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The 11 best snow gliders at a glance.

What is fun as a child is often a lot of fun later – only we sometimes forget that. So why not let five be straight again during the next snowfall and descend the next hill with a sledge?

If the fun should not only be granted to your children, you must pay attention to the maximum resilience: Some models can take 140, 150 or 180 kg! Shared happiness is double happiness? Then look out for a sled that offers space for two people. How do you find it? It’s simple: visit our test and comparison table!

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beech wood
FSC wood
metal & artcloth
metal & plastic

80 kg
90 kg
100 kg
100 kg
180 kg
120 kg
up to 65 kg
75 kg
90 kg
60 kg
120 kg

Sledge comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * Pinolino horn sledge AIRJOY ​​steering bobsleigh toboggan sledge Snow Champ Deluxe COLINT HÖRNER Slide DUO made of aluminum Davos R.P.L. Trading Colint HolzFee children’s sledge Davos KHW Snow Fox plastic toboggan Stiga Snowracer Classic Black Line AlpenGaudi sledge AlpenDoubleRace Monzana steering sled Terra – Little Seal sledge
at Amazon *
15 reviews 43 reviews 261 reviews 5 reviews 173 reviews 433 reviews 42 reviews 89 reviews 21 reviews 6 reviews
Suitable for 1 person 1-2 people 2 people 2 people 2 people 2 people 1 person 1 person 1-2 people 1 person 1 person
own weight 5 kg 4 kg 4.2 kg 5 kg 3.7 kg 3 kg 3 kg 6.5 kg 6 kg 7.8 kg 2.3 kg
length 100 cm 98 cm 100 cm 135 cm 100 cm 90 cm 95 cm 120 cm 100 cm 122 cm 85 cm
seat slat seat Plastic chair slat seat Armchair with cover slat seat slat seat Plastic chair Plastic chair Plastic chair Plastic chair Plastic chair
  • particularly good workmanship
  • Beanbag is well lined and keeps you warm
  • The backrest can be removed quickly
  • particularly quickly
  • suitable for novice drivers
  • integrated cable pull
  • pretty tough
  • Space for 2 children
  • faster sled
  • with 2 LEDs
  • pretty tough
  • particularly good driving behavior
  • very large sled
  • pretty tough
  • Space for 2 children
  • particularly quickly
  • ideal for novice drivers
  • steerable and brakable
  • Space for 2 children
  • stable
  • good optics
  • faster sled
  • particularly good driving behavior
  • good optics
  • faster sled
  • pretty tough
  • great load capacity
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Pinolino horn sledge Questions and answers about AIRJOY ​​Lenkbob plastic toboggan sledge Snow Champ Deluxe Questions and answers about COLINT HÖRNER Questions and answers about slide DUO made of aluminum Questions and answers about Davos R.P.L. Trading Colint Questions and answers about HolzFee children’s sled Davos Questions and answers about KHW Snow Fox plastic toboggan Questions and answers about Stiga Snowracer Classic Black Line Questions and answers about AlpenGaudi sled AlpenDoubleRace Questions and answers about Monzana steering sled Questions and answers about Terra – Little Seal sledge
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  • There are different types of sledges. You should first decide whether you want to have a luge for sport or whether a simple wooden sledge is sufficient.
  • If you want to have a bit more comfort when sledding, you should use a plastic sled that has a steering system and a brake. With it, accidents are a thing of the past.
  • When sledging, you should pay attention to the load capacity. If you want to take a child or even several children on the sled, more than 100 kg can be reached quickly.

Winter time is tobogganing – provided it is snowing. Sledding is a great pleasure especially for the little ones. So that you can start tobogganing with the first snow, we will advise you in our sled comparison about the best models and give you tips for your sled purchase.

1. The history of the sledge

The sledge was not always intended for children’s winter fun, but was used as a means of transport in areas with low temperatures, ice, permafrost and snow. The skid vehicle was also used on wet meadows. The sledges were mainly pulled by horses and other draft animals, but also by dogs, for example – mainly during Arctic and Antarctic expeditions – and people and even by sails. One of the oldest sleds is the toboggan sledge of the North American Indians. However, this was skid-free and was pulled by dogs or humans. Not only huskies are suitable as sled dogs, all medium-sized dog breeds can pull sleds for dogs.

