Christmas wishes – love wishes for the christmas card

Christmas wishes - love wishes for the Christmas card

The best Christmas wishes for your Christmas mail

Writing Christmas cards isn’t easy for everyone; So that you are guaranteed to find the right words for your Christmas message to family, friends and Co., we have searched for and collected the best and best Christmas wishes for you. In this category you can look forward to special Christmas wishes to get you in the mood for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Advent: Whether contemplative Christmas wishes, Christmas wish texts for magical Christmas cards, funny Christmas wishes or Christmas greetings – with us there are the most popular words and texts to wish Merry Christmas for children and adults!

Imagine you get beautifully designed greeting cards from your friends and relatives in the calm and contemplative pre-Christmas season, who wish you a nice Christmas with loving lines. Certainly your joy about it is huge and your Christmas mood is at its peak. It is always a great gesture to sweeten your loved ones’ advent before Christmas Eve with impressive wishes and to share their anticipation and love. So make your parents, grandparents, colleagues and friends happy and write a unique and stylish Christmas message of a special kind. Grab a pen and paper and start designing your very own contemplative Christmas mail, hearts will touch and inspire. We offer you wishes for Christmas and ready-made texts as a suggestion – in fact, perfectly suited to write your own personal Christmas wishes text to your loved ones.

We are in a Christmas mood all year round and look forward to helping you design your Christmas card or give a festive speech. Our Christmas wishes, written briefly and comprehensively for your Christmas mail, are available free of charge and are waiting to be given away with joy and heart to your loved ones at the most beautiful time of the year. Take a look at and you will only find the most beautiful, impressive and original Christmas wishes to wish your loved ones a wonderful Christmas. We are convinced that your Christmas wishes will be particularly well received and warm your hearts, because they are written with a lot of feeling, charm and expressiveness. Create a Christmas greeting or Christmas wish of the special varieties by using our many beautiful templates, inspiring and using them. Our selection of wishes for Christmas or the upcoming Christmas is large and varied. You will find, among other things, very soulful heavenly text templates to wish your loved ones a contemplative celebration, but also very amusing and funny Christmas wishes, as well as business lines for company partners, customers or employees of your company. We literally leave nothing to be desired, because we serve you with all kinds of beautiful and first-class Christmas greetings for your personal festive message in the most beautiful time of the year. Take your time and sift through our many multifaceted sections, which we are happy to offer you at In short: Here you will find wishes for the contemplative and magical Advent season for Christmas – just have a look and quickly create the most beautiful Christmas cards for the whole family, friends and acquaintances!

Contemplative Christmas wishes for contemplative Christmas magic

Christmas time is known to be the most beautiful time of the year. The family moves closer together, you can enjoy the contemplative hours in the warmly decorated room and are happy to bring joy to others with loving, heartfelt wishes. We offer you at so that your Advent Sundays this year will be remembered for a long time wish a variety of great contemplative Christmas wishes for Merry Christmas, with which you can wonderfully prepare all family members, friends and close acquaintances for the upcoming festival. It is entirely up to you whether you want to give your Christmas greeting card a special input or give a heart-warming speech. On our website we provide you with many profound and magical Christmas wishes, contemplative and magically designed, with which you will definitely score and inspire.

Take a look around and find exactly what you have been looking for in a flash, namely powerful words with which you can share your love and joy. Make the most beautiful wishes for Christmas time very emotional moments when you transmit your first-class lines with a lot of feeling and warmth and thus put a happy and grateful smile on the recipient’s face. Of course, our heavenly text templates do not cost you a cent, because it is enough for us if you bring them joy and warm your hearts.

Always in winter at this time
I get restless and get ready,
To give you wise words
and to give with expensive things.
unknown author

Always in winter at this time
I get restless and get ready,
To give you wise words
and to give with expensive things.
unknown author

Christmas time – time for the best wishes:
Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
unknown author

We wish you on Christmas days –
and we’re not ashamed to say it out loud –
good food and wine to pour on.
But above all:
Time! To enjoy these things.
unknown author

Every year – happy Christmas mail from Musterdorf flutters into your mailbox! After exciting and busy months, we look forward to a peaceful and relaxing time, full of quiet moments and cozy coziness. We wish you that you can also enjoy the holidays extensively and start the New Year full of vigor! Let yourself be richly gifted and stay alive and well!
unknown author

