The invitation to a theme party: our tips!

There are soooo many great ideas for the theme party! But how do you do that with the invitation?
Whatever topic you choose, we give you some tips about the invitation.

Invitation cards for adults

Of course it is clear that you clearly write the motto on the invitation.
It gets nicer, however, if the invitation is already designed in the right style: then the recipient knows immediately what is going on!
Your guests to get with the party invitation a great first impression (and maybe already an idea …). And no one can talk themselves out of it because of "I’ve read that with the motto!" &# 128521;

Whether you want to celebrate a bad taste party, a film party, an ‘Oktoberfest’ or a glitter & Glamor party: Have a look
There are lots of templates for many topics. The templates are very different in style depending on the topic, but for everyone it is true that you just change the texts and maybe upload a photo. It’s easy online. And you made a super personal invitation in no time.
You can still order your design as a free trial card – even without shipping costs!

If you prefer to do something yourself, you can also get creative with InvitationBirthday: You can start with a blank card and then this on-line design it Yourself. There are countless images available.

What must be on the invitation?

Reason, time, address and motto – of course!
But what else? It comes with your Good to guests if the invitation itself says something about the motto. Costume ideas, fun items, shopping tips, etc … Not every guest is so creative, or has time for detailed preparations, and is grateful for tips. But for a beach party, Hawaii or pool party, the phrase "admission only in swimwear!" May be sufficient. &# 128526;

And gift tips? Also write on it! For example, you can use an envelope symbol to make it clear that monetary gifts are the only real souvenir.

Children’s birthday invitations

The theme party is also very trendy at children’s birthday parties: football, horses, treasure hunt, unicorn … Of course, you can also send an invitation via an app group. But especially children are really happy about a real and great invitation. That increases anticipation! If the right motto has been found, just have a look here: Children’s birthday invitations. There is bound to be a great invitation!
Don’t forget that children’s outfits and take-away items should definitely be on the invitation. Does it go out into nature, do you get dirty? Or will it be a pajama party, so what has to be taken with you?

Invitation tips

And then another tip at the end: You should invite to a theme party in good time. For adults at least two months in advance, for children three weeks are enough. Because if you already tie a motto to your guests’ legs, then definitely give them enough time … And you yourself need a little preparation time! &# 128517;

So, have fun with it Create invitation!


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