Huskies are the most popular sled dogs – especially in sled dog races.

Purebred poodles have already taken part in the Iditarod race, the longest and toughest sled dog race in the world. The race pulls over 1,850 kilometers of dog sleds through Alaska. There are still rescue sledges, which are also called Akia or Pulka. The rescue sledges are mainly used for mountain rescue.

A more modern field of application is sport: there the sled mainly appears as a ski bob or racing bob or just a bob. There is also the sport of luge, which, like bobsleighing, is an Olympic discipline. The world’s first toboggan race was held in Davos in 1883. In this race, the toboggan sledge that is typical today is used, which is called the Davos sledge today. This sledge consists of a sturdy wooden construction – mostly ash wood, cheaper models also made of beech – and has runners studded with iron. The latter are connected at the front with a pulling iron, on which a sled cord hangs and which ensures more stability. The Davos sledge is between 80 and 130 centimeters long: it can accommodate up to three people. In the meantime there are also Davos sledges with backrests, foldable Davos sledges and other innovations. In addition to the Davos sled, there is also the horn sled with the runners bent upwards.

2. Sledge, toboggan and ski bob

More winter comparisons from us:

2.1 wooden sledge

There are differences between a toboggan and the Davos sledge, although they both come from the family of wooden sleds. The runners of the Davos sledge lie flat on the floor and the wooden construction is very stable. The toboggan has sloping, movable runners that can be steered with a control cable or with your feet. In addition, the toboggan has a deformable construction. This makes it easier to steer on the one hand, and on the other hand it is a lot faster than the Davos sled and is therefore more suitable for use in sports. The horn sledge, which is also called the horn sledge, horn sledge or snail toboggan, is very similar to the Davos sledge. The only difference: the runners bend upwards like horns of a ram. Children can hold on to the horns well, but they also pose a slightly higher risk of injury.

  • The classic
  • Usually high payload
  • Durable
  • Heavier than plastic shells
  • Intensive care

2.2 The plastic models

The bobsleigh, for example in red, as used in professional sports, has more than just two runners with an additional steering ski and is especially designed for loose snow. In the leisure sector, the term bob includes many different types of sled, but mainly the plastic shells. For example, the Zipflbob, a small seat shell with a plastic handle, and the plastic steering slide, which is usually equipped with a brake and steering wheel, are popular. They are often faster than wooden sledges, but they are also more unstable and uncomfortable. They are suitable for older children from elementary school age onwards, since there is usually only one person on these products from the sledge comparison. For quick, inexpensive fun, there are also the porsche or the slide plates or snow slides, some of which are equipped with handles, and the tub-shaped bobs, simple plastic tubs that are laid flat on the floor.

2.3 For the fast-paced driver: luge and inflatable sled

You have to be prepared to take risks in order to slide down the mountain with an inflatable sled – here with the SpeedFlash.

If you are looking for more speed and action and are not necessarily looking for a sled for smaller children, luge and inflatable sledges are recommended. The toboggans are mostly in an aerodynamic cut and are suitable for children aged six or eight. They are a lot faster and lighter than sleds made of wood, but a little more uncomfortable. The child should also be at least six years old for inflatable sleds, and even older for some models. These can also become very fast and are difficult to steer. But they are very convenient and can be transported and stored to save space. Cheap models, however, run the risk of tearing due to bumps on the floor, such as stones.

So if you are looking for a sled for adults and a little action, you should choose a toboggan, if you need a sled for children, you should opt for the Davos sled. The following video shows what you can experience with a sledge, so that you get a little bit of a passion for tobogganing.

3. Buying advice for the sledge purchase

Without instructions: is that legal?

