The best part-time jobs for mothers – work and education at the same time!

As a young mother, is it sometimes difficult to get back into work? Do not worry. We’ll show you why it is so difficult for mothers to get started and what opportunities you still have.

Why do some employers refuse to hire young mothers??

Some employers make every effort to find an excuse for doing so she one young mother does not have to hire. They justify this with the following points.

Missing part-time positions

One point is the lack of part-time positions, which many companies specifically do not offer. Because full-time young mothers can rarely work. This automatically creates a first obstacle that excludes young mothers from work opportunities.


The lack of flexibility is also often blamed on young mothers. While other colleagues can easily work an hour or two hours longer without children, the situation is different for mothers. After all, the children have to be picked up by the childminder, kindergarten or grandma, who are rarely flexible enough to allow such flexibility as an employee.


In addition, many employers fear longer downtimes. If the child gets sick, one of the parents has to take care of the child. Often this is the mother, who is therefore not available to the company at this time stands.

family planning

And finally there is always the question of further family planning. Many employers also shy away from young mothers for the reason that they could decide to have another child and that the employer would have to pay for the mother without any "consideration".

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What professions or jobs are there for mothers?

However, there are some jobs that mothers with young children can do with ease. Some of them require training, others a special talent and the third variant is feasible for almost every user. We have summarized them for you once.

Part-time jobs

You can find part-time jobs here:

Part-time positions offer the advantage of often being optimally compatible with childcare. However, most part-time jobs require completed training and often also experience in the chosen profession. However, if these factors are not a problem and if the employer offers such part-time jobs, they can make it much easier to get back into work. Because it is often possible to increase working hours with increasing age of the children and thus also to increase earnings. Part-time jobs without completed training are rare, but can still be found. Unfortunately, these are usually only located in the low-wage sector, so earnings are correspondingly low.

Working from home

Here you can find jobs in home work:

Classic home work still exists. There are many different models of how this can be designed. Depending on personal preferences and skills, you can use it for telephone services, for example, or put together certain products at home. However, thanks to the Internet, this market has shrunk considerably in recent years, so that some of this work has now shifted.

Home office

Here you will find jobs that offer home office:

Home office may sound like home work, but it means working within your own four walls in a certain professional field. If your employer offers home office for young mothers, you can do the work at hand from your own home. With a small child in the household, this requires discipline, but it is a good way to safely guard against gaps in care.

Online Jobs

You can find online jobs here:

There are also many online jobs. Here, too, it depends on your skills and your predisposition in which area you want or can work. For example, many office and research activities of companies are now outsourced to online assistants. You can also work as a copywriter, graphic designer or organizer in many different industries. Thanks to various platforms, you can easily get in touch with potential clients and thus easily earn your money online.

Become independent

If you have special talents or special training, you can also become self-employed as a mother. With a good business idea and a little luck, you can start your own business and become your own boss. However, this point is often associated with the most stress, since you also have to take the risk alone. Good time management and high stress resistance are particularly important in self-employment.

I want to spend more time with the child! Why are there so few part-time jobs?

Many mothers want to spend as much time as possible with their own child in the first few years and still not lose their professional qualifications. Part-time jobs are often desired, which can be combined well with the usual childcare times in kindergarten and the like. However, by far not all employers offer part-time jobs. And there are different reasons for this.

On the one hand, it takes more effort for the employer if two employees fill a full-time position. Finally, the organizational effort increases. It can also be seen that part-time jobs are out of the question, especially in higher positions, since either the qualifications are too special or the requirements of the profession make it impossible to practice part-time. Part-time jobs therefore occur mainly in the less demanding jobs and are accordingly poorly paid.

If a company has the free choice between two part-time employees or one full-time employee, most companies will choose to create a full-time position.

What obstacles single mothers face?

Single mothers find it particularly difficult on the job market. Because the child or children must be looked after at all times during working hours. The above-mentioned problems of employers with young mothers increase significantly if they are single parents.

Find childcare during working hours

A special obstacle for mothers is looking after the children during working hours. Even if a full-time job attracts with attractive conditions, only a few employers offer their own day care centers for the workforce. You have to look for a freelance or local authority that meets your personal requirements and that takes care of you during working hours.

But finding all-day care and getting a place there is becoming increasingly difficult. Especially since the search area is usually clearly limited. After all, the mother must shoulder the journey from the workplace to the daycare center within the childcare time and should arrive there without delay. There are often only a small number of daycare centers.

Since the places are very popular, short-term solutions can rarely be found. As a mother, you would have to organize childcare before you can think of an application. So the time with your own child is limited without need and only on suspicion.

What should policy change to make it easier for mothers to return to work??

For the most part, they are economic difficulties. Nevertheless, politics can do its part to ensure that people can get back into the job.

For example, it is an opportunity to oblige companies to create part-time jobs and to actively promote a certain proportion of such jobs. In addition, politicians have been asking for years to significantly increase the number of daycare centers and to initiate more comprehensive childcare. However, this process is severely limited, among other things, by the low salaries of the educators and the associated low attractiveness of the profession. So politics can make a significant contribution to making it much easier for mothers to return to work.