Christmas, the feast of love is here!
On this occasion I would like to say THANK YOU:
THANK YOU for always being there for me,
THANKS for all the nice hours with you,
THANKS for all the kind words,
Thank you that you exist!
Warm Christmas greetings from…
unknown author

Christmas this year
spend without stress if possible.
Send warm Christmas greetings …
unknown author

We wholeheartedly wish you happy and harmonious Christmas holidays!
In today’s hectic and stressful world, it is no longer a matter of course to find the necessary rest.
In the peaceful days around Christmas, people can learn to come to their senses again.
In this way, the joy of harmony is awakened and the necessary strength for the whole coming year is gathered.
unknown author

Christmas tree – and bright lights,
Childhood dream and happy faces,
Cold, snow and ice outside the window –
It warms the heart of Christmas in your circle!
unknown author

Now the time is coming, the festival is approaching,
where you can get presents.
And give yourself, so it is custom.
With Christmas tree and mistletoe
Now comes the day of the days.
And I wish – no question-
Only the best for Christmas celebrations!
unknown author

Best regards to the festival of love,
hopefully you don’t have cold feet.
Unfortunately, time never stops,
the most beautiful days pass the fastest.
unknown author

Hours just for you two
and a nice christmas time.
Comfort in a warm house
That’s what Christmas looks like
most beautiful from!
unknown author

Ho ho ho! This is where the very best Christmas greetings come from …!
After days of busy activity, we can finally sit back:
The purchases are done, the Christmas tree is decorated and our offspring marvel with shiny eyes at the wonderful light that makes our apartment shine. Full of anticipation, we are now waiting for the Christ child!
We hope that you also have such a happy Christmas mood. Even if we don’t see each other again until next year, we are always with you at heart.
We wish you a contemplative and peaceful Christmas and only the very best for the New Year!
unknown author

Many more heavenly wishes for Christmas and Advent

Especially during the contemplative Christmas season, you like to tell your loved ones how much you value love, solidarity and friendship. There is a very calm and peaceful mood, which also evokes great feelings and sentimentality among many. You may also find the pre-Christmas period the perfect occasion to express your feelings and convey heartfelt lines to very special family members and good friends. We give you the perfect template for this because we have numerous on our website unique and very profound wishes for Christmas for contemplative Christmas magic in Advent with whom you can warmly and emotionally tune into the festival and share your thoughts.

Take your time by clicking through our section with many great wishes for Christmas and then do not hesitate to use our templates for free. All our greetings are ideal for Christmas cards of all kinds, but also for verbal addresses and speeches to colleagues. Increase the anticipation for Christmas Eve by stirring tears with magical lines and conveying loving Christmas wishes that will be remembered for a long time. Our Christmas wishes are of a special nature, very soulful and expressive. We are sure that nowhere else will you receive such perfect lines of greeting for the festival as we do at!

I send a package to the festival,
in it a card that says:
Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas,
please also greet the rest!
unknown author

In this very special time, we are happy to send a greeting to everyone whose friendship and goodwill we value.
unknown author

Santa Claus was there
the mood is wonderful.
It smells fresh of cinnamon
everyone behaves.
There are also gifts for you
because that’s the way it is today.
Christmas should be nice
live happy you on earth.
unknown author

Christmas the feast of love
that it would always stay that way.
The world covered with snow
fortunately no money.
I just want to give you joy
will always think of you.
Bring you luck and blessings
on all your ways.
unknown author

It’s time again.
Now is the best time of the year!
With Christmas market and fir tree
And the scent of needles in every room.
I wish you a party with a lot of time
With cheerfulness and satisfaction.
unknown author

Merry Christmas in the near and far,
I like all of you.
unknown author

At Christmas time everything suddenly falls silent – the hectic pace of the year seems forgotten. You reflect on the essentials and enjoy good times with your loved ones. Become aware of the important things in life and enjoy the magical Christmas time to the fullest! Happy holidays!
unknown author

I have in my backpack,
many things for you.
What I bring first,
is a beautiful ring.
Second, I bring luck
and a piece of grandma’s cake.
unknown author

We wish you happy holidays,
where you can relax
and reflect on the really important things in life.
unknown author

We greet you at Christmas time
with a warm bond.
unknown author

On Christmas Eve and therefore,
sometimes you stay silent.
You think and think about life,
what we are looking for and striving for.
But I want to tell you,
You should enjoy, don’t ask long,
because one thing is now God’s will,
time never stands still.
unknown author

Christmas – the festival of “LOVE” is here!
We wish you that
Love to yourself,
Love for everything that is:
Blessed Christmas
and wish you a happy new year …
unknown author

Christmas greetings fly through the holy night,
the postwoman brought you another package,
I also think of you and I’m going to stop now
and send you a lovely Christmas kiss.
unknown author

Merry Christmas wishes – briefly written with Christmas wishes!

