Proverb story: spring is here!

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Spring warms you the heart and I’m glad he’s finally here! The sun warms my heart and mind. We also waited a long time for it to finally get warm. But my grandma already knew:

Something that takes a long time… will be fine at last!

The nice weather also suits me fresh am in love. I met the loveliest man in the world. He is a real gentleman. No wonder I’m there

Spring …emotions

Of course, my new sweetheart looks good too. He has dark blue eyes that you can almost sink into and a warm smile on your face. I am very happy that the saying:

Love makes … blind

not true with me.

Today my sweetheart comes by and I want to cook something very special for him. suitable for spring, I bought asparagus that I want to serve with parsley potatoes. Asparagus is my favorite food. For dessert, there are fresh strawberries that I have previously dipped in chocolate. I really hope that my darling will enjoy it. Because

The way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach.

I have already decorated the table for our springtime meal. Of course with spring flowers: snowdrops, daffodils and tulips. It looks really nice. The food will taste even better there. After all, we all know:

The eye…. eats with.

The next weekend I will meet the parents of my sweetheart. Hopefully his parents like me. And hopefully they’re nice. I think so. Finally:

If the apple doesn’t fall … far from the tree.

But now I’m concentrating on our spring dinner today at a beautiful table with magical spring flowers and a lovingly cooked menu.

My darling is already ringing. I go to the door and he greets me with his beautiful smile. When I tell him there is asparagus to eat, he tells me that it is his favorite dish. Just like mine. But one also says:

People of the same kind stick together.


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