, the decision will likely be made on a plastic playhouse. If you want it to be quick and uncomplicated, so you don’t want to invest so much time in setting it up, this type of playhouse is the right choice.

Most Children’s playhouses made of plastic are made of high quality UV plastic and are therefore weatherproof, stable and the color does not fade. Another advantage of a children’s playhouse made of plastic is the bright colors, and children are known to move in the world of colors and feel the more colorful, the more comfortable.

Equipment for the children’s play house

After you have successfully and successfully set up the children’s play house, the equipment of the house is, of course, also missing, as in real life. The same is the case with the playhouse. As you know, the little ones imitate the parents and their role models. But there should also be seating for the little ones, such as a bench or a table. You will probably find yourself at a wooden play house for wood furniture decide. So that the children’s furniture is also long-lasting, the wooden furniture should be included Wood preservatives be painted. With a shelf for storing toys, you will surely make your little ones happy, and a chest will also prove to be a great storage box for toys and other things for the little ones

If the child also wants to have curtains, spend an afternoon sewing curtains with your sweetheart. The more you involve your child in being able to help design the playhouse, the more the child will be proud of what he has created.

A play house that the little ones love – the children’s play house.

Your own little one Children’s House in the green or for the children’s room is the dream of many children. On Children’s House offers a child its own space to develop their creativity and live out their fantasies. Whether castle, cardboard box ,Children’s House for the garden, wooden playhouse , Children’s Homes with slide or a Children’s House with sandpit; Children love to set up their own four walls. The Children’s House should not be missing when the deck chair for dad and mom is in the garden.

A children’s playhouse awakens the desire for adventure

Click on the picture for the playhouse

A play house for children offers plenty of space to play. The available in different variations Children’s House offer the children a lot of variety when playing. The little ones can in Children’s House z. B. build with the building blocks, bake sand cakes, cook with the doll’s dishes, cuddle with the plush toys or be a motivation for an afternoon nap. Your little ones can play in the warm summer months children Pielhaus play and relax yourself in the garden. There are no limits to the children’s fantasies. The good thing about one Children’s House is that even the smallest children can use it to play independently.

Different materials for the children’s play house

Wood and plastic are the predominant materials for a children’s play house. The advantage of one Children’s House made of plastic is that it can be easily moved around in the nursery or in the garden. On the other hand, a wooden garden shed is very solid for the little ones and once it is set up, it is usually not changed over. It is very weatherproof. Wood can be designed in any color with a low pollutant, environmentally friendly color and fits naturally into any garden. In addition to the material, the intended use also differs Children’s House. On Children’s House can be a pure retreat for children. Swings and slides are just a few play options that can be integrated into such a house.

Of course, a children’s play house is not only reserved for owners of large gardens and properties, but also in allotments, also on terraces, allotments or somewhat larger balconies Children’s House set up easily.

It is probably every child’s wish Children’s House It awakens the adventure feeling, is a nice retreat. The little ones can also take on role-playing games that they would like to be. The children usually slip into the role of mom, dad or child. But also Indian games, hide-and-seek they like to be played, stimulating the children’s imagination, which in turn translates into playing

However, playhouses are also the wish of many children for the children’s room, if it is cold and uncomfortable outside and you cannot go outside with the children so that they can let off steam Children’s House a great alternative.Children’s playhouses, the playhouse for the little ones is simply a great thing for the child and will surely make the little ones’ hearts beat faster and make the children’s eyes shine.

Our recommendations for a children’s play house

Axi children’s play house Liam

Play house with slide

JUNGLE GYM play tower »Jungle Shelter Br >

Play house with sandpit

linofant pirate play tower incl. sandpit – rock, climb

Playhouse Smoby

Smoby 320023 duplex play house children toy garden house children’s play house garden

Playhouse garden

Axi children’s playhouse Milan with terrace

Playhouse wood

Axi children’s playhouse Sarah with terrace – stilt house high

Playhouse plastic

Feber 800002884 – Woodland Cottage

Axi children’s playhouse Sarah

Complete play tower with swing, slide, sandpit.

The Children’s House -From plastic to wood, from small to large

As we all know, every child builds their makeshift house from blankets, pillows, small chairs, pieces of furniture as well as larger chairs. Many objects become a dream home Children’s House put together and all possible objects are used. There are no limits to the imagination of the little ones. What they invent to make their own Children’s House to build. It is also cute and funny at the same time, because the parents suddenly see where is the chair and the blanket that was just lying on the sofa, and the pillow from the sofa is already gone, as well as the small plants on the Windowsill were suddenly no longer there. And many other things that help the children do their own Children’s House to build. It is so cute because you can see how much imagination, effort, effort, love and more. that every adult asks, where do the little ones come from to use all of this and how do they manage to use simple objects that are actually used in the household for a different purpose?

Your own children’s playhouse – colorful, stable for at home and in the garden

But many parents are very familiar with this from their own childhood, and most of them have certainly done the same thing. This also makes it easier to dive into the world of the little ones. It is important as parents to put yourself in the little ones and ask yourself: why do the little ones have so much imagination, love, effort and effort in building their own Children’s House put in? The answer, as you surely know, is quite simple. the little ones clearly want one Children’s House, this is a place of retreat so as not to be disturbed or to be unobserved while playing. Such a children’s playhouse can also serve as a shelter for the children, if the little ones are sad and just want to be on their own on playhouse just right.


