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Reliable tooth rescue through modern root canal treatment with microscope and LASER (endodontic treatment).

Why is an endodontic treatment necessary?

Inside the tooth is the tooth pulp, consisting of blood vessels and nerves. In deep caries or when a piece of the tooth is broken off, bacteria can penetrate into the pulp. This can lead to a very painful inflammation that destroys the tissue. If the bacteria penetrate further, a purulent inflammation develops at the root apex, which can even dissolve the jawbone.

Teeth with caries up to the tooth nerves can be reliably saved by modern root canal treatments.

What does endodontic treatment mean?

Endodontics describes a root canal treatment in which the diseased pulp is removed from the inside of the tooth. The resulting cavities are cleaned, widened, disinfected and then filled with a special bacteria-proof material.

What advantages does our modern treatment method offer in tooth rescue?

Every tooth counts – a matter of course, but tens of thousands of teeth are still extracted every day in Germany. This is a reliable way of saving teeth whose nerves are diseased. Nowadays, modern root canal treatment by specialized dentists is a gentle, painless treatment that requires years of experience, advanced treatment methods and equipment. A very high effort, which is worthwhile to save your own tooth.

  • In contrast to previous treatment techniques, the use of state-of-the-art technologies such as precise electrometric length measurement, the highly flexible Ni-Ti instruments, a strongly magnifying dental microscope, our bacteria-eliminating LASER, the gentle ultrasound-supported rinses and the thermoplastic root canal filling generally lead to pain-free and high-quality treatment.
  • Even curved and difficult root canals can be treated with this method. In many cases this was not possible with conventional steel instruments and manual techniques.
  • Modern treatment is much gentler and more pleasant.
  • The inside of the tooth is cleaned more thoroughly.
  • The root canals are filled more densely. This helps to prevent a new infection.

Your natural tooth can thus be preserved for many years. Compared to implants or bridges, this is also the cheaper option.

How long does the treatment take?

A root canal treatment can take an hour or more. An effort that is worthwhile in order to preserve your own tooth.

What does endodontic revision mean?

Your root canal-filled tooth has a leaking or incomplete root canal filling, inflammation of the root apex or pain. It is possible to completely remove this old root canal filling material. As described above, the resulting cavities are cleaned, widened, disinfected and then filled with a special bacteria-proof material.

What alternatives do you have for the endodontic treatment of your tooth?

In the case of patients with statutory health insurance, the health insurance covers root canal treatments on anterior and molar teeth which are only “sufficient, necessary, expedient and economical”. However, the quality of the root canal treatment is decisive for the long-term preservation of your tooth. In addition to the basic treatment covered by your health insurance, modern dentistry offers a variety of high-quality treatment options, including the modern endodontic treatment with dental microscope and LASER described here. However, the statutory health insurance does not cover this sometimes very high expenditure.

In many cases, the statutory health insurances are only allowed to pay for the removal of molars and other inflamed teeth and no more root canal treatments due to the requirements of the legislator in the Social Code. For many patients, supplementary dental insurances that subsidize the rescue of their teeth through root canal treatment with a dental microscope and LASER are therefore an attractive solution.

If the tooth rescue with a root canal treatment is not desired, there is the possibility after tooth removal to fill the gap with an implant, a bridge or another dental prosthesis. Therefore, talk to us about the most suitable further treatment for you personally.

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Dr. med. dent. Torsten Stecher

Through my many years of endodontic work at the Dental Clinic of the Hanover Medical School, combined with many lectures at home and abroad, publications and my own research activities, endodontic treatments can be achieved with over 90% success in our practice. Since 2001 I have been treating numerous referred and own patients with a recognized focus on root canal treatment (endodontics). There is therefore a good chance that your diseased tooth can be preserved over many years by modern endodontic treatment with dental microscope and LASER.

After endodontic treatment

Three months after the treatment, another X-ray will be taken to confirm that your tooth is free of inflammation. As root canal treated molars are more likely to break under stress than living teeth, the tooth now usually has to be fitted with a crown (Stiftung Warentest: Buch Zähne, 2010). You will then have a 5-year guarantee on this crown again – so we can permanently save many teeth for a radiant smile. The guarantee conditions can be found under “Guarantee”.

Dr. med. dent. Torsten Stecher – Endodontics (root canal treatment) – Implantology

Dentist Kathrin Stecher – Periodontology (gum treatment) – Senior dentistry

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