Masturbation – function, task & diseases

The masturbation or masturbation is the act of bringing yourself to a sexual climax. Contrary to the opinion of past centuries, masturbation is part of normal, healthy human sexuality.

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What is masturbation?

Humans are one of the few mammals that feel pleasure during sexual intercourse. That is why masturbation is part of his healthy sexual development and maturation and plays a role throughout life.

Through masturbation, girls and boys get to know their body and the functions of the sexual organs for the first time and find out for themselves what feels good. It makes them feel possible, later live a healthy and self-determined sexuality together with a partner.

Masturbation is considered a way for single people to have a sex life, but it also sometimes plays a role in relationships. Married people also sometimes practice masturbation, which can be healthy in relationships – for example, when the partner does not feel like having sex.

The excessive masturbation can, however, also become a health problem, for example as an accompanying factor of a sex addiction or due to other psychological problems.

function & task

Recent research has led to the realization that masturbation begins much earlier than has long been thought. Children already have their first experiences of masturbation – usually around primary school age.

The time of the first experiences with masturbation can come sooner or later and is part of the healthy mental development of children. They discover their sexuality and sexual organs for the first time on the way to masturbation and take the first step on the way to sexual maturity.

In later life, masturbation is a way to achieve sexual satisfaction, even when no partner is present. Since people can experience sexual pleasure, they also have the need for it – and several ways to satisfy this need.

Since sexual intercourse between two people can be associated with negative or preventive feelings (such as fear of losing control), masturbation is a sure way to achieve sexual satisfaction when the need arises.

Masturbation is also said to have various beneficial effects on general health. Men, for example need frequent ejaculation to prevent prostate cancer. Masturbation also helps with falling asleep and even with light sleep and sleep problems, since endorphin and oxytocin are released, which is good for muscle relaxation. The cardiovascular system and the pelvic floor muscles also benefit from masturbation, and calories are also burned.

Masturbation also has positive effects on mental health, since there is no or less sexual frustration if there is no partner for sexual intercourse. In fact, masturbation has similar health benefits as intercourse with a partner.

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Diseases & complaints

Masturbation is healthy, but only if it is practiced to a healthy extent and without any injuries. An excessive frequency of masturbation can be problematic because, depending on the type of exercise, injuries can also occur.

Sex addiction can also include excessive exercise of masturbation when no partner is present. The problem can either occur together with a real sex addiction or can also arise as a stand-alone problem. In this case, masturbation is done at every opportunity, sometimes several times a day. It is crucial that this is accompanied by a pressure of suffering for the person concerned, mostly as a result of the fact that frequent masturbation is difficult to explain or limits the person concerned in his normal everyday life.

Just like with sexual intercourse, injuries can also occur during masturbation. In men, the foreskin can tear due to excessive movement, penile fractures are less common. Depending on which aids and sex toys are used for masturbation, further injuries can occur, although not all need to be treated.

It is most common in women that objects inserted during masturbation can no longer be removed from the vagina. This can happen if you take in liquid, but also if you get caught. The deeper them at the Masturbation are introduced, the higher the risk that they get caught on the cervix. In these cases, medical help is necessary to remove them.

When masturbating, pay attention to hygiene, because complications can also arise in this regard. Although mucous membranes can usually handle dirt well and excrete it again, germs can also penetrate during masturbation. Depending on the state of the immune system, these also lead to infections.

If a second person plays a role in masturbation, it can also be used to transmit venereal diseases such as fungal infections. With anal penetration, bacteria can enter the vagina or penis, which can also lead to infections. To prevent this, there are finger cots that can be changed and ensure that no germs remain directly on the fingers and hands.


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