The world of tots literally takes place in your own game world that you create with your own imagination. This is a good thing and should be encouraged with many options that parents can make available to children. Since many toddlers do not know it too Children’s House even for at home, they don’t get the idea of ​​having a playhouse for their birthday or Christmas. Sometimes friends have such a playhouse at home or in the garden. If this is the case, the child will become one Children’s House wish for yourself at home and certainly also express this wish.It is important to watch the little ones and to rate your love for the playhouse. In case you notice your child spending hours on their own Children’s House Spends that it built itself could be one playhouse a great birthday ,Easter or be a Christmas present. Because it Children’s Homes in different sizes and shapes there will definitely be a place in the apartment to make his child happy. It is important to approach the child with questions before buying to find out which one Children’s House the child would also like. After safety, this is of course an important aspect to find out which one Children’s House overwhelmed the child. Another advantage is that you can set up the playhouse in the garden in most models, even when the weather is nice. On Children’s House are available in different materials, colors and shapes.

If you have a garden, you might consider buying a wooden play house. These are very robust and durable. But plastic playhouses are also built very stably.

The advantage of one playhouse is made of plastic, which mostly consists of bright colors and can be assembled and disassembled quickly and therefore for indoors and outdoors outside are suitable.

Children love adventure: a playhouse also awakens the desire for adventure

A child develops in different areas and this development also depends on many different factors. These factors include that children love to play and romp, so they can move freely and let their imaginations run wild. This development is optimized by one play tower ,one playhouse or one climbing tower supported. Just as the development of the child develops differently, the children so individually >Stilt house, in the sandpit and many other play options. It is only important that the child can pursue this movement instinct and that the child is provided with this space. As more and more parents don’t dare to send their child to a playground on their own, this is especially the case in large cities like Hamburg , Berlin or other cities, parents are increasingly considering buying a playhouse for the garden. This means that the parents keep an eye on your child and the child can follow his urge to move. The size of the garden is not decisive for the purchase of the play house , because there are different versions of the playhouse, whether size or material. If a Wooden play house , a play house with sandpit, a play house for the home or a play house for the garden. You get playhouses from space-saving to models that you can expand or the complete playhouses with slide, sandpit. A play tower consisting of a slide or a children’s play house made of wood or a smoby Playhouse made of plastic takes up a few square meters without impeding the children’s urge to play and exercise.

A play house offers a great fun factor

The stilt house, for example, offers the children a varied game experience, as these stilt houses are available in different variations. The children’s imagination really gets going at a stilt house with an integrated sandpit, sand cakes are quickly baked and offered to guests in and around the playhouses.

Click on the picture for the sand toy.

But also other Sand toys is used quickly and is used in a wide variety of variants. So the playhouse quickly becomes a small play park. But the playhouse can be used not only as a play possibility, but above all for larger children as a retreat and for them small children can the stilt house in the warm summer days as a place to sleep for an afternoon nap be used. You have the child in sight and you can do gardening, of course with gardening tools that are not loud and the child can relax in the fresh air. You can quickly get out of one Play house with slide , Sandpit and swing Create a place of adventure with imagination and children are known to have a great imagination. Suddenly your children see that playhouse defend and imitate pirates or knights to and from the playhouse quickly becomes a knight’s castle, a spaceship or even a pirate ship. In the age of digitization, it can sometimes be difficult for children to get more exercise motivate. But this is very important so that not only your child’s imagination is promoted, but above all yours protect against obesity. You should find a good mix of digitization and promoting physical activity in the child. You will surely succeed with a play house and you will see as soon as the play house is set up in your garden or a climbing tree or a stilt house is in the garden, your child will not be able to resist this fun and a couch potato will quickly become a child You will see whizzing on and around the playhouse. There is also Playhouses you like that expand can they also "grow" with the age of their children. The playhouse is the basis with the most diverse additions such as one sandpit, a slide or a swing with which the play house can be supplemented. There is also the possibility to buy a play house with all components, but it is certain that your child will never get bored with a play house in the garden and the child will constantly develop new play ideas.

Further information about the play house

At a playhouse, make sure that this TÜV is tested. In a play house, the safety of the child should come first and this is confirmed by the TÜV seal that the Quality of the play house meets the criteria of the TÜV. However, depending on the age of the child, it is important not to leave the child out of sight. Children are immersed in the game during the game, so that the use of the game objects are quickly neglected. So you should Anchor the playhouse securely in the garden and make sure that it is secured against tipping over. Children should be on and around the equipment use only in dry weather , since rain and frost can make the wood slippery and in the worst case this can lead to dangerous injuries. You should check the stability of the play house every month, whether wooden parts have come loose and whether all parts are properly seated on the play equipment. Also whether the anchoring of the playhouse is still firmly in place and secures the children’s playhouse. At the playhouse, wear parts such as ropes, swings or chains should be replaced when worn. This ensures lasting fun for the children

A play house is suitable for young and old and for girls and boys. It is part of the natural urge of children to romp and put themselves in role roles as role models. A play house offers many opportunities to live out children’s needs, whether alone with siblings or with friends. A play house guarantees adventure and fun


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