Why give an utterly long speech in front of the decorated Christmas tree or bored your dear colleagues with a minute-long speech at the Christmas party? We believe that even with short and concise wishes you can get your thoughts straight to the point and thus generate enthusiasm. Especially if you are not a born card writer or speaker, short Christmas wishes come just in time. Believe in the power of our contemplative words and create an accurate and precise Christmas message with pepp and precision! We will show you how Christmas wishes come into their own in the Christmas season and present you in a comprehensive compilation of accurate Christmas words and Christmas texts in all kinds of variations!

Take a closer look in our section and quickly and easily find the ideal text templates to wish you a short and succinct Merry Christmas. We offer you very short Christmas wishes, which are however no less profound and meaningful. In a few words, get to the point of what is most important in this contemplative time, without talking much about the bush. We are convinced that the recipient of your lines will be moved to the heart and more than appreciate your dear greeting. So get into the design of your personal Christmas mail, which you can give a special input with our short wishes. Simply accept your favorite lines and insert them stylishly on your card or equip your solemn speech with a few but very special Christmas wishes that will surely perfectly sweeten the waiting time for Christmas Eve. In this section, all Christmas wishes are formulated in a nutshell – perfect for being able to create a succinct Christmas greeting like "Merry Christmas!"!

Because unfortunately not today,
can be with you and such
I send you this writing,
be nice, funny and also happy.
unknown author

Finally the time has come! The festival of festivities brings us together peacefully and gives us a happy time with our family. Let yourself be filled with the magic of Christmas and spend happy holidays with your loved ones!
unknown author

Christmas is an opportunity to spend a lot of time with the family. Therefore I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
unknown author

Fir tree and sparkling lights,
Gift mountain and Christmas goose –
Colorful, loud cheerfulness –
it is the quiet Christmas time?
What we could still wish for there?
Have a nice festival – full of peace and love!
unknown author

I wish you
Merry Christmas and a few days
with a lot of time for comfort.
unknown author

Delicious fragrance fills the room
and makes the heart beat faster
the anticipation of a Christmas under the tree of lights –
We wish you a happy holiday!
unknown author

Christmas Eve when the lights go dark,
I see your face in all the pieces.
I wish you for the new life,
Happiness, health and blessings.
unknown author

A Christmas with God’s blessings,
may he be by your side –
and next year in all ways
Accompany you and always go with you!
unknown author

On this beautiful December day,
for Christmas, completely unasked,
I confess that I like you.
unknown author

A happy and peaceful Christmas
as well as health, happiness and success
for the next year.
unknown author

The world is quiet
the storm that stands,
lonely a gray old man,
goes through the alleys.
Let him in,
he brings beer and wine.
He doesn’t like to be alone
be on Christmas Eve.
unknown author

Ho ho ho… We wish you a cuddly warm, heavenly calm, incredibly relaxing, high-calorie, angelic and reindeer-strong Christmas.
unknown author

For Christmas parties
you only wish
the best
and a trace
forget Me Not.
unknown author

The most beautiful Christmas wishes texts for your Christmas message for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Advent

The four Sundays before Christmas Eve are certainly the four most beautiful and contemplative all year round. The room smells of cookies and the many candles create a cozy and cozy atmosphere in the room. Of course it is nice when the whole family comes together and enjoys this wonderful time together. Beautiful Christmas greetings come naturally here and round off the whole thing perfectly. So make sure to prepare stylish and warm Christmas texts in advance, which you can then send to your friends, family and acquaintances in the perfect Christmas atmosphere. At we offer you unique, impressive and very magical Christmas wishes texts for your Christmas message for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Advent which you can take over for free and then transmit with a lot of heart.

