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For a long time there were only twin strollers on the market and no strollers for siblings of different ages. In the meantime, however, a good selection of different products with various functions is available in different price categories. A sibling stroller proves to be very practical in many situations and can save you a lot of stress and hectic.

Selection of the sibling stroller

Above all, you should pay attention to the age groups for which the stroller is to be used. How old are your children and how long will you be using the stroller? Many strollers have a maximum weight, which is around 30kg. One of the most important factors for the selection of the stroller should be the seating comfort for the children.

Are the seats comfortable and can they be adjusted and placed in a lying position? You should also pay attention to whether the adjustment of the seats is easy. Precisely because children often spill when eating or in other situations, the stroller probably needs to be cleaned regularly. The washing process can be extremely facilitated if the covers of the seats are removable.

Since you also have to stow and transport the stroller every now and then, you should pay attention to the weight of the stroller. These siblings have an average weight of 14-18kg. You should be able to load the stroller into your car yourself. Furthermore, it is also important to ensure that the stroller can be dismantled into individual parts, i.e. can be reduced in size.

Therefore, inform yourself well about the dimensions of the stroller when folded and compare these dimensions with your car, the elevator, the staircase or other places where you will take the stroller with you. In addition to the basic equipment, there are additional extras that can make life a little easier, but are not absolutely necessary.

Would you like a shopping net, a leg cover or a diaper bag for the stroller? Additional extras such as a rain cover, a sun canopy or a cup holder have proven to be very practical and necessary, so these three should not be left out.

The stroller complies with the legal safety regulations? In the overall view of the stroller, it is important that the stroller makes a safe and stable impression. You can check the handles, straps and seats for this. How good is the material? Are all individual parts firmly connected or do the seats wobble? If you also check the stroller tires, they could be patched quickly in an emergency?

This is the best place to buy the sibling stroller

The cheapest models can be found on the Internet, there is also a very large selection. However, it is advisable to buy or view the models in a shop. This is the only way to check the quality and determine suitability. Especially if you value advice and if you want to ask questions, you should go to a specialist shop. You should definitely take a little test walk so that you can determine whether the car is rolling well. You should also check the extent to which the brakes are fully functional.

When buying, you should also make sure that the stroller has a guarantee of at least two years, so that small damages do not have to be paid for yourself.
If you are considering buying a used stroller, you should inform yourself beforehand like the previous owner with the Product dealt with. It is also advisable to have the stroller checked by a specialist so that small defects can be eliminated. You can use used strollers well and easy purchase through classified ads in the supermarket or newspaper near you.

These products are recommended

There are now a large number of companies that manufacture strollers for siblings of different ages. The company’s siblings ABC are the most expensive in terms of price (approx. € 600 – 700), but also offer the most extras. The strollers offer a particularly high level of driving comfort, as there is a height-adjustable handle for pushing.

The strollers from ABC are popular with many families because the children’s seats can be rotated so that the children can look at them. Furthermore, the models convince with high-quality material, quick and space-saving disassembly. However, most of the optional accessories are not included in the purchase price, but must be bought in addition.

The Company Hauck also has siblings in the ABC price range, but most models are between 300 – 400 €. The buyers of these models are also very happy with their choice. Overall, the quality of the material and the Individual parts but not as high as with slightly more expensive models. Here, too, it is possible to rotate the seats so that the children’s direction of vision is flexible. Furthermore, the strollers can be converted very quickly into a single stroller, since the second seat can be removed.

The Company hoco has different models on the market. Despite the low prices (from 180 €) they are mostly of sufficient quality, so that the strollers from hoco have excellent value for money. Especially if you do not care so much that the stroller is equipped with all the bells and whistles, the models from hoco to recommend due to the low price.


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