Sport and fertility: sport and the desire to have a baby – this fits together – fit for fun

What does the regular workout do with your hormonal balance and desire to have children? Why a little exercise is good for fertility, but not much.

  • pair Doing laps – whether running, swimming or cycling. Two hours of intensive training per week should be a pleasure – more is not better when it comes to fertility, but it doesn’t necessarily hurt either.

Moderate training for normal people

Anyone who weighs an average weight is best off with a training plan in the middle field, increasing the chances of pregnancy compared to more comfortable contemporaries. One to two hours of exercise a week, which shouldn’t be too demanding, is ideal. So walking instead of jogging and yoga instead of Zumba.

Top performances and desire for children

If sport is your life and you sprint from top to top, it could take a little longer to get pregnant. Top athletes are often not only extremely slim, but also suffer more frequently from cycle fluctuations. These are one sign for the unbalanced hormone balance and therefore not an ideal starting point.

So if you dream of starting a family after a few years of intensive training and competition phases, you shouldn’t stop exercising overnight, but slowly reduce your workload. Fortunately, if you have leveled off at a lower level, your chances of getting pregnant are just as good as with a normal-weight woman who has always exercised only moderately.

Men also benefit from sport

The baby naturally includes two – and men also become more fertile with an average sports program. The training stimulates the metabolism, raises the testosterone level and improves the quality of the sperm.

Another plus for men and women: those who exercise more and exercise more often have more desire for sex – and this also increases the chances of pregnancy.



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