Take a look at our wonderful Christmas wishes texts and look forward to the happy and enthusiastic faces that you will evoke with your words. Our loving and heart-warming greetings are suitable not only for loved ones, but also for good friends, the neighbors or beloved work colleagues. Our selection is large and varied, so it is worth investing a little time and joy in order to really set up a perfect Christmas mail in a class that makes every Sunday before the big festival an even more beautiful one.

When the ice flowers bloom
and it freezes outside,
hearts warm up inside –
"Every year again" – when it is Christmas!
unknown author

Colorful lights flash
Angel sitting on the clouds
just waiting for a greeting
that I have to send you now.
Happy Holidays to you
Joy only in this world.
Christmas should please you
you should not regret a day.
unknown author

Who believes in the magic of Christmas,
it can still experience countless hours of glory.
I wish you many such hours.
unknown author

Merry Christmas
and a really cute one
I want to send you a cake
Rapture you that day.
Christmas fragrance is spreading
and now the time has come.
Presents are under the tree
Is not that a dream?
unknown author

I light for you today
a little light on.
I am thinking of you, dear people,
that I loved so much.
unknown author

We wish you happy holidays,
Time to relax,
Reflection on the really important things
and many bright spots in the coming year.
unknown author

When the first flakes fall
Reverberate steps in the snow
I want to send you greetings
look at the trees together.
Glows brightly in beautiful glow
it should be a happy festival for you.
unknown author

I wish you contemplative hours for Christmas.
At the turn of the year cheerfulness and cheerfulness.
For the New Year health, happiness and success!
unknown author

Christmas greetings fly through the air
delicious cookie scent in the apartment.
You should enjoy this time
all anger is very far.
I wish you peaceful days
Quiet, without complaint
to be close with loved ones
Christmas by candlelight.
unknown author

Once chosen to reflect
Christmas has almost lost this meaning –
despite stress and hectic pace far and wide
we wish you a peaceful and quiet time!
unknown author

Colorful lights flash
Angel sitting on the clouds
just waiting for a greeting
that I have to send you now.
Happy Holidays to you
Joy only in this world.
Christmas should please you
you should not regret a day.
unknown author

I wish you at Christmas time
a heart full of happiness and joy.
That all worries seem to be forgotten
and people blissfully unite.
unknown author

I wish you a happy holiday
that it can be enjoyed.
Sit comfortably in front of the stove
Flashing snowflakes in the sky.
Angels sing their songs softly
Santa will come back soon.
unknown author

Funny Christmas wishes – Meet the Christmas season with cheerfulness and cheerfulness à la "Oh, you happy" …

Whether "Oh, you happy" or "Let us be happy and cheerful" – Christmas is definitely a celebration of joy, joy and happiness! Make a clear statement with funny Christmas wishes and bring even more zest and serenity to the festively decorated Christmas room. As a counterpart to classic Christmas poems or traditional Christmas carols, your humorous Christmas wishes are certainly well received and will surely remain anchored in the heart for a long time. So browse through our collection of funny Christmas wishes, which will provide the ultimate Christmas humor in the happy Advent season.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to elicit a smile from your grandmother with a stylish Christmas card or give a lively speech at the business Christmas party – our funny Christmas wishes, witty and humorous, are suitable for almost all Christmas messages that you enjoy and enjoy Can create charm.

Our Christmas greetings are really very funny, without losing sight of the essentials. This time, put on a good dose of humor and make for radiant faces and an even better mood on the contemplative holidays. We offer you all the funny Christmas wishes texts completely free of charge and would be happy if you could bring joy to others with them. Design a Christmas mail like you will not find a second time and increase the anticipation and excitement for Christmas Eve with particularly amusing lines.

Advent, Advent
Missed the train
Now he’s going home alone
I’m going to freak out right here
Asleep without an alarm clock
I thought I was in the safe harbor
What am I doing?
The need is great.
unknown author

Santa is stuck to the window, the whining reveals his face. I hope he gives the presents quickly, because behind him is a grizzly bear.
Greetings for Christmas from …
unknown author

The Christmas roast smells delicious.
But please let’s advise you urgently:
You should measure your portions wisely,
how quickly you finally overeat!
unknown author

The fir was completely bare, hardly any on the table,
a bleak mood fills the whole room.
There is nothing to eat in the empty kitchen –
only funny sayings really help.
unknown author

Harmony, happiness, joy, calm,
Mood (without much fuss),
Warmth of heart, brilliant lights,
Carp, turkey or goose
(not too fat and not too heavy):
I wish you all of this!
unknown author

