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I first made this little dog for a friend who has a dachshund. The toy is made of wool and cotton fabric. Choose different patterned fabrics to give your Dachshund its own unique personality. (I sew each seam twice to make it safer for young children.)

finished size

14 cm × 33 cm (5½ in × 13 in)


  • tracing paper
  • Fabric marker
  • scissors
  • pencils
  • sewing needle
  • sewing machine
  • Stuffing stick (or chopstick)
  • iron


  • Body fabric – a 40 cm × 38 cm (16 × 15 inch) piece of wool for the main body, gusset and ears; a 35 cm × 25 cm (14 inch × 10in) piece of patterned cotton for the inner body and the inside of the ears
  • Thread-colored sewing thread to match body tissues; Black embroidery thread for the eyes
  • Filling-polyfill


(1) Cut out the trace and the extended pattern using the template provided. Pin it to the fabric and cut the pieces. You need 2 essential body shapes, 2 inner body shapes, 1 gusset shape and 4 ear shapes (2 in patterned fabric) and 2 in wool cut from your fabric.

(2) with 2 strands of black embroidery thread, satin stitch keep an eye on the main piece (as marked on the pattern).

(3) For each ear pin a cotton ear shape on a wool ear shape (right side in front), then sew it together, turning the straight edge right out. Turn right and iron flat. Pin each ear on the left side of a piece of main body, patterned side up (X, X), facing the body. sew on.

4. Pin the gusset piece to one of the main piece pieces, A to A and B to B (to the right). Sew from A to B. Repeat for the second piece of the body. (Make sure the ears stay on the right side.) Sew around the nose from A to C, then along the back from B to D..

(5) For each piece of inner body, sew an arrow through the leg over (right sides together) folds, then sew a semicircle (as marked on the pattern). This helps the dog stand upright. Then pin the 2 inner body pieces together (right sides) and sew from C to D along straight edge, leaving an opening for turning Rightside out and filling (as marked on the pattern).

(6) Pin the inner body piece to the main body, C, C and D, D (to the right). Sew from C to D around the legs. Twist the body right out and iron.

7. Using a stuffing stick, slide small amounts of stuffing into the tight corners first-tail, nose, and legs. Fill the rest of the body gradually until it is firm and even, but not too tight. Hand stitch the filling opening closed with a ladder stitch.

Elsie the puppy toy project originally designed by Kate Henderson

Printed from More softies only a mother could love: 22 Hapless but lovable friends sewing a crochet, edited by Jess Redman and Meg Leder after consultation with Perigäum, member of the Penguin Group (USA) Inc., Copyright (c) 2007 by the Penguin Group (Australia).


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