Print t-shirt from 5, 90 € – t-shirt print on ❗

Print t-shirt from 5, 90 € - t-shirt print on ❗

Print your T-shirt – from € 5.90 at Shirttuning

Shirt tuning brings your individual motif onto your shirt! Here you can find t-shirts, sweatshirts & Have a lot more printed easily and individually online!

The right shirt for every event: whether it’s a graduation party or birthday, bachelor party or wedding, corporate event, sporting event or club party – with the right shirt you are always well-equipped for any occasion and party. And especially when it comes to public promotions and themed events, you can use a motif shirt to show what is really original in a simple way.

We offer a huge selection of t-shirts, sweatshirts and more! So that you can find the right shirt for your print, Shirttuning offers a wide range of products from many well-known brand manufacturers: T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, caps can be found here in all sizes, designs and many colors – for everyone Reason for self-design and for self-printing. You will also find other items from us that you can use your self-printed motif to make individual, personal gifts or present as an original souvenir on certain occasions.

It’s that simple: print your T-shirt online in three steps

Put your individual and original motif or your saying on the shirt – it’s easy with shirt tuning! You can get your individually designed shirt or gift in just three steps!

  1. Simply choose your desired product from our wide range of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, pullovers and caps in many colors and sizes for every occasion.
  2. With the Shirttuning Creator you can easily create your desired motif online: You will find a large selection of over 7,000 interesting motifs and many fonts – whether classic or unusual.
    Of course, you can also upload your own motif or photo!
  3. Now you only need to specify the desired number and size, finally check your order & send – done!

Tip: This little personal effort is worth it for you! Read your text carefully for any spelling mistakes before you submit your order! Your text will be taken over 1: 1 like a picture and will not be reproduced by hand. Subsequent corrections are therefore no longer possible once your shirt is in production.

Would you like to print your own picture or logo on the shirt? Very easily! You will get an optimal print result if you observe the following:

  • Your chosen motif should ideally have a resolution of at least 300 dpi, with a size of approx. 40 cm width or height for the use of the maximum printable area when printing. If the image file you uploaded is significantly smaller, your motif will be printed out of focus and pixelated.
  • In the preview you can already see how sharp your image will look when printed.
  • Would you like a JPG. Upload file, then make sure that a white (or different colored) background surface is always printed. The same applies to logos and emblems in .JPG format.
  • Ideally, your image will also be available as a .PNG file. This has the advantage over the .JPG file (digital photos) that your template can be printed in any shape: as a circle, oval or free form. The .PNG file is particularly advantageous for symbols or icons, because they are then free on the ground.

This is how your t-shirt printing succeeds – the shirt tuning picture service: To ensure that your personal photo motif also really comes into its own on the shirt, we check your motif during the order process.

To do this, place your finished shirt or other product in the shopping cart. Before you complete the ordering process, you will see again whether your uploaded motif is suitable for printing:

  • green tick means: picture is OK.
  • yellow check mark means: is still possible, but is not optimal.
  • red checkmark warns: we recommend that you do not print the motif

Simply use our free graphic service for an optimal printing result! We check whether your chosen image file is suitable for printing in the desired size and can improve the quality if necessary – however, there are limits to what can be done, because too small motifs cannot be enlarged at will. Incidentally, colors in the print may differ from what is shown on your screen – and we have no influence on this.

Contact before ordering and send us the motif.

The right t-shirt for every occasion

With shirt tuning, individual t-shirt printing is made easy! Here you can easily, quickly and inexpensively design and print your own shirt online for every occasion. No matter whether you want to print your new favorite T-shirt with an original motif or a funny saying, spontaneously express your creative idea – or want to show that you belong for a specific occasion.

Even designed and printed T-shirts are popular eye-catchers, especially for graduation parties and bachelor parties, where the shirt clearly shows what is at the forefront.

Even printed shirts and co. Are ideal for many other events, to attract your attention with your own motif, logo or text individually and inexpensively: Not only on birthdays, at Mardi Gras and Halloween and at Christmas, you can participate in larger groups make an impression with a self-designed shirt. Even at company events, competitions and sporting events, a self-printed shirt shows who belongs. Advertise your new product yourself, which immediately catches the eye – simply on a shirt, hoodie or giveaway. And clubs in particular can easily and conspicuously draw attention to themselves with a specially printed T-shirt or sweatshirt.

Last but not least, an individually printed shirt is always a nice souvenir from a special event.

Choose the optimal printing process – here you get quality!

Shirt tuning gives you the choice when it comes to the optimal pressure for your shirt! We only use high-quality printing processes so that your textiles shine in brilliant colors for a long time to come. We use the following printing techniques:

Flex and flock printing (also called plot printing):

This method is best suited for large fonts and simple motifs with a clear contour, such as logos, pictograms and signets, and a maximum of 2 colors. The motif is first printed on a carrier film, cut out and then transferred to the textile.

Flock printing also uses a special electromagnetic process to apply fibers or bristles made of viscose, which after curing have a fluffy or velvety feel depending on the type.

  • In addition to cotton fabrics, mixed fabrics and textiles made of polyester or nylon can also be printed.
  • The flex print is extremely wash-resistant and durable.
  • The colors are opaque and can therefore also be printed on dark textiles.
  • Flock printing creates the visually interesting relief effect.

Digital direct printing or direct printing (DTG):

This is a digital process in which the t-shirt or other textile is printed directly with an inkjet printer. An infinite number of colors is practically possible. However, only cotton or cotton blended fabrics can be printed by direct printing.

  • Detailed, multi-colored image motifs such as photos or graphics with color gradients can be printed.
  • Elaborate and multi-colored graphics such as Photos and illustrations or more complex motifs with color gradients can be printed.
  • Dark textiles can also be used as a base.
  • Brilliant, opaque paint application.

Screen printing:

From an order quantity of 100 pieces you can get your T-shirts in screen printing at no additional cost. The screen printing process is state-of-the-art in the textile industry because the ink application is particularly robust. With this direct printing process, each color is printed directly into the textile fabric.

  • Extremely durable, durable print
  • Dark textiles can also be printed.
  • All types of fabric can be printed.
  • Even effect colors such as Gold, glitter are possible.

If you would like the screen printing process for your textiles, please contact us.

Printed quickly – delivered quickly

As soon as you have successfully completed the ordering process and the payment, your print order is immediately put into production. With us you can transfer with all common forms of payment such as online transfer, credit card or PayPal.

To avoid unnecessary delays, please check the correct spelling of your order number when transferring the complete amount – and do not forget to enter your delivery address completely and correctly. Unfortunately, we have no influence on late production or delivery due to incorrect information!

The production time for your order is usually between 2 to 4 working days, which are usually from Monday to Friday. If you want to see the status of your order, simply log into your customer account on the Shirttuning website.

We will send your shirts via DHL immediately after printing. The shipping fee per order is 4.90 euros. From an order value of 80.00 euros, we naturally deliver free of charge within Germany. If you want to go faster, we will also send your order with DHL Express – at a price of 16.90 euros per order.

If you would like to arrange an individual delivery date with us, please contact our helpful customer service.

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