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Seminar Introduction to Barefoot Pedagogy

Sat. 5. October 2019, 09:00 h – 12:30 h CEST

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Sat. 5. October 2019

09:00 hrs – 12:30 hrs CEST


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Seminar Introduction to Barefoot Pedagogy

On behalf of the Education Committee Mühlbach s

Seminar date: Saturday, 5 October, 09:00 to 12:30 h

Organizer: Education Committee Mühlbach

Seminar leader: Christian Schwarze

Target group: Educators, health experts, parents, interested parties, children are welcome.

Participation fee thanks to the support of the Mühlbach Education Committee: 35 euros and free for pupils and students.

Seminar location: Fire brigade hall, Mathias-Perger-Straße 5, 39037 Mühlbach, Germany

Together we get deeper into the phenomenon of barefoot, why many children like to be barefoot, but we adults often do not allow them to be barefoot because we are worried, and thus unknowingly harm rather than protect the children.

Children are the foundation and future of our society and our coexistence. We adults are a role model for children, and parents in particular are even legally obliged to protect their children. Especially in schools, there are many safety rules that teachers and educators have to follow in order to be able to give the children freedom and freedom. If we pedagogues do not adhere to this and something would happen to the children, then it can become an escalation issue unnecessarily with the parents.

Barefoot pedagogy helps to create awareness and show one of many possible ways in which children can follow their naturalness while parents and educators are doing well. Because children do not logically care about concern, they follow their natural and genetically anchored development program. Children first learn about their hands and then about their feet.

For children, learning with their feet is immensely important for their cognitive and emotional development. The extremely distinctive and versatile sensor technology in the sole of the foot is strongly networked with the brain. This is why feet and brain grow simultaneously. Particularly during school time, children need as many versatile barefoot impulses as possible, be it the Scandinavian model, barefoot paths on their way to school or barefoot games.

The type and quality of the “barefoot time” during kindergarten and primary school is particularly important, since the neuronal foundation is created in this development phase. This foundation is equivalent to the potential development factor. The better and stronger this foundation is pronounced, the better the neuroplasticity and the degree of complexity of the neuronal connections will be.

Why don’t children like to wear jackets or shoes? Why are children still warm? Why do children often cry and scream and resist when they have to put on their clothes? Why do we adults think that it is best for the children and that they do not know what they are doing because they are not yet grown up? Why do we parents often think that we are there to force them to protect themselves against their will? That is precisely the dichotomy where barefoot education creates awareness and a healthy, safe framework, where concern turns into positive, beneficial energy among all concerned and where children can be better supported in their development. For children it is not against a will but against nature and its natural development program, which starts already in the womb.

Also we adults can learn something for our health and how important the neuronal foot/brain connection is, as well as the earth contact with our feet for our holistic health. On the basis of medical studies, which reach up to the space foot technology, we think together health anew and remember the naturalness of the child and human being in the contact to nature. Therefore the seminar is suitable also for health-interested without educational background.

barefoot durchsLeben is a private initiative of health-, nature- and communication pedagogues from Germany and South Tyrol to promote kindergarten- and school education close to nature. In addition to a multitude of positive health aspects, contact with nature enhances cognitive performance and the children’s ability to learn, while at the same time promoting emotional balance.

In addition, we want to inspire our fellow human beings to volunteer for the future of our society and for the benefit of all.

This year we are committed to the continuation of the forest experience group of the Wipptaler Waldfreunde Sektion Sterzing of the national Faunus association.

As volunteer educational advisors, we hold lectures, seminars and undertake nature excursions for educators, parents & families and interested parties.

The seminar also includes practical elements and gives space for exchange among each other.

We are looking forward to a nice seminar together.

About Christian Schwarze: Education officer for health and barefoot sciences, initiator of the voluntary Düsseldorf/South Tyrol initiative BARFUSS DURCHS LEBEN (BARFUSS THROUGH LIFE), which is committed to the nature-oriented education of schoolchildren. In 2018, with the support of his rope partner Lorenz Gelius-Laudam, Christian was allowed to cross the Ortler over the backbone barefoot in three days.

For him, the mountains are a gift from nature to keep us healthy and a mouthpiece, and he is committed to giving children more opportunities to be barefoot in everyday life. Because children learn first with their hands and then with their feet.

With the proceeds as an education consultant, Christian supports the forest kindergartens in South Tyrol, whereby this time the proceeds go to the forest adventure group in Sterzing.

On Sunday, 6 October, 10:15 a.m., a decelerated barefoot breathing walk will take place. Start: Church Spinges. More info:

Christian Schwarze from Düsseldorf, honorary barefoot pedagogue and education consultant with youth leader and trainer qualification, has been living and studying barefoot science in theory and practice since 2012. Since 2016, the focus has been on experiential education and closeness to nature, which is why Christian spent 6 months in his bedroom in nature and one week with free horses in nature. Furthermore, he founded the honorary initiative BARFUSS DURCHS LEBEN (BARFUSS through life), where workshops in nature are organised together with experience, nature, health and communication experts from South Tyrol & Germany.

Therefore Christian gives a voice to the children with the project “Healthy freedom for the children’s feet” and promotes the further education and understanding of the pedagogues in cooperation with the parents. Christian started his self-study in the fields of medicine, cancer prevention and therapy in 2012 and has taken part in certificate courses in the USA in the fields of imaging diagnostics and quality assurance and studied neuroscience at a distance learning university. He is not so much interested in awards as in the knowledge of how to help people become skilled.

In addition, as a former competitive athlete in the triathlon and marathon field, Christian is well versed in nutrition science and has more than twenty years of experience as a leader of children’s, youth and adult groups. He has also been active as a volunteer mountain guide since 2011. He also has a five-year training as a sports trainer with a focus on “Mental and physical potential development through Asian self-defense”. Christian tests his theoretical knowledge in practice and on the basis of scientific studies, but he gives himself the space and courage to rethink health and starts with the feet, which are our basis.

The fact that feet are more than just a means of transport makes sense to most people. However, the importance of sensory perception of the soles of our children’s feet for cognitive and emotional potential development can be forgotten on our roads, which have been built exclusively for shoes and tires. Christian helps us to remember our naturalness and that of our children.

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