Space-saving strollers that fit in every car

Because a stroller is not just for the first few months of a baby’s life, but rather ideally a very faithful companion of the parents and the child for the next few years , it is important to think carefully about which stroller to choose. Because, in addition to the look, the equipment, the quality of the wheels, the basic shape and thus also the space required at home and in the car are the main criteria. Who would want to do without the stroller for their child just because they don’t fit in their parents’ small family car??

Space-saving strollers – what you should pay attention to?

  • footprint
    Of course, the space requirement is the most important criteria when choosing a stroller, especially if the stroller has to be accommodated in a very small car (e.g. Opel Corsa). Because then parents have no choice but to resort to a particularly small stroller.
  • easy to use
    Saving space does not necessarily mean that a stroller is particularly practical. While Some models are completely disassembled and need little space in the car without wheels, others can be folded up to this small size in just two steps in just a few easy steps. The Bugaboo Cameleon stroller, for example, has been so well designed in recent years that it can be accommodated in the car in a few simple steps without having to be dismantled. Only the carrycot or infant carrier for infants should be removed in one step. (more details about the stroller on After use as a stroller, most buggies are then very easy to store in the trunk anyway.
  • quality
    If a stroller has to be stowed frequently, it should be of high quality. In the case of cheap products, the defects quickly become apparent, particularly in those places that are exposed to high loads. A stroller that is often opened and closed should keep up this movement over the years without becoming brittle or even breaking after a few months. Popular models that promise years of durability are e.g. Hartan or Teutonia.
  • Weight
    Even with a small stroller that fits well in a car, parents quickly lose their joy when they despair of the weight of the stroller. As a mother, you are often alone with the child to do some shopping or enjoy the fresh air. If a man or a second person is needed to stow or lift the stroller out of the car, it can quickly become frustrating.
  • Can be combined with the baby seat
    Ideally, a stroller also offers the possibility to mount the baby seat on the frame of the stroller for short trips during the child’s first months of life, as in the supermarket. Since you automatically carry them with you when you go on activities with the baby, all you have to do is put the stroller frame in the trunk instead of the entire stroller. Many well-known manufacturers have suitable adapters in the accessories for attaching the baby seat.

Basically you have to say: A high-quality stroller that has to go on many large and small trips with children and cars and takes up little space in the car is unfortunately rarely very inexpensive. The complex technology, which ensures easy handling, a light weight and durability, has its price. But considering how long a stroller (especially with several children) accompanies the parents, the investment in the stroller is also an investment in everyday life. Because especially when traveling with a child, there are other things that should be in focus than the annoyance of an impractical, heavy stroller.


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