The tree burned, the gift was forgotten, the goose is already eaten and only stupid gifts on the table, well then a nice Christmas Eve!
unknown author

Ho, ho, ho … we wish you
cuddly warm –
bright contemplative –
heavenly calm –
angelic –
calorie bombing –
and reindeer-strong Christmas.
unknown author

Do you have enough money left over,
Christmas doesn’t come across badly.
But if the account is empty,
the Christmas season is rather difficult.
unknown author

I know it hurts you and it hits you, but before you find out about it from someone else, I’d rather tell you yourself: THERE IS NO SANTA CLAUS!
unknown author

Every year anew I wonder:
My Christmas stocking is always empty.
I’m totally against the grain –
I’m always nice and good – how unfair!
I think about it and think about it
and I’m very surprised.
Then at some point it happens to me:
There is a hole in the sock!
unknown author

Tempo! Tempo! That must be enough: Happy Holidays! And have fun!
unknown author

Christmas wishes formulated in business terms – for business Christmas greetings to business customers, partners and employees!

We spend a lot of time at work, make friends with nice colleagues and celebrate one or the other festive day together. So, among other things, the contemplative Christmas party, at which you move closer together and express your wishes for Christmas or the upcoming Christmas. So get things started in good time and create warm Christmas wishes for business, which you can then stylishly convey to business partners, partners, colleagues and employees. At we provide you with a large number of stylish and formal Christmas greetings that are made for a business Christmas message. Take a look at our huge collection of suitable templates and you will quickly find what you are looking for.

Christmas wishes for business designed for stylish business Christmas greetings to business customers, business partners and co.: It is usually good form for companies to express their honest and warm wishes to all employees, business partners and customers for the festival. This loosens up the interaction, creates a more pleasant working atmosphere and shows the recipients how much you appreciate the (working) relationship to each other. It is therefore a nice gesture with impressive lines to create a very personal and creative Christmas greeting that goes to the heart and gives joy. Simply search through our wide range of very business, but no less loving wishes, and adopt your favorite lines to stylishly wish “Merry Christmas!”. Whether you as a boss or colleague – our contemplative Christmas business wishes are suitable for everyone who wants to get in the mood for Christmas Eve in a very special way at work, at work.

Thank you very much for the good cooperation and the trust you have placed in us. We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy, successful New Year.
unknown author

A lot has happened this year – Christmas is a good opportunity to pause and regain strength for new deeds and business in the new year. With this in mind, I wish you a Merry Christmas!
unknown author

For the upcoming Christmas, I wish you, your employees and relatives peaceful, relaxing days and for the New Year health and personal and business success! You …
unknown author

Christmas time is family time! Let us finally take care of what is REALLY important – we will do business again next year!
We thank you very much for the good cooperation and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and good luck in the New Year.
unknown author

Our team would like to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU for the successful cooperation this year before Christmas and the end of the year! We wish you wonderful holidays and a happy new year!
unknown author

Under the brightly lit fir tree,
A dream comes true not only for children.
I send my blessings to you,
wish you a hardworking Santa Claus and helping hands.
You were there all year round,
when there was a question from me.
Now I want to say thank you for that,
place a small present at your door.
I’m not Santa Claus,
but I always think of it,
that you are a good person and fair,
that’s why I wish you a Merry Christmas.
unknown author

Dear business customers, we would like to thank you for your trust in our company and hope to continue to have a good and successful cooperation. We wish you all and your families a nice and blessed Christmas.
unknown author

The landscape resembles a winter fairy tale, Christmas markets invite you to stroll and the smell of freshly baked cookies and candied apples is in the air. Christmas is coming! We wish you and your employees peaceful holidays and a successful and healthy New Year!
unknown author

We wish all of our customers
wonderful happy hours for Christmas,
that they spend with their loved ones
and hope to see you next year,
it was wonderful like the old one,
always remained loyal and inclined to us.
unknown author

We thank all customers
for their constant loyalty
and thank you for your wishes,
that accompany us to the festival.
We thank all customers
with a small gift,
they are absolutely certain,
that someone is thinking of them here.
unknown author

Peaceful festive days, a relaxed time "between the years" and a nice New Year’s Eve together result in the perfect end to an eventful year. We wish you a lot of harmony in the family and hope for another exciting and successful year of working with you.
unknown author