Driving a sledge is part of the "general experience". The Traunstein Regional Court (file number: 6 O 1173/05) justified its judgment that sledges may be sold without instructions. A father had sued, who was with his 9-year-old daughter injured while driving the new sled. Since the sleigh, according to him, could not be steered properly and the manufacturer had not included any instructions for use, the plaintiff claimed a total of 12,500 euros in pain and suffering.

3.1 Age recommendation

The age recommendation is given for many models. Sledges for toddlers and baby sledges should of course not be a luge, but rather of the slower type. Also pay attention to the maximum load so that you can ride with your child. If the child is still very small and you want to pull it behind you for a walk, for example, you can also buy a Davos sled with a backrest.

3.2 Maximum body weight in kilograms

A sledge should always be able to carry as much as a kilogram as an adult weighs with a child. A good The model from the sledge comparison should therefore be able to carry at least 150 kilograms.

3.3 Dead weight in kg

The smaller your child, the lighter the sled should be, of course, so that the child can pull it up the sledding hill again. The luge, which often weighs more than 7 kilograms, is the heaviest. The wooden sledges usually weigh around 4 to 5 kg and the inflatable models around 2 to 3 kg.

3.4 Extras: steering wheel and brake

The wooden sledge does not usually have such extras, it is usually braked with its feet. It is different with the plastic steering sled, which at least has a steering wheel. Of course, such extras mainly make sense if you or your child want to ride long, winding routes downhill.

With a hill of 20 meters that can be driven straight on, such extras make little sense and even pose a higher risk of injury.

3.5 pull rope

With the Stiga Snowracer you are not only particularly fast on the road, you can also steer and brake.

A pull rope is always with you, at least for wooden sledges. It is attached to the towing iron. A hollow in the iron ensures that the rope does not slip. Some particularly lightweight plastic sledges do not have a pulling rope because they are so light that they can be carried by at least one adult.

3.8 seats

The Davos sledge and the horn sledge usually offer space for up to three people, so they are particularly suitable for families with small children. There is usually only one child in the plastic shells and on the plastic steering slides, so they are recommended for children from six. The luge are also designed for one person. The situation is different with the inflatable models. Depending on the model, these are designed for one person to an entire group.

3.7 folding slide

High quality toboggan made of ash wood.

There are also folding sledges. This is of course very practical for transport to the toboggan mountain and for stowing away outside the winter time. However, a foldable Davos sled is also more susceptible to breakage and signs of wear.

3.8 Material

Sledges are traditionally made of ash wood, but nowadays they are often made of beech wood. The latter are cheaper. There are also models made of plastic (for example in red): The light, small plastic shells are very popular, for example. The seats are either made from wooden bars, which are very durable, or from webbing, which are somewhat less stable. However, the testers from Stiftung Warentest 11/2013 found in their sled test that sleds covered with belts can carry loads of 360 kilograms.

3.9 TÜV / GS checked

There is also a GS seal for sleds. The seal shows that the product has passed the TÜV test. This consists of hardness tests, for example the sled is dropped several times from a height of one meter. Pay attention to the GS test mark when purchasing. A Schlitter comparison winner should have such a seal.

Tip: When the temperature and the first snow fall, products from the sledge comparison are often completely sold out. So you should buy a sled in time, even when it’s summer. Unfortunately, this does not result in savings: sledges are just as expensive in summer as in winter. You could only bargain in the winter sales. However, it is usually not possible to buy a sledge comparison winner cheaply.

4. The best sledge

Now that you have decided which type of sled you prefer, we will tell you in our sled comparison 2019/2020 which sled models are the best and most popular. For this purpose, we have divided the sledges in the sledge comparison guide 2019/2020 into six different categories so that you can find out which is the best sled for you.

