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the cozy winter event at the clubhouse

Our Frauendorfer winter barbecue will take place again on Saturday, February 1st, 2020. At the fireplaces, which provide a pleasant warmth, there is plenty of room for pleasant conversations with friends. The event starts at 5 p.m. at the club house. Sufficient food and drinks are provided. All from Frauendorf and the surrounding area are cordially invited.

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The route is the goal!

In Frauendorf and the surrounding area, there have been signposts since the 1990s that show the way to guests who are walking or cycling. Many of the signposts have now expired or disappeared. Some paths were relocated in the course of the A72 motorway construction or through the renaturation of the Eula river. PRO FRAUENDORF e.V. has set itself the goal of repositioning these guides. To this end, numerous robinia posts were already concreted at tow crossings in autumn 2019. The old signs have been restored and attached to the new posts. Many thanks to all hardworking helpers.

The highlight in autumn

Our sixth edition of the bridge festival took place on Friday, November 22, 2019 instead of. We celebrated a small autumn party in a cozy atmosphere in Frauendorf. Unfortunately, this time we did not get together on the festival meadow next to the Eula Bridge, as is traditionally the case. The wet underground forced us to change the venue, so we celebrated the bridge festival at the club house this year. Nevertheless, there was a very cozy atmosphere, with colorful fairy lights and many small fire bowls. There was lively conversation in the warm clubhouse. The homemade kettle goulash was also a hit this year and in a short time everyone. The finely spiced mulled wine was a first glimpse of the Christmas market season. We thank all hardworking helpers.

with free drink for everyone in traditional clothes or lederhosen

On Saturday September 28th, 2019, our traditional Oktoberfest took place in the parking lot next to our club house. In addition to hearty music, there was of course fresh draft beer and a wide range of dishes for small and large appetites. Especially the fresh liver cheese and the potato wedges with sour cream dip were well received by the guests. In the heated marquee, not only was there an exuberant celebration but also something on offer. So we had another little show this year with our dance girls and Cordula Grün. With the pitcher you could with the measure the best of the place. August K. convinced sovereignly when it came to nailing. The sixth grader prevailed against the much more experienced veteran. The main prizes were a 3 liter flip-top bottle for Oktoberfest Märzen. As always, there was a free drink for all women in traditional costume and all men who appeared in lederhosen.

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3 days full of highlights in perfect summer weather

Marcel Riesco was the star guest of the 25th Frauendorfer Club Festival. The rock’n’roll star, who traveled from the USA, was on stage with “Ray Allen and his Band” from the Frohburg district on the opening evening. They set the bar high for a festival weekend that attracted hundreds of visitors and that met the expectations of the Pro Frauendorf association and the many supporters. "There were a lot of people there. Many wore the right outfit. Guests also came from Dresden, Zwickau, Halle, Leipzig. We are increasing from year to year, ”said Michael Voigt, treasurer of the association. It was rock and roll night for Ray Allen & Co. a home game in the best sense, Riesco, who is usually on stages in the United States, Great Britain and Sweden, provided a musical horizon expansion. Also in a good mood: DJ Shakin Casi from Leipzig and DJ Bobcat from Frauendorf. Not to be neglected beforehand the sandman and evening greetings under the direction of Bärbel Wermann for the little ones in the village. Duck races and a skat tournament on Saturday morning were followed by the Dorphy Olympiad in the afternoon, in which four teams fought for first place in skill games. "A big thank you to the organization team who came up with great games again," says Voigt. In the evening there was a party atmosphere with the “Team 74" and a performance by the show dance group "StepFor". The highlight of the Sunday was the program of the Frauendorfer Showbühne. That made for a full marquee. The red carpet was rolled out for the winners Erste Allgemeine Verwicherung, for fashion Tsar Karl Lagerfeld, who rose again, for Nena and Kim Wilde. The children’s dance group led by Peggy and Melanie was closed experience. The women’s dance group drummed and performed on old oil barrels, the men’s ballet shone with music by Michael Jackson. Last but not least, perfect summer weather contributed to the good mood throughout the weekend. The village women sold homemade cakes and, like all helpers and sponsors, made an important contribution. Voigt: “We would like to thank all those without whom our party would not have been possible.” In 2020, the last weekend in June was three days hot in Frauendorf. Then there is a new edition of the village and club festival.

Source: LVZ – Ekkehard Schulreich

next village and club festival

on June 26-28, 2020

Just meet friends

Would you like to meet nice people or discuss current topics? Would you like to have a beer with friends or just strengthen the cohesion in the village? Come over then! We meet every Wednesday in the clubhouse from 7.30pm to 10pm.

Training for conscious handling of food

In order for many association members to be able to work safely with food at the events (serving, barbecuing, etc.), instruction and a fee-based certificate from the health authority is required.

Such a training took place for 8 other club members on January 15, 2019 at the health office in Borna. First we filled out questionnaires about the health history. Then we saw an educational film about how to use food. What is important are thorough hand washing, clean tools and materials and everyone’s self-assessment of whether they are able to handle food at this point in time or whether there are symptoms of illness.

The participants received the health pass. Today almost all club members have such proof.

With a lot of commitment

Since June 2018 we have two new club members. This increases our membership to 21 people. We are happy to welcome the two in our ranks. We hope for many new and fresh ideas as well as active help in the implementation of our association work.

for the Frauendorfer victims of the First World War

There is a memorial stone in the cemetery in Frauendorf, which commemorates the fallen Frauendorfer from the First World War. Due to its age, this memorial stone is heavily weathered. We would like to restore it together with the Frauendorf parish. The inscriptions, which can no longer be read today, are stamped on new stone slabs. The stone slabs are then placed on the side.


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