Prejudice undesirable

Prejudice undesirable

The diocese of Mainz is investigating links between a pastor working in the diocese and the extremist Internet portal "" The clergyman was summoned for an "official, formal interview," a statement from the diocese said. There should be no preliminary condemnation of the priest by the media until the allegations have been clarified.

The diocese of Mainz has initiated a review of the accusations against a priestly author of the Internet portal announced. In the coming week "an official, formal discussion" with the priest is scheduled. Only after that a responsible evaluation is possible.

Green Party politician Volker Beck had demanded "canonical consequences" against the priest in a letter to the German Bishops' Conference; Spiegel online (Friday) reports on the letter addressed to conference chairman Archbishop Robert Zollitsch. Beck writes that the priest is "as an author, supporter and contact person of".

The bishops' conference had repeatedly spoken out against "crucifixes".net" distancie
The German Bishops' Conference has repeatedly distanced itself from the website. Its secretary, Father Hans Langendorfer, wrote to Beck: "It must be our common goal to put a quick end to this portal."The Hessian pastor, who is now under criticism, had also distanced himself from the site after the accusations against him and admitted a "careless handling" of it.

According to the Mainz diocese, this statement has changed the previous situation. Now it would have to be clarified whether this meant direct contact with the editorial staff of means the extent of the contacts and the contents touched upon. In the texts of the priest known to the diocese management so far "never an agitation" against foreigners, Jews or homosexuals had been ascertained, just as little as a "mixture" with right-wing or even Nazi-oriented slogans.

Diocese of Mainz: Committed pastor
Those responsible in the diocese of Mainz would have spoken with the parish priest more often about his "ecclesiastical-political formation of opinion". There had been however no Veranlang, this with an activity of the minister in to associate. Irrespective of this, Jolie has so far been regarded as a committed pastor in his parish.

The operators describe themselves as an "initiative of an international private group of Catholics in Germany and overseas who are active full-time in church ministry". The website spreads incitement against Protestants and homosexuals, but also against Catholic bishops and lay people close to liberal thinking. Against "" are under investigation for incitement of the people.

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