4.1 The best wooden sledges without steering

The classic wooden sledges are sledges for two children or even for three children. Unfortunately there are no sleds for 4 children.

model Explanation
Gloco toboggan 100 The classic design of the Gloco sledge is very robust, but unfortunately not comfortable. In addition, the sled needs a lot of weight to get going. Therefore, you should not let your child drive alone, but with another person. The sled weighs 4.7 kilograms and the seat length is 63 centimeters, so enough space for two people. The permissible load is 150 kilograms. Stiftung Warentest 11/2013 rates the sled in its sled test as "good" (2.3). The price is around 60 euros.
Hudora Davos 100 Another classic: The Hudora sled is also robust and stable, but not very comfortable. He doesn’t drive very fast with only one person, but it is faster with two. The Hudora sled was also rated “good” (2.3) by Stiftung Warentest 11/2013 in the sled test. The permissible load is 110 kilograms, the seat length 71 centimeters. The sled weighs 4 kilograms. The price is around 37 euros.
Sirch Horned Toboggan Ash Standard Plus At around € 85, the Sirch sledge is more expensive than the two previous models, but only scored 4.1 at Stiftung Warentest 11/2013. The Sirch sledge was graded due to only sufficient security. The belt seat broke during the stress test. Although this is more comfortable than the slatted seats of the two previous models, it is unfortunately very unstable in this case. The Sirch sledge is also available with a slatted seat. This model also drives better with two people than with one. However, there is little space for this: the seat length is 45 centimeters, the maximum load is 100 kilograms.

4.2 The best wooden sledges with steering

The wooden sled with steering has a steering cable with which the sled can be moved to the left or right. On these models, your toddler should not be traveling alone, but in any case with an adult.

model Explanation
Count Family Flizzer The Graf Family Flizzer is 105 cm long, the seat length is 56 cm. According to the manufacturer, it can be loaded with up to 150 kilograms, but Stiftung Warentest 11/2013 found that 360 kilograms are also possible. So it offers space for an adult and a child. The controls work well, and the Family Flizzer is very stable and safe. The seat is made of water-repellent nylon webbing in black and red. The sled weighs 8 kilograms. From Stiftung Warentest, this Graf sleigh received the grade “good” (1.8) in the sleigh test. The price is around 270 euros.
Kathrein toboggan run The Kathrein model also achieved a 1.8 in the sled test of the Stiftung Warentest 11/2013. The model is less suitable for children because the sled is very wide and long. The seat of this model also consists of belts that are very stable. The whole sled is 125 centimeters long and can accommodate up to two people. The toboggan weighs 6.5 kilograms, the manufacturer unfortunately does not specify a load, but Stiftung Warentest 11/2013 tested the sled with a load of 360 kilograms – it lasted. The Kathrein sledge costs around 150 euros.

4.3 For the little ones: Zipflbob and sleigh carriage

Your children will feel like they are in a carriage in the Gloco mountain toboggan with a sliding backrest.

The range of sleds for toddlers is also diverse. Of course, the wooden sledge models can be used as family sleds. However, you shouldn’t let your little one drive alone.
The Gloco mountain toboggan is also conveniently available as a sled with a backrest that can be moved and removed. Small bells hang on the towing line. It is the perfect sledge to take your children on a winter walk. You can then feel like you are in a carriage. When your children are older, the backrest can be removed and the vehicle can be used as a normal toboggan. The price is around 123 euros, but your children will benefit from it all of their childhood.
The small] Loeger minibob sleds are of course impressive in terms of their price: the children’s sledge can be yours for only around 36 euros. You can hold onto the stick well, and you should also be able to steer and brake with it. However, this needs to be practiced. The model is not really fast. The vehicle weighs 1.7 kilograms, a payload is not specified. There is space for one person on the minibob. Stiftung Warentest 11/2013 gave the model a “good” (2.2).

4.4 The best plastic steering sledges

model Explanation
KHW Snow Car 4×4 The KHW sledge is pretty flat and fast on the toboggan run. The comfortable plastic shell actually offers space for one person, but it also works for two. The maximum load is 90 kilograms. There is also a steering wheel and a brake. The steering wheel works well, but the brakes are difficult to reach. The sledge costs about 87 euros.
Stiga Snow Cobra The Stiga sled is the sled for twins because it is a double sled. However, it is more of a baby sled, since it can be loaded with a maximum of 50 kilograms. The seats are also relatively small and you can hardly hold on. At only 2.5 kg, the sled is relatively light and can also be easily transported by children. The price is around 27 euros.