I would like to thank you for another year of trusting partnership. Stay healthy and start the new year well. Merry Christmas and all the best wishes you…
unknown author

Looking back on a successful business year, we would like to thank you very much for the pleasant cooperation. We wish you and your employees a Merry Christmas, relaxing holidays and a healthy and happy New Year!
unknown author

A happy party and contemplative hours
with your children, the family, the dogs.
I wish you and on top of that,
relaxation should be your companion.
Enjoy the free time,
in which the work is far and far.
I also want to say thank you,
for all the answers to my questions.
Enjoy the time out for the Christ Festival,
that can be celebrated with the family.
unknown author

I would like to use the end of the year to thank you for your trust in our company. At the same time, I hope that the cooperation will continue to be good and successful. I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas. You …
unknown author

Our valued customers
we wish you happy hours
in Advent and Christmas.
In peace and serenity
may you celebrate the festival.
we look forward to the new year
and make your wishes come true.
unknown author

The year is coming to an end and invites us to its annual, happy finale! Let yourself be enchanted by the spirit of Christmas and slide well into the New Year!
unknown author

We would like to send a greeting
pepper the whole thing with snowflakes.
Santa Claus thought of you
we hope that it will be a pleasure.
Wish you a nice time
that it stays that way after the festival.
unknown author

On the basis of our Christmas cards, we will show you how you can skillfully and successfully insert wishes into a contemplative Christmas post …

Not everyone is a born card writer and manages to shake suitable and heart-pounding words for an impressive greeting card. It is therefore good that we can take care of you and score with a large collection of perfect texts for Christmas. We offer you wonderful and at the same time profound, expressive and emotional Christmas wishes that you can quickly and easily insert into your Christmas mail. To ensure that they also look good on your card, we will show you, using exemplary Christmas cards, how you can skillfully insert and stage text templates. Let us show you how you can insert wishes into magical Christmas cards and a contemplative Christmas post for Christmas – Following are two exemplary Christmas greeting cards available for direct viewing!

Take a look at our finished Christmas cards and let them work on you. Doesn’t it warm your heart too? In just a few steps, your heavenly greeting card could also look so stylish and heartwarming if you use our patterns to design your very own personal message. Equip your card with a wonderful Christmas greeting that you can find quickly in our collection and do not forget to insert personal data such as name and sender. After all, you want to write a very original and individual Christmas wish that comes from the heart and goes to the heart. You are of course free to add a wonderful Christmas poem or a great Christmas saying, which may round off the whole thing perfectly. Take all the time in the world and go to for Christmas wishes of a contemplative nature as well as the certain inspiration that you need in writing for the design of your beautiful Christmas mail or Christmas message.

Card 1

When it gets colder and colder outside, the first snowflakes fall from the sky and familiar Christmas carols are played up and down on the radio, then Advent has moved into the house. I wish you and your family a heavenly Christmas with happy holidays, bright children’s eyes and great gifts. Let a magical Christmas mood come to your home and enjoy this special time of the year.

Sends you Christmas wishes

Your colleague

Card 2

Dear Evi, dear Benjamin,

Since grandma and grandpa are away for Christmas this year and unfortunately cannot be with you, these dear Christmas wishes should be reached by card. We wish you a blessed Christmas, a good Christ child and that this heavenly Christmas magic may come to you. Says mom and dad very kind greetings from us and let you really well at the most beautiful, quietest and quietest time of the year.

The warmest wishes for Christmas bring you

Your grandparents

These cards and card texts are subject to the copyright of Mag. Edith Helminger and may not be distributed, copied or published on other websites without permission. Violations will be punished!

Sayings and poems for Christmas, greetings for Merry Christmas and the appropriate funny Christmas saying for cheerfulness in Advent – beautiful Christmas texts for children and adults!

For yourself it is usually a great pleasure to express your favorite wishes to others at the festival and thus to share your love and thoughts. Of course, the transmission of dear wishes is always a matter of the heart and should therefore take place with joy and a lot of feeling. With our great Christmas greetings, we have certainly given you a good template and we are happy if you can find one or the other contemplative Christmas wish with us. But don’t think that’s all there is to it, because on four more pages you will find wonderful poems and sayings for Christmas that you will never find again. We also present first-class text templates for young and old, which will enhance any written or oral Christmas message perfectly. So stay tuned and continue browsing through our Christmas world full of powerful and magical words.

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