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7 thoughts on “Jobs for mothers – work and education at the same time”

It’s good that there are so many opportunities for part-time work! Nevertheless, nobody wants to hire a mother with 3 children! I have been out of my professional life (trained office clerk) for 10 years and now that I have all the children in the morning care, I wanted to start again motivated part-time! But after 50 applications and not a single invitation to an interview, the motivation drops rapidly and frustration spreads!
What good is a great apprenticeship to me if nobody hires you after parental leave anyway! Actually, it is financially imperative that I go to work, but the chance is zero percent that I will get a job in the near future!
Costs a lot of time, money (for photos, postage, folder etc.) and nerves! Especially since the money will not really be left for so many applications!

Hello Pia.
I know what you’re talking about.
I have two children and I could work from 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday. I could even extend it to 6pm. However, the companies want the employees to work from 6 a.m. or 7 a.m. and part-time is also done in two shifts. That means the second shift would be from 4pm to 10pm.
I am also a trained specialist salesperson. But the last time I worked in my specialist area was 10 years ago. As a normal salesperson, I am wrongly qualified and as a cashier overqualified, i.e. too expensive. Although I’ve never sat at the till.

Hello Pia
Yes, unfortunately I know that too and I only have 1 child. I was disposed of in May last year because my child was often sick. Since then I have been wringing my fingers sore … I have interviews, of course, but in principle I am asked who will look after the child when he is ill …… because we have to do it alone … … lies are of no use, but it is very discriminatory when you do only cancels ….


your profile
– You have at least a university bachelor’s degree
– You are available to us at least 10 hours a week
– You are flexible, reliable and easily accessible
– You have no problem meeting deadlines
– You are curious and show interest in different subject areas
– You have experience with the correction of texts

Our job as a proofreader offers you
– Average earnings of € 15-25 per hour
– Scribbr correction training and intensive support to develop your skills and knowledge
– Access to our detailed information package with many helpful correction tips
– Orders that are based on your personal preferences
– 24/7 support to help you with all difficulties
– The chance to be part of an innovative, young and growing company

I don’t have a Bachelor’s degree and haven’t been to a university, I bring all other requirements.
Do you still have a job for me??

So as a nurse I can’t find anyone to give me work during childcare times…

I haven’t read such an underground article in a long time. That should create more empty hopes than the reality shows.
Market research yes? Mothers were obviously not interviewed.
I laughed heartily especially at “Retail”.

The only thing that today’s employers care about is whether you stand on the mat at any time of the day or night.
FLEXIBILITY is very important. This word is already hanging out of my ears. Just no “special agreements”… just probably no extra work for the employer. LAZINESS is very important. IGNORANCE.
Your employer hardly cares what qualifications or experience you bring with you, if you don’t, for example. 4:30 p.m. Part-time? Why part-time? I can also work full time.
It is of no interest that you can put your skills into the company 35-40h a week between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Nobody cares THAT YOU WANT TO WORK.
Instead, someone who has been assigned this job by the office is taken to someone who is actually not in the mood for it. Already experienced everything.

"It would be damaging for me to hire a mother for business." This sentence sticks forever.
You will be reduced to the greatest you can do.

I was comparatively “short time” looking for a job after parental leave. Approximately 1 year. That was enough for me. I had several conversations in various cities. In different industries. The reason for the cancellations was always the same. And of course the problem is me or my child.
In the meantime I got a chance to work late with the compromise only twice a week. And that as a commercial employee. For me, that means having twice a week (SURE) someone who takes good care of my child.

Not everyone is lucky or has the opportunity to have children grandparents to be able to give. These are often still employed. And those who would like to, may not be able to because of their age.
And it is also not certain that the father is at home. Be it for professional reasons, because you live separately or whatever.
Hiring a babysitter every week, several times a week, wouldn’t even pay off for a full-time job.

Most employers have expectations that are far from any reality and quality of life.
Family is one of the most natural things that can happen in life.
Family or children are not the problem. As it is so beautifully presented during the interview. "Children get sick." Oh, I wasn’t even aware of it. "There could be emergencies." Oh, what …
There are people who take sick leave for 4 weeks just because their little finger is broken. .
Men who can be downgraded to 4 hours a day just because they don’t feel like working anymore. "I’ll get the rest of the office." .
Or just looked too deep into the glass at the weekend … stomach and intestines and all that, of course.

As if the whole thing wasn’t frustrating enough, you have to beg for a job and kiss the feet of the one who gave you the chance. Because you have to prove yourself as a “mother”. TROTZ required qualifications and professional experience. It is literally waiting for you to make a mistake or to make the so-called “emergency call”. (..What of course can only happen to people with children btw)

There is only a very small branch of industries or companies that do not see mothers and children as a problem. Doing a retraining to get there exactly puts you to the next test. Because the desired times of the training again go beyond the supervision times.
The childcare times are more than sufficient. That is not the problem.

If you read that and you’re in a similar situation, YOU ARE NOT THE PROBLEM and not your child either! We do everything possible and more.
Talk to other mothers and families and you will notice that they are no different.

I strive to become self-employed. And I know one thing that once I get to the point where I want to hire employees, I will tackle exactly this problem, namely problem> Employer. I want to create opportunities.


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