4.5 The best luge

model Explanation
KHW Snow Future This plastic sled is sprung and has a ski to steer in addition to the two runners. A maximum of 75 kilograms can be stored on it. At almost nine kilograms, Snow Future is a rather heavy sledge. In addition to a steering cable, it also has a metal brake. This model is not suitable for hard or icy surfaces. Stiftung Warentest awarded this model a "good" (2.0) in the sled test. The price is around 100 euros.
Stiga Snow Racer The Stiga toboggan is a children’s and an adult sledge. The metal slide is very stable and has two wide plastic runners and a steering ski. So the sled can also drive through deeper snow. The Snow Racer is also equipped with a well-functioning foot brake. The steering ski is moved by a steering wheel: the steering function works very well. The only drawback: You must not weigh more than 100 kilograms, the sled offers a lot of space even for tall people. This model is not suitable as a baby sled, but rather for older adolescents and adults. The price is around 100 euros. Significantly cheaper than an aluminum sled.

4.6 The best inflatable sledges

model Explanation
KHW Snow Tube The KHW Snow Tube is a twin sled, meaning it was designed for two people. It should not be used by children under the age of 10 as it can be controlled fairly quickly and is almost impossible to control. It only weighs 2.5 kilograms and is also multifunctional: in summer you can use the tube as a water sports device. You can buy the sled from Amazon for 59 euros.
Alpengaudi SpeedFlash 2 The same applies to the SpeedFlash 2 as to the KHW Snow Tube: difficult to steer, fairly quick and easy. This model is also a sled for twins. However, it should not be loaded with more than 100 kilograms. A repair kit is included so that you can patch the SpeedFlash on site should it break. The price is around 40 euros.

5. Accessories

There are various sled accessories for the baby sled and children’s sled.

  • The backrest: sledges with backrest are particularly practical if you pull your child behind you in a sled on a walk. So the child cannot fall out. If you did not think of a sled attachment when you bought your sled, you can purchase a backrest separately: The ScSPORTS children’s sled backrest for around 12 euros or the R.P.L. Trading wooden sledge back for around 24 euros for example.
  • The sledge footmuff: This extra is also recommended for a walk with the toddlers. With the sled footmuff, the sled practically becomes a pram for the snow. Your child will have a nice and cozy warmth in the teddy fur of the Ress sleigh bag Teddy.

6. Tips and tricks for correct use

For athletes: with these tobogganists you are really fast

Gasser toboggans are literally the hit among professional tobogganists. The Austrian company has a long tradition: it was founded in 1909 on the Brenner as a wagner. Today, the traditional manufacturer Gasser offers toboggans for rental and sale in a high quality. Gasser toboggans are for adults and children, prices start from around 100 euros. You can purchase the sled from Amazon.

6.1 Before winter

Before you take the sled from the basement to the toboggan run after the summer break, you should prepare it a little for its use. Remove rust from the runners. This is very easy with oil and vinegar, which they mix together in equal parts and thus rub away the rust stains. You can also lubricate the runners with candle wax to help you glide through the snow. Check the pull rope, whether it is still stable, and also the sled itself: Are all wooden slats still firm? Is the plastic already porous? Are the straps worn through? All screws are still tight enough?

6.2 After winter

Before you lock the sled away after the season, you should clean it thoroughly once. Road salt, in particular, which is prohibited but still used, can damage the material of your sled. Of course, you should not expose the sled to extreme moisture or high temperatures when storing it over spring, summer and autumn. Find a dry place, for example in the garage or in the basement.

6.3 Where can you go sledding??

The sledge is ready, but where is the next sledding hill? The website not only offers you a map showing various summer and winter toboggan mountains, but also gives you more detailed information about the toboggan run. This way you can find out how long the toboggan run is, what the slope is and what level of difficulty the train has. The site also provides information on whether lighting and snacks or restaurants are available. Some of the photos of the route are also available.

Tip: You can build your own sled. To do this, you need above all manual skills and some time. The Sat1 guide shows